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your message
Thank you for your welcome message Anna it is much appreciated.
Posted by Judith Scales on 10 March 2017
beautiful photos
THese photos with such a diversity of colour and shape can never be seen as a camera fault water or dust particles .
Amazing photos . Thankyou .
Posted by anna on 10 March 2017
awesome pics
Hi Judith ,
I so enjoy looking at your photos . I never tire of them. So exciting and special. Of course the photos are not dust or water on the lense as how can you explain the enormous range of shapes and colours from photos all taken in the same place at the same time as you have stated . The proof for all those sceptics is to look at the photo with the weather - vane and to note that it appears a normal photo without any distortion or dust and water " enhancement " , however the orb that appears BEHIND the weather vane is completely different in all aspects possible . DUST AND MOISTURE NO WAY . Many thanks for THE most beautiful and exciting record of spiritual orbs .
Best wishes .
Posted by Wally Mariner on 03 October 2015
Hello Wally
Thanks for your comments on my pics. It's always nice to hear from someone who makes a contribution whether it be positive or negative. All thoughts and observations gratefully received!
Best wishes
Posted by Judith Scales on 03 October 2015
strange phenomena
Hey Judith ,
I was amazed at the very distinct faces in the orbs from your strange phenomena section . I hope you are still intending to put some more for us to wonder at on your stunning website . Sincerely,
Posted by anna on 19 August 2014
Hello Anna
Thanks for you message. I certainly will be putting more faces on the site very shortly. Thanks for all your interest.
Best wishes
Posted by judith scales on 19 August 2014
last enties
Hi Judith,
I have just been looking at your latest entries ... absolutely stunning . The pic that shows the light morphing then coming back to the original shapes is absolutely amazing .
They are all magnificent and awe inspiring photos . So beautiful and mystic .
Posted by anna on 17 May 2014
Hi Anna
Thanks for your message. I too find those 3 pics fascinating. Especially as they were taken looking over a field which was in complete darkness with no human habitation for at least half a mile.There is no logical explanation for their appearance as we would have noticed if, for instance, someone had been out there with say, a torch. But the change in shape over the three consecutive pics would rule out any human source.
Thanks again
Posted by on 17 May 2014
indoor orbs
Posted on 27 November 2013
amasing orb photos
Posted on 12 September 2013
wonderful photos
Posted on 17 June 2013
Wonderful red Orbs.
Posted on 11 June 2013
your wonderful orbs
Posted on 30 April 2013
Posted on 10 April 2012
faces in orbs
Posted on 12 February 2012
Great pictures
Posted on 08 February 2012
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