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Because this folder is now so extensive and has become difficult to insert new updates, I decided to add another folder so,as from 1st March 2015 all new entries can be found in Multiple Faces in Orbs 2

Updated 27th Feb 2015

Latest entries at the top of the file.

It's always useful to spend a short time looking at each of the images presented in this file, as the more time  your eyes are given to adjust to the images, the greater the amount of detail you should be able to engage with. I do include magnifications of significant areas as a focus point to make it easier to find other images within the same picture. If you find this site of interest you might take a look at Mark Mahin at www.orbpro.blogspot.com for some really interesting info.

The face in this picture comes from the orb below.

A prominent image on the right as you look at it.

Three orbs together the smiling mauve face would be hard to miss!

The other two orbs were a different matter, as the middle one is so bright. I managed to get some detail out of the brightest.

This is taken from the right of the middle orb, I've altered the contrast slightly to (hopefully) bring out more definition


The reason this orb with a 'hole' is lacking its top is because it's at the top of the photograph and was just out of shot. As you can probably see even without an enlargement, there is an image inside the 'hole'  I've magnified it below.  If you are interested in images found inside holes, there are many more dotted around further down this file. So, if you've got the time (and patience) take a look. 

There are a number of faces in this orb I've magnified the best below.

The pic below is an enlargement taken from part of an orb. At some point  unfortunately I must have deleted the whole orb by mistake. But a partial face is visible in the blue area.

This startling image comes from the picture which follows it. If you look carefully you'll see there's more than one image to be seen. 

I can only suppose that the 'creased' effect in the orb possibly indicates that it's travelling at speed.

This orb also creased was to bright for me to get any detail except for a portion at the very top where I felt sure I'd find an image.

This was the best I could achieve but you should be able to spot more than one image in that 'creased' area.


The colourful orb pictured below has an interesting dark area on the right.  There's a face just visible see below for magnification.


I took a portion from the left side of the orb below to enlarge

There's more than one face in this pic but the childs face stands out

Near the top of the orb below I found a strong image.

Though the lower half of the face is partially hidden it still stands up to scutiny.

Athough maybe the main image l found in the following doesn't on first glance jump out at one, the magnification shows it very clearly.Personally I think it's beautiful!

And although most of the face is shrouded by mist the left eye and nose show up well.

Fantastic colours in the orb below, also note the complexity of its structure. An enlargement of a portion is below.

There's a lot going on in this orb take a few moments looking into the red/orange portion.


See below for magnification of one image found in this orb.

This image can be seen centre top of the orb. Although blurred and surrounded by other images it should be easy to spot. Following this pic I took all of the colour out to give this area more definition.

Although the orb below is also blurred I've taken two of the best images and magnified them below.

There are at least 2 distinct faces in this enlargement


The small clump of plasma in the pic below hides a few surprises.

I adjusted the contrast which gave the image more definition, and then magnified 2 areas within it.

Below is from near mid centre right

This face poking out from the top of the plasma is also plain to see in the full picture above.


An image (one of many) found in the following orb is magnified in the picture below it.

Once again I have enlarged one of the faces in the following. And although in both cases the images have a ghostly appearance they seem to my eyes to be human.

The orb below is  not a good image but even so, on the left as you look at it a face is visible.


As the magnification below is rather 'blue' I took most of the colour out to make the features easier to see.

The image below is included in other folders on this site. But it's only just recently that I thought it might be worthwhile to try and magnify areas within and around the image as I had come to the conclusion that there were definately things worthy of a closer look. I started by magnifying the 'trumpet'

This magnification is really exciting as it shows there are definate faces around and inside the structure, whatever it is! It could be some kind of vortex I suppose, but nothing I have ever seen looks like this.

Below are a few of the images present. 

The image above is taken from the outside edge of the bright white part of the 'orb' and the one below is a further enhancement.  There are so many more images to find in just that one picture. I intend to add more in the near future


When I saw the bright orb shown below, I wasn't sure if I would be able to reduce its brightness suffiently to see if anything might be of interest. But I gave it a go.

As you will see below, once the brightness had been modified there were a good number of images worth enlarging. Look towards the dark area on your right. A close up follows.

I think the picture below is quite stunning.

