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Strange phenomena caught on camera



If you find this site of interest, I suggest that you might also take a look at Mark Mahin at www.orbpro.blogspot.com for some fantastic pics and info

The object below was photographed on 23rd March 2015. I was unable to take much of the brightness out of the image so I have left it unaltered, but in my opinion whatever it is, appears to be articulated. I've entered a close up of the (what I consider) to be the front of it in the following pic.

I just wish I had a better angle on the portion featured below.


This bright orb is interesting it almost looks like two closed eyes. Unfortunately I couldn't reduce the brightness of the orb but I did manage to get a small amount of detail from the lower 'eye'

Not brilliant by any means but there's obviously something in there!


This exciting picture was taken on 22nd Dec 2014. The amazing coloured orb is almost planet like in appearance. To see a close-up and magnifications of more images found in this pic, please scroll down. 

I was unable to take the brightness out of the intense white light when magnified, but I noticed interesting images present around the periphery.

This from near centre bottom

and this from the reddish area at the top.

The pretty orb below is also from the same pic 

It's a pity the one below is so 'fuzzy' but it is very small in the original picture. Yet I couldn't pass over it without having a closer look at the bottom right hand side.

And an even closer look



It's quite a while since we had a picture like the one below. The fuzziness is spoken about further down this file so I won't go into it on this occasion other than to say the pic was taken on a perfectly clear night. See below for enlargements of some of the strange  images found within the picture.

This is a magnification of the clearest orb near the centre . 

And now a further enlargement taken from the right hand side.


Enlargement from left hand side of the orb above


Notice the small head near the centre of the enlargement below. There are many other images in the main pic. I will enter more presently

On the 12 of August 2014, 6 pictures were taken in which the following 'light' appeared in more or less the same position in each photograph. All 6 were taken within approx 1 and a half  minutes.  Below you will find 4 magnifications of the object taken from 4 of the pics. After them, I have included one of the large orginal photos to show position and proximity to the camera during photographing.

Below a further magnification of the above.  This is from the area at the top of the pic, at the side of the bright light.


I was astounded when I once again magnified the above pic looking at the front of the image which is pointing downward. I'm literally blown over by this picture.


The above magnification is from the outside edge of the light in the previous pic.

The following was the last of the 6 images which presented on that night. Notice the difference in shape, yet I believe it to be the same image, just changing in some way. I've yet to look again at the images to see what else I can find. The weird thing is, that in all the original pictures other than the pic below, the dove box is clearly visible in all 5 of the shots. In the one below, there is nothing but total blackness, no sign of any surrounding features.  I've included below one of the original pictures, not that it helps much as the bright light is so small.


Now and then, the 'fuzziness' seen in the picture below occurs for no apparent reason. Both the picture taken before, and the one after, are always perfectly normal.  We came to the understanding that this phenomena is caused by a thinning of the veil between dimensions. I discuss this further down this file, where there are more examples. But for now, the  4 magnifications following the picture below were all found within it. It almost appears as though one is looking at a 'soupy mixture' of some kind. The very bright orb has the appearance of a hazy moon.  But unless the 'moon' is actually in our back garden (which isn't likely) then, it's something else !!

The enlargements are hazy but nonetheless interesting.



I've just made the decision to 'bring up' another example of the above phenomenon, which I inserted way down this file, thinking that if anyone was curious enough to scroll down to find it, they might possibly lose the will to live before they got there! This pic was entered in Sept 2012. This was a perfectly clear night, with none of the 'bitty stuff' visible to the human eye. Yet the stuff was there in the photograph !

The following 5 enlargements come from the above

Below, I focus on the strange image on the lefthand side at the top of the above 'orb' At first glance, it looks as though a 'bird' is perching on a three fingered stubby hand. But below the 'fingers' there appears to be a face of some description.

It's interesting to note how the colours in the 5 magnifications vary even although they are from the same picture. The top one is very colourful whereas the following 3 are more or less monochrome.


