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Weird Wonderful and not of this World.

The folders listed at the side of this Home Page are updated on a regular basis so please keep checking.

To see enlargements taken from this strange light, please visit the Strange Phenomena (2) file


To see the orb from which the incredible face below originates please visit Multiple Faces in Orbs (2)

You can find the orb from which the magnified detail below comes, by visiting the Strange Phenomena File (2)

To see magnifications taken from the weird apparition below visit Strange Phenomena (2) which can be accessed on the left

To find an enlargement of just one image taken from this strange orb please visit Multiple Faces in Orbs (2)


To see the whole orb from which the image below is taken please visit Orbs and Plasma Clouds (2)

To see a magnification of the 'other worldly' image below, please visit the Strange Phenomena (2) file.

To see the whole orb and  picture from which this unusual  enlargement is taken please visit the Strange Phenomena (2) file.


To see further enlargements taken from the incredible picture below please visit the 'Strange Phenomena' file (1)


The wonderfully clear face in this enlargement was taken from the orb which follows it. To find more images found inside orbs visit the Multiple Faces in Orbs (1)file.

To see more pictures of the incredible object below, and the following magnification taken from part of it, please visit the Strange Phenomena File (1)

I decided to add the following picture on the Home Page hoping that someone out there might have an idea as to what this could possibly be. It's also in the Strange Phenomena file and was entered quite a while ago when I did ask for 'ideas' unfortunately without any response.  So here it is.  Any ideas ? A good friend suggested that it might be a portal. The trumpet shape to the left is quite distinct.

The following is a magnification of the 'trumpet' of the object above.  I have included magnifications of images found in and around the following.  They can be seen in the Faces In Orbs folder.


A speck of dust ? Moisture on the lense? I think not, and I find it very difficult to understand why anyone could believe that dust or moisture could be responsible for the following pictures.

Following is a magnification taken from the left hand side of the orb above.

It's not beyond the realms of possibility to think we are now  getting glimpses of  entirely different dimensions other than the one we are programmed from birth to see and to accept the notion that ours is the only reality. The more you look into the orbs with an open mind the more images from other realities come into focus. To find many more examples of images captured on our property over the last five years, please visit the files listed on the side of this home page.

The magnification below is a portion taken from the left hand side of the orb above.  Apart from the beautiful colours a number of faces are clearly visible.




I desaturated the above picture to show more clearly the incredible structure that so many of the orbs we photograph contain. You will hopefully spot the strange image in the centre of the orb.




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