The following two are taken from the 1st pic. They contains lots of faces all layered one on top of another. But despite that, they come into focus when you take a minute to look for them.


When the following orb was photographed, it took sometime to decide which images found in the orb to enlarge, as there are so many. If you scroll down I'm giving a small sample of what I found.

The following is more or less centre of the orb. But other shadowy images are also visible.

I would really have loved to get a view of what was inside the dark area of this enlargement but wasn't successful. But, never mind, see the following face directly above the dark area.


This picture is taken from centre bottom of the main orb. If you take a little time to examine it hopefully you'll notice many more images. Each and every one appears to have it's own character, as they're all so different in appearance.  This is only one of the reasons why I wonder how anyone can say pictures of orbs are specs of dust, drops of moisture, or camera faults.

The orb below is entirely different. It was photographed in October of this year, (2014) whilst on holiday in Portugal.  Most people photograph people and places, we try to photograph orbs!  See how lacking in colour this pic is. But look at the very top.  It's like looking at a black and white photo.  Enlargement is following.

This portion of the hazy orb is from the very top.

This is also from the same picture taken in Portugal. Hardly an orb as we understand it, more like dense plasma I feel, but whatever, a face is clearly visible.


The beautiful orb below is full of strong images. I've magnified one that I find particularly interesting, you'll see it in the following picture.

This is taken from the right hand side of the orb as you look at it.  I can count at least 5 images within this small portion, some over/or underlaying others.



Bearing in mind the comments made at the beginning of this file, looking at the following orb, you will hopefully find a good many images which are present within the picture.  Look below for 2 examples.

This small pink face taken from the left hand side as you look at it, has a really warm human flesh tone. But there are other images underlying if you look for them.

The same applies to the following enlargement taken from the main orb.


Usually I would have put the picture below in the Unexplained Phenomena file, but there were so many interesting images around the bright light, that I decided to add it here. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get a clear view of what the red spotlight contained, but scroll down to see what other images I managed to magnify.

This image is from the left hand side as you view it, I took the colour out of the picture to make the features clearer

This image is really weird, and definately not human. Once again I took some of the colour out so it's easier to make out definate features. Also, whatever it is, seems to be looking sideways directly at the camera.

Once again, I reduced the colour, and revealed a number of shadowy images which hopefully are not to difficult to spot.

The image in the pic below is very clear. But look below to see the same image with the colour taken out.

Notice the small face in the green area in the pic below

This image is taken from the bottom of the main orb above. Although I hesitate slightly to call some of these pictures 'orbs' because they don't fit into the pattern of what can usually be described as an 'orb' But I use the term for want of a better word.


Looking to the righthand side as you view it, of the brightly coloured orb below you should be able to spot a very distinct face.  I have cropped and magnified the area in the next pic.

I took some of the green tint out of the photo to make the image clearer. The longer you look at these images the more you'll find within the same picture, this is very often confusing but worthwhile taking the time to find them, as they sometime appear transposed one on top of another.

Looking to the bottom lefthand side of the following, there is a very small but clear image of a face. And although this is rather a blurred orb, the magnification which follows is quite distinct.

The next orb picture shows how it's often very time consuming to get the best out of images inside some of the orbs. I know they're there, but frustratingly it takes time and patience to achieve a clear picture. This picture I hope demonstrates some of the process.  You see how there is a very bright light containing a dark patch near centre.  Round the edges of the orb are definate shadowy images. Firstly I concentrated on the righthand side rim where the clearest images were.

At least 3 faces can be seen in this pic, mostly overlaying each other.  So once again I cropped the image to bring out the clearest.

I desaturated and enlarged the image to try and get more definition

I didn't have great hope of being able to get anything from the dark area at the side of the bright light.  But I tried anyway.

This is much better than I had anticipated, definately more than one image in this area. And although blurred it had been well worth the effort.

I then decided to desaturate to take the colour out and see if it made the main image clearer.


At the bottom of the orb below right side as you look at it a very clear face is visible. See following for enlargement.

Initially I thought the orb pictured below would be too difficult to be able to focus on any particular image.  But one more or less mid centre is not to hard to see.

This orb is hazy and not too well defined, you should however, be able to spot the strange face on the right hand side. Enlargement below.