This ball of dense plasma below thins on the right hand side to reveal at least 2 images.  There are many more around the rim, but I just concentrated on one area. Magnifications below.

There is at least one clear image in the following, but I decided to take the colour of of the picture to hopefully give it more definition.

To my mind it worked.

This is weird to say the least. It came from the same pic as the one above.

This also from the same picture. The red and white image is something which appears with regularity now in many of our pictures. But this one is of special interest as it shows more  than just the structure, it's possible to see other things going on inside and around it.  What about the strange face? If you're interested you may like to scroll down this file to find more examples of this phenomena.


As yet I've been unable to reduce the brightness in the 2 balls of plasma seen below. But interestingly, there appears, in the middle and connecting the 2, an interesting red patch. I've enlarged that area in the following pic.


The brilliant orb in the following pic was just coming around the side of the house, and unfortunately the 'pink' orb after it was only partially visible.  See following for the original picture, followed by magnifications of different areas around the orb.

I wasn't able to reduce the brightness of the large orb, but below you will see an enlargement of the interesting area in this pic.

Just above the pink orb it's possible to see a vague impression of something.  Can't say what, but see following for a close up.  .

This was the best I could do without distorting the image too much

Below is a small area taken from the 'gap' between the large orb and the pink one.


This misty orb is full of images. I've magnified just one or two in the following pics.

I feel it would be difficult to dismiss the images above as being dust particles or moisture.

I was intrigued to find this small object which seems, on the left side to have some sort of an oval opening on the edge while on the opposite side there is an obvious face partially visible through the light of the 'object' I've tried to enhance the image in the following photo.

I decided to try and take some of the brightness out of the following orb to see what, if anything became visible. I had partial success as you can see in the following. It's not always possible to tone down very bright orbs.

As you can see below, I only had partial success. But even so my attention what taken by a shadowy image on the right hand side, find a cropped portion from that side of the orb in next pic.

I find this face in semi profile really uncanny.

This next strange shape has been magnified a great deal, as it was only a small 'light' in the sky. I wasn't able to get much detail out of it, but it's obviously something very strange indeed. I took the front portion, and tried again the get more detail, with mixed results and you will see below.

It makes no sense at all to me, but presumably it does in another dimension!

I took a closer look at this bizarre orb and concentrated on the right hand side where a glowing light appears to be coming out of the 'mouth' of some strange being. See below for magnification.


In the following 3 pictures you will see a light photographed out of our garden and looking towards a field which adjoins our property. The 3 pics were taken one after the other and the same light can be seen 'morphing' into different shapes.

Now you see the light breaking into two separate parts.

Now it joins back together but in an elongated form.

I'm including the full pic of this last form to give some indication of the setting. Obviously, having had to make it much smaller than the original it's not really of much use, but because of size limitations this is the best I could do.


I nearly missed the following small bright  light as it was just coming into view at the side of the picture. I've magnified it quite a lot as it was so small. But there are noticeable images in the centre of the enlargement. If you scroll down you'll find where I altered the contrast to try and bring the images into sharper focus.

In the enlargement above at least three images are visible, although not as clear as I would have liked.

Finally I partially de-saturated the back half of the image once again to try and give it more clarity. Not very successfully, but even so I decided to include it. The front portion of the image was far too hazy for me to bring up the images but I'm certain there are some there.

The orb below was photographed on the 5th Jan this year.  The sky was very dark and this orb was (as I thought at  the time ) was the only orb present. I include the original pic from which the following magnifications were taken at the end of my examination of the various images found within the pic. Scroll down for cropped areas taken from this orb.

Looking at the magnified area at the bottom of the orb it appears that a portion around the rim has been somehow rolled back to show an image which is either inside the orb, or behind it.  I think it's actually inside.

The enlarged area below comes from the centre of the picture.

As I said previously I thought that was the only orb in the photo, but I spotted something very faint at the bottom of the picture see below for findings.

Below is an image taken from the right hand side of the faint orb.

This portion is from the left hand side at the top.  I took out the colour to try and make the image clearer.

Below is the original photo.  I've included it to give some perspective of the overall picture and to show how dark the sky was.


I've hung on to this picture taken in late summer 2012 because I felt that although the strange light which was the only inexplicable thing to appear in the picture,  it wasn't interesting enough to include on the site. But, after cropping the image and maginfying it, I decided to use it. See below.

Above is how it looks after magnification.  I then took various portions and tried and enhance them. The only area which showed anything other than the various coloured lights, is to the left hand side as you look at it. Below is the resulting pic.


A portion taken from the orb pictured below follows the main pic.


I find it hard to believe that the orb below was caused either by drops of moisture or dust. After it, I've included 3 magnified areas found inside the orb.


For a close up of just one image found in the strange shaped orb below scroll down. The image I concentrated on is at the top of the orb, just off mid centre.

To get an explanation of why I'm including the following  image in this file you may wish to scroll down past the following 3 pics after them to see similar objects which now appear in most of the pictures we take.  But this one is different, as it shows 'other' images being revealed alongside the red and white structure in the picture below.

This 'structure' fascinates me, and I shall probably continue to save pictures of it until 'hopefully' one day I may  get a 'clue' as to what it is (fat chance I think)!


The following two orbs were photographed during Nov/Dec 2013

In the picture below there appears to be a strange manifestation which looks as though it has a long half open beak. Beside it, and to its right, a face is plainly visible.


When I first started seeing this compelling image in our pictures, I thought maybe it was something to do with the camera flash being reflected. I can honestly say I know nothing about cameras, other than point and click. So I dismissed the small red dots which have recently started appearing in about 80% of pics taken.  Then I noticed that on many occasions, there was more than one apparent in the same picture, which to my mind ruled out anything to do with the camera itself. I would dearly love to know what these red and white objects are. I'm including a few images taken at different times over the last  couple of weeks.

I would have liked to include a full sized picture to show where these objects are placed in the pics, but they are so small, that if I had down-sized the main pic to include on the site, the objects would not have been visible at all, which is disappointing.

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

The following image was captured quite some time ago, and I had entered it at the very bottom of this file. I'm adding it here because I feel it could be something similar the the images above. Once again, it was a very small blue dot in the sky. At the time I wondered if it might possibly be a man-made satellite, but looking at the images above and seeing their similarities I don't think so.


The darker part of the following orb gave the indication that there could possibly be an image in that area.  So using photoshop I cropped and magnified that area. See following for the result.

This image is very strange, almost laughable. I couldn't make my mind up as to whether it was a smiling face in semi-profile with very large uneven teeth. Or another smaller face peeping out of the 'mouth' area. There were certainly other images in this orb but because it was so bright, I wasn't able to tone it down sufficiently to see anything else clearly.


A couple of days ago a took another look at the orb above, and managed to reduce the brightness on the left hand side. It's always frustrating that in most instances it isn't possible to get an even tone throughout the picture.  So you'll see I had to 'lose' the face above to bring clarity to another part of the orb.

The image below appears at the top of the pic above.


The picture below and the following magnification surely must give us food for thought.  The more you look the more you'll find.

There's no trickery involved here.  All I do, is use brightness/or contrast in photoshop if necessary to give the images within the orbs more clarity.








The image in the following appeared in the sky as a very small sliver of plasma. I decided to take a close look at it and was surprised to see obvious features in the dense plasma.  See following pic for a cropped and magnified area.

I don't think that I'm being too fanciful in thinking the enlargement below has a distinctly human appearance. There's another image at the other end of the plasma tube. You can see it if you look carefully. I didn't include it along with the one below as it didn't enlarge as clearly.


I wasn't able to get behind the bright light on the right hand side of the orb below but you will hopefully see the strong image in the centre of the pic

The orb pictured below was photographed in 2009. It was only recently whilst looking through old photos that I came across 2 pictures that contained many similarities. Amongst which is the almost cockpit like window out of which 'faces' can be seen looking outwards. The 2nd pic is a magnification of part of the outside rim of this orb.