Looking just to the left of midcentre in the following picture a small face can clearly be seen peeping out of the orb. See following pic for a magnification.

This face is very clear.  There are lots more images in the above if you care to search for them, but I feel this is the best for clarity.

Often what is going on at the very edges of orbs can be very significant.  Take the brilliant forked beam of light in the pic below.  It was impossible to reduce the brightness of  the light.  But it was possible to see the images which surround it. 2 examples below

The little face below is located at the very top of the bright light.

And this one at its base.


The following magnification is taken from the lower half of the orb above, where two images are clearly visible.

The colours in this orb are so beautiful, and there are so many images inside, that it would be almost impossible to pick more than a couple to focus on.  I've enlarged two below.

This one taken from the top left as you look at it, in the almost colourless area. In this enlargement at least two, and even maybe three images are merging together, and yet, each can  also easily be seen as separate entities in their own right.

This one comes from the purple area just below the one above.

I've selected 2 images found inside this pretty orb and magnified them. See following for results.

The images are very delicate and transparent, with different faces layered one on top of the other.  It's worthwhile taking a minute or so to look for the less obvious images.



In many cases the orb itself is too bright to see anything of significance within the actual orb.  But on many occasions what is visible around the outside edge of the orb can be really interesting.  The following 2 pics illustrate this point. I was unable to reduce the brightness of this orb, but what is visible just outside is shown in the following enlargement.


and another

Not as good as the 1st one, but still recognisable as something other than a dust particle.


Below is not an orb, but a large clump of plasma. There are a number of images within this picture. But I've just singled out one for magnifcation see following pic.

Definately not 'of this world' If you spend a little time to look at the original photo you should find many more strange images.

The pretty mauve orb below contains a noticeable image which is dead centre of the orb. You might almost say it's the nucleus of the orb. I've cropped and enlarged the centre in the following picture.

As usually happens, other images appear in the same pic which can be distracting when trying to concentrate on the main image.  But unfortunately this is unavoidable, but finding others is rewarding, because the entities obviously want to be seen.

The following is a strange one. A small orb seems to be splitting away from the large one.  I've picked out one image which appears on the left hand side, near the edge of the large orb and enlarged it.


The colours in the orb featured below are really beautiful, and although most of the images inside the orb are a little misty, I thought it worthwhile to enlarge just two.

This image is taken from the lefthand side as you view it. I was first drawn to the large eye, and then realised that as the image was on the rim of the orb, a good deal of the whole face was in darkness. So I took all the colour out of the image in the hopes of being able to see the whole face.

Now I feel the darker outer portion becomes visible.

The following image appears on the righthand side, in the misty area. Actually, looking at it, I think it's more recognisable in the full orb pic. But I'll leave it here anyway, as I hope you can see a smiling face, dead centre of the enlargement.


I entered the following picture in the Strange Phenomena file quite a long time ago because of the odd light area which appears on the right hand side of the pic.  I knew it wasn't a camera fault, as the left hand side is perfectly clear and 'natural' Recently I took another look at the picture, and decided to crop and enlarge a portion of the 'misty' area to see if anything stood out as being interesting.  See following for what jumped out in the lower part of the misty area. I don't think the strange light was coming from the very bright orb.

Although 'misty' the little face dead centre is obvious, although there are other images present if you look for them. Also, directly to the left of the main image is another which I cropped and enlarged.

Both of these images look like young children to me. Its interesting, because I remember when taking this picture there was a camp, about three quarters of a mile (as the crow flies) from our property where children from deprived areas come for activity holidays. At the time of taking this photo there were sounds of children enjoying themselves, lots of laughter and shouting etc. And I wonder if this is what attracted these entities to the area.

The image in this orb is very 'green' so I took out some of the colour and concentrated on the main image. Resulting pic follows.

As the main image is so 'strong' it seems to crowd out any other entitiy which might be trying to manifest within this orb.

At first glance, the following orbs appears dull, with nothing of  particular interest within it, so it's easy to cast orbs like this aside, and delete them without a closer look. This particular picture has been in my files for some time, and I was on the point of deleting it, when I noticed that it contained some really good images.  I'm going for just one, as space and time mean that I can't give due attention to every image in every orb. I have taken what I consider to be the most interesting and enlarged it. See below a section taken from the full orb.

This little portion is taken from the mid left as you look at it.


In the top righthand side of the following as you look at it, hopefully you can see the strong image of a masculine (I think) face. I have cropped and magnified that particular area in the following pic. This is not a normal orb in the strict sense because of its shape.  But whatever, this is how it appeared. By looking for a minute or so, you should be able to see that there are many more shadowy images in this pic.

There are at least 2 very strong images in the following picture see below for close ups.


The following image taken from the above is interesting as the face reminded me of one almost the same in every way that I had entered in this file at least 2 years ago. So I've pulled it up and put it underneath this image to make a comparison.

Apart from the difference in colour, I'm convinced this is the same entity appearing in both orbs, and as I stated above with a couple of years between taking both pics, and I remember, when I first saw this face in the pic below I had a very intense feeling that this entity was/or had drowned in one of his physical lives.  Which I sense is born out in the picture above which showed me exactly the same scenario.


I would have liked to get a closer look at the dark area at the bottom of the following orb, but was unable to get a clear look at what it contained, so I concentrated on the image in the centre. A magnification follows the main picture.

A face is clearly visible on the right hand side of the orb below, I enlarged the portion see following.

The way the colours and textures of orbs vary so greatly from picture to picture. Looking below, I would have really liked to get a better view of the top of this orb, but wasn't able to enlarge it to make any sense. But if you look below you'll see a cropped portion taken from the middle of the orb.


The face at the top of the following rather dull looking orb is easy to spot, but below I've magnified it to get a closer look.

The masculine face is very clear. Just below it you may be able to see a lighter image.  Once again I enlarged that face, this one I think is possibly not human.

The thing that interested me most in the following pic is the small face which appears between the large, and the small orb. There are plenty of faces in the large orb but I concentrated on the little one.

This little face confirms what I've suspected for a long time now, that images are 'all around' not just in the orbs themselves.

The following picture is not the best for clarity, but on the other hand I do think the face in the centre stands up to scrutiny.

Below is a good example of an orb which appears to have a chunk missing. Below you'll find images which though faintly visible in the whole orb, become clearer when magnified.

Below, I took the green tinge out of the pic to make the features easier to identify.

The face in the centre of the following orb is very strong although rather hazy. This orb also contains a lot more images.

The following image is not the best for clarity, but I thought it was well worth including.  I took an image from the left hand side of the orb and magnified it.  See below the main pic for result.

Hopefully you'll be able to see the smiling face in the following.

Once again I cropped the image below concentrating on the face on the outer rim left hand side of the orb. I just focused on the one image although there are many more in this orb.

The following pic is a good illustration of how many images are often found in the same picture. Examples of some of the faces I magnified follow on from the pic below.

This little face taken from the left hand side of the orb is really lovely. It's nice to see how clearly the smiling features are defined. I wish they could all be as clear as this one!

The images in this portion are not so easy to see as in the one above as there appear to be quite a few entities attempting to project their images at the same time. This often happens. Just look for them.

This is the last magnification from the main orb. There are more, but the ones I've included are the sharpest and easiest to spot. Below comes from the bottom lefthand side of the orb.

Looking towards the light area in the following pic there is a faint image. See next pic for enhancement of that area.

Images very often intermingle with each other, so that as you focus on one, another catches the attention. As I've stated previously, the more you look, the more you'll find.

The orb from which the magnification below was taken follows.

This orb is 'on the move' It's noticeable by the angle in which the camera caught it , and also by the warping effect. It almost looks as though there is a fold in the orb which has caused some distortion to the pic. I could have found more images in there but decided to concentrate on the one you see above. Which is middle left of the orb.

Looking below, this is how the face in the orb first appeared. Very obvious.  But I decided to use contrast to bring out the features with more clarity (hopefully) see 2nd pic for results.

I've seen this face before on a number of occasions. I know it's 'somewhere' in amongst the many hundreds of  photos that have been taken over the last 5 years or so, but I haven't been able to locate it as yet. Hopefully it will 'pop up' when I'm not looking for it. That's usually what happens.


I've taken the strongest image from the orb below and magnified it.  You'll find the area in the following pic.