The green image below to my mind has a holographic appearance. It's a cropped and magnified area taken from the rim of the above orb. If it's of interest, scroll down this file to find the other orb which contains striking similarities to the one above. It's worth taking a look to compare the how alike they are.

Both of the images in the pic below are interesting, so I decided to show them together as they appeared in the original picture.

Then I cropped and magnified the main orb to get a better look.

By taking a little time you should be able to see images within the orb. Next I did the same with the strange smaller image which was to my mind  was the more interesting of the two.

I wish I could have achieved better definition, as this image is so strange. It appears to have 2 square dark areas near the top, and 2 round, a little further down, and then, the strange V shape which stands out in stark contrast to the rest of the orb. You would have to wonder if it's an image of some life form, or possibly something mechanical.  Who knows? Certainly not me.

It would be difficult to miss the two large eyes looking upwards in the following picture. To my mind it's like a caricature face. I wanted to get a little more definition if possible, so I removed the very blue appearance.  See following pic.

I feel that on the whole the 2nd pic does show slightly more definition, and there are other images present. I'm still fascinated by those eyes !

The photograph below is from 2010.  I keep most of the pictures we take because when looking back at 'older stuff' it's incredible the amount of images we have missed. This isn't an orb in the true sense but it contains so many images. If you look at the very top centre you'll notice an odd patterning in what appears to be a face. Look below for a magnification.

How strange is this, there seems to be an 'eye' with some sort of structure above it. That's the only way I can describe it, as it's impossible to know what it could be, other than a being from another dimension with different 'facial structures' to those we are used to seeing.

The following came from the same pic as the above. There's a noticable 'grid/net effect towards to top of this image. I cropped and magnified it.  See below.

We're none the wiser, but even so it give food for thought.

The two objects below came from the same pic. I'ts unfortunate that I wasn't able to get better definition. But, as they were so miniscule on the original pic this was the best I could do. But felt they were well worth including.

There's so much out there coming in from other dimensions.  Very weird to our eyes, but nonetheless these creatures/entities do exist.

The four images above came from the following picture.


Below is an area cropped from the above strange orb.

The following 2 pics are enlargements of images found on the outer rim of very bright orbs. They have a beautiful abstract feel about them. But at the same time they do contain recognisable images. Look at the pink area in particular.

Below is an enhancement of one area taken from the above.


The picture below, is one which I orginally put in the Orbs and Plasma file. I'm entering it here to show what I found just recently whilst taking a fresh look at it. This orb was photographed in Aug of 2009 with a Fuju Finepix camera. It always took good photos of orbs, but unfortunately, when trying to magnify any orb the magnification would become badly pixilated, which was very frustrating. But on this occasion, the magnification wasn't bad at all.  First I am showing the original. from 2009.

Next is a close up of the slit in the side of the orb which seems to show beings looking out of a 'window' or something similar.  This is also from the original in the Orbs and Plasma file.

It was obvious that there were other faint images in this orb, and at the time of entering it on the site, I said at some stage I would take a closer look at the orb. But what I had stupidly done, was to just keep the cropped image, as there seemed to be nothing else other than the above orb on the photo, so I deleted the original thinking it wasn't worth keeping. This is something I no longer do, as you never know what you might find! So, going back to the 1st image, a couple of days ago, I adjusted the contrast in the original, see next pic.

As you can see in the above, there is the faint image of another smaller orb up in the right hand corner of the pic, also something dimly seen in the bottom right hand corner.  The spikey thing bottom left is a bit of plant. Now I cropped and magnified the small orb.


The above was the best I could do, but I think it's fascinating.  The 'beings' are to my mind definately not of human origin. My greatest regret was destroying the original picture.  I will never know what else was hiding in that shot.  Below is the small area from the bottom lefthand side.

And lastly there was a miniscule bright light which I decided to take a look at. I wish I could have managed better definition, but even so to my eyes this looks like either a tunnel with a light at the end, or possibly a