The texture and colour of orbs varies significantly from picture to picture. My feeling is that we are seeing manifestations from many dimensions. The following is a good example. Notice how it compares to the previous image and the one following the magnification of a face found in the orb below.

One face in particular in the following pic stands out, even though the rest of the orb is rather blurred.  Scroll down to see a magnification of the face in the top left of the orb.

Although the following orb is rather blurred, the face at the top is unmissable.

Looking toward the pinkish area at the top of the following, a face in semi-profile is clearly visible.  There are other images in this pic but I think the one below which I have magnified is really striking.

I wasn't able to reduce the brightness in the orb pictured below, but my attention was caught by a shadowy image on the left hand side of the orb, near the bottom. See resulting magnification below.

The small face is intriguing, and would have been easily missed had I not spotted it.



There are a number of images in the following. I have just picked out one to enlarge (see below) The square shaped structure below the small face is interesting. Especially the pipelike structure.



Below is quite a ghostly image. If you study it for a few moments you should be able to spot a number of faces. It always a pity when they are 'jumbled up' but this is the way they often present in our photos.


I've enlarged a portion of the above pic which clearly shows a female face. Also, notice the strange pipelike structure above her left eye.  We get this sort of image in a lot of pics, and presume it must have some significance. If you scroll down past the next 2  pictures there's another image of a face which to my mind could possibly be the same entity.



I don't think you'll have to look very hard to see the image in the centre of the orb below. The forehead eyes and nose of an entity are clearly visible. For some reason I'm reminded of an eskimo ! The picture was taken on the 11th of this month.

The picture below was also taken on the 11th Sept. See following for an enlargement of the main face in the picture.



As in the orb above, in the following I've picked out the clearest image to enlarge.  It follows the main image. The complexity of orbs never fail to amaze me.

The entity in enlargement below appears to be a little startled.

Once again, scroll down to see enlargement of main images in the orb below.

Hopefully you can spot the smiling face on the left as you look at it. There's also another image on the right, which appears to be looking down, or to have his eyes closed although only one eye is visible.

The images on the lefthand side of the orb below are very strong. But in the pic which follows it is a cropped area containing the best images. Unfortunately although trying,  I was unable to tone down the lightest area on the righthand side of the orb.



Looking at the picture below, it appears as though you are seeing it through a thin layer of gauze. With images superimposed one on top of another. If you spend a minute to study the pic your should be able to pick out a number of images.


The following pic has a ghostly appearance. I've focused on the main image in this picture.  See following for enlargement.


Once again, the images in pic below are superimposed one on top of another.  It's interesting to note how the colours in the orbs alter as each picture is taken.


The colours and images in the following picture are really beautiful. Take time to find the images. The dark image near the centre is obvious, but if you look above and to the left of the main image another is clearly visible

The image below is rather blurred I'm afraid but interesting. Looking to the left hand side of the orb there's a face looking out. It appears as though a layer of the orb has been 'peeled back' to show the image within. It's frustrating not to have been able to get a clearer picture . But, if you take a minute to look at it I think you should see what I mean. Unfortunately I was unable to alter the contrast to find out what was behind the bright right hand side of the orb.


It's amazing how many images there are in the pic below if you look for them. But to my mind the most striking is the large face on the lefthand side of the orb.

Once again, the clearest image is on the left of the orb below. A strong masculine image in semi-profile.


I hope you can see the really beautiful face on the left hand side of the orb below. Only half of the face is visible. In the following pic I 'cut the image' in half to show where I am looking.

Notice the strange marking around the area of her left eye.

I picked the clearest face out of the following picture and enlarged it.


There are at least 2 prominent faces in the next pic. To bring them more sharply into focus, I took the colour out of the photo. See following

One clear face in the centre, and another top left hand side of the orb.

This guy literally pops out of the orb.


The following 2 orbs were photographed on 1st July 2013 both came from the same picture taken early in the morning. The male face in the picture below is very clear. Look to the blue area in the middle of the pic.

The following is not so clear, this orb was very small, so I was delighted to be able to magnify it at all.


Scroll down to see magnification of the main face in the orb pictured below.

The image on the left of the orb is really strong.  I would have liked to get more definition from the white area on the right, but wasn't able to do so.



I hope you will be able to see the very strong face in the middle of the following picture.  It was taken on the 21st May. A good friend described this masculine face as having 'a voluptuous' lower lip.  I tend to agree with her.


The following was taken from the same picture, give yourself time to look for the faces.

Entered 29th May

Below is a cropped area of an orb. The main feature is the strong image in the centre, although there are others if you take a little time to examine the pic.


Three magnifications below are taken from this picture photographed on 11th May

I've magnified the middle portion of the image below, although I feel it probably wasn't necessary.


Once more below is a cropped area from the lefthand side of the above orb


Below is the fantastic image at the bottom of the above shooting light

The 3 pics below were also taken on the 11th of May

I was more interested in the shadow area above the lefthand side of this orb. So I cropped and magnified that area.

Then I was able to take the brightness out of the main orb. Sometimes it's not possible to do that. But I was lucky this time. Although there are images in this orb, I included it mainly to show that there is often more to an orb than can be seen by a casual glance.


The fascinating image below was photographed on 9th May. As was the one below it.


Study the following orb for a moment or two and hopefully you will see that there are a good number of images inside the orb, and also   around the outer rim.  With any of these photographs, it's important that you give your eyes time to adjust to phenomena we are not 'programmed' to observe.

This is a portion of the above, it comes from the left hand side as you look at it. Hopefully you will spot the semi-profile of a smiling face.


Without enlarging any part of this bright colourful light it's really easy to spot numerous images within and around it.

But here's an example taken from the bottom of the above pic.


The little face below is near left centre as you look at it.

It's a pity the next image is blurred, but I wanted to show the small face mid-bottom of the orb. Where the mouth should be there is a blob of light. Just a little way further down the file are 2 more examples where this happens. Looking up above that image you can probably spot more faces.


There's quite a lot going on in this orb. I've cropped and magnified 2 areas which stand out strongly. Scroll down to see them.

This strong semi-profile is on the outside edge of the orb and very clear.

This one isn't as clear, but still a recognizable face. It comes from the centre bottom of the orb.

I've picked out a really lovely etherial image in the following orb the magnification is below but there are many more in this orb.


I hope you'll be able to pick out the smiling face in the centre of the following even though it's slightly blurred. The greenish 'light' in front of this entities mouth is similar to the pic which follows it.  But both were photographed on different occasions. I wondered if the green light over both mouths could be a symbol of love/goodwill as the heart chakra is associated with the colour green.

I'm particularly pleased with the following pic.  It was photographed on the 27th of March, and shows a very strong image with a bright, greenish light around the mouth.  There are other images, but they are blurred in comparison to the main one.  I believe they are thought projections from other dimensions. If this is the case then it would figure that the strongest 'mind' will project the clearest image. It could well be an exercise in 'group concentration' on the part of entities wishing to communicate with us.


I would have liked to have  more detail from the following orb pic, but the brightness wouldn't allow it.  Even so, the 2nd image is a cropped and magnified area of the strongest feature.

I like this image of a happy smiling face


Below a magnification of part of the above



Following is a really good image of a face within a 'hole' in an orb. Without magnifying the area it's possible to see the strong image. But if you scroll down you will find a magnification of the face.

Here's another one from the same photo. This one comes from the left hand side of the orb, near the edge. It's not so clear, but is one of many in the main image. I just concentrated on a couple.

Take a look at the photo below.  Once again there appears to be a 'hole' in the bottom left hand corner of the orb. But even without magnifying that portion, it's possible to see there is something inside. The following pic magnifies that area.


The image below is a cropped and magnified area of a plasma cloud. I've found that there are always images within the plasma and though it takes time to look at the cloud and pick out the clearest images, it's always rewarding. Take a little time to absorb the content in the following pic, then scroll down to find a cropped and magnified portion which I believe shows the clearest images.


Hopefully you have been able to spot the strong central image in the magnification below, also  the one to its right. If at first you don't find it, then give your eyes time to adjust to things we're not used to seeing.

The face on the left hand side of the picture below stands out really clearly.  There are other images in the picture but I was unable to bring the whole up clearly enough to show all of them. So I concentrated on just the main one. The face takes up most of the left hand side and appears to be looking down and to have a grey/white beard.





The orb in the picture below was photographed on the 19th of December. I noticed it contained some interesting images. So in the 2 pictures following the one below you can find enlargements of  faces which struck me as being the most pronounced.

The face in this enlargement stands out clearly, and doesn't appear to be 'overlaid' by any other entities trying to make their presence known. Even so, if you study the top of the pic which has a bubbly look to it, there are more images present.

 Though taken from the same image as the main picture, the predominant image in the following is harder to identify, as there are quite a number of entities transmitting thought forms which seem to have concentrated in the bottom left of the orb.


Studying the following picture, you will find a number of images present. Below are two magnifications of this orb. I've come to believe that the images are thought forms from other dimensions. I have concluded this is why the images often present in a jumbled up form.  Lets suppose that a number of entities are concentrating on manifesting their image at the same time, it's not hard to understand why some are superimposed one on top of the other. It pays to take time looking at each pic, and hopefully you'll see what I mean.

Below are two enlargements from areas of the above. First one is on the left.

And this one slightly to the right of the above.

The following 3 images are taken from one bright light you will see in the middle of the picture. I was aware that there were faces within and behind the image. I concentrated on just one. The two following  pics are magnifications of the face which caught my attention.

One face in particular was inside the bright light. I altered the contrast to bring it into focus.

Maybe I went a little to far in the following, but it does show a masculine face with eyes either closed, or looking down.

The orb in the picture below was photographed on the 26th of November.  It appears to have a large chunk taken out of it. In the past I realised that if I altered the contrast and brightness of the orb it was obvious that there wasn't a part missing. There are faces in the 'dark' area if the contrast of the pic is altered to show them.  See following 3 enhancements of the orb below.

The first thing I did was to brighten the image to show more clearly the faces I could vaguely see in the dark area,

Once again I magnified  and brightened the area in which the faces were now very obvious. Take your time to look at the image below, you will see them.

I think the following image speaks for itself. I concentrated on this particular face as it was the most prominent in the photo. If you are interested, there are more examples of orbs with so called  'holes' further down this file.

The beautiful face of a child can be seen centre bottom of the following picture. The picture was taken 23rd October

I really like the pic below. It's part of an orb which appeared outside our conservatory window and shows the smiling face of an elderly man.


The picture below was taken on 27th Aug the face is very strong and is the actual colour of the orb as it appeared in the picture from which it was taken.  I tried to get a better view of the face so I cropped and magnified it.  See 2nd pic.

The following is from June of 2012.  I didn't pay too much attention to it other than cropping the very bright orb which was the only one present in this particular picture. But today, for some reason I revisited it and took a closer look.  See 2nd pic.


I enlarged the red area on the right of the picture. The face is unmissable.  There are other images all the way round the orb, but because they are of a lighter colour it wasn't possible to get a good look at them. I've learned a lesson. It pays to take time and observe carefully.


The main face in the image below is very obvious, but if you look to the side, you should be able to see more.


In the image below I had to 'juggle' with the contrast to make the faces clearer. So, you will notice a bright white spot on the left hand side as you look at it. This orb appeared behind a rhodedendron bush. So when I adjusted the contrast I lost the colour, but my interest was taken by the face just by the side of the flower, see 2nd pic for a magnification of the face.

The face I was concentrating on is in the grey area at the bottom of the enlargement.

At an earlier date I included in this file pictures of faces which appear in 'holes' in orbs. I am now adding more to demonstrate that the orbs do not actually have holes in them, but in most cases contain faces.

The following is an enlargement of the 'hole' in the above orb.


To find more images similar to the above, scroll down the file.


The face on the left hand side of the following picture, near the bottom is  very clear. He/she appears to be wearing earrings. Other faces are present but not so easy to pick out.


 The face towards the right in the following picture as you look at it, is so clear that it's almost impossible to miss.  The eyes and nose appear really solid.  Notice the tip of the nose, it's lighter in tone than the rest of the features. I've found this happens quite often.  Also, on occasions noses are distorted in some way.  I wonder if this could be due to the fact that the entities are breaking through into our dimension, and in some way that causes the distortion. Please let me know if you have any views on this. Once you have located the face, look for others in the orb because there are more.


If you look towards the bottom left hand side of the orb in the picture below there is a very clear face of someone looking towards his right. There are quite a number of faces in this orb.  Give your eyes time to adjust and you'll find them.


Below is a cropped portion of a larger orb. Although partial faces are present here, I was more interested in what appears to be the number 7 very prominently placed in the centre on the outer rim of the orb.

The following 2 pictures have been moved up from near the bottom of this file because I wanted to insert a 3rd without people having to scroll all the way through to find the inclusion. The orb you see in the 1st pic is 'behind' the trellis. I magnified the orb to show the faces inside.

The images are a little blurred, but it is still possible to see them.


Recently I was looking at the original pic again and was surprised to find more faces - this time not in the orb itself, but on the wall! Since then I have come to the realization that entities present themselves not only inside, and around the edges of orbs, but 'everywhere' I can't quite get my head round it yet, but am trying!

The following is a portion of the outer rim of a larger orb. This picture is a good example of how single faces seem to merge with others to make up the whole.

I could hardly believe my eyes when I spotted this on the side of the garage wall.  I'd had the picture for some time before I noticed this 'dog'  It's astonishing, and even more so when looking at it closely you can see virtually the whole thing is made up of faces. I think some force out there has a sense of humour! To find something similar, have a look at  The Very Very Strange file.

The following is cropped from a larger picture.  It shows a face on the 'outside' of an orb. There appears to be another face 'shiny' and smiling looking inwards towards her.


 The following picture is fascinating. On your right it is possible to see a mans face looking downwards. I wonder what the strange black marking over the bridge of his nose is.  I wasn't able to enlarge that area any further without distorting the whole picture.

Looking at the bottom half of the picture below it is easy to see a small childs hair, forehead and eyes.

 The picture below is the first one I took which contained a really recognisable face. It was taken with a Fuji Finepix 6800z. I used that camera for about 20 months before it finally 'gave up the ghost' The flash mechanism no longer worked. Since then I have been using a Canon Powershop A1100 IS.


  Below is the original photo that contained the above orb. I was drawn to enlarge the small orb on the left, just below the large red orb just going out of frame.


Notice the face in the bottom left hand corner of the above 2 pictures.  The second one has been cropped to make the face clearer. There are often a number of faces in each orb and I have found that if I spend time looking at each picture my eyes automatically adjust and I am able to see more than is visible when just given a quick glance.  Try it for yourself.

This next pic is very strange and I must say I felt rather uneasy about it.  But here it is anyway! Recently while looking at this face  again and for some reason 'Atlantis' came to mind.


 Notice the orb containing a hole just coming into view at the top of the picture below. Some people think when an orb has a hole, it has somehow been 'damaged'  But on closer inspection these holes invariably contain a face. Look at picture 2 below to see this orb cropped and magnified.

The face is clearer than I had anticipated.


Once again the bright orb on the left appears to have a hole in it.So using the same process as previously I cropped and magnified the orb. See 2nd and 3rd pictures below.

Here are three more examples of faces in 'holes'

 An enlargement of the above.Although not very clear it is still recognisable. It is also possible to see other faces crowding in.



The little girls face in the picture below reminds me of a hologram.

And this one, cropped from a larger orb. It appears to be an elderly man with a small child looking over his shoulder.


This very bright orb in the pic below was photographed on 22 Feb this year. I have enlarged the small orb just below it on the left.  See pic 2 below.

Although rather blurred it's still possible to see the faces in this small orb.


 I apologise for the face below.  It's very blurred I know. But I came across this very tiny orb. So small in fact that I'm  surprised the camera picked it up. I like this one. I see a round faced, baldheaded man with a rather fancy big collar. Hope you can see him too. He appeared, not in a normal orb, but just as pictured below.

The longer you spend looking at the two following pics the more faces should come into focus. Eyes seem to be very significant.

The next picture is a wonderful example. The blue face in the middle of the orb is easy to see, but there are many more if you look closely.

There often appears to be a jelly-like substance in the orbs which contain faces.  In this next picture it there is a translucent area at the bottom of the orb.  In the second picture I cropped and magnified the area.


 There does appear to be the top half of a figure in this cropped area.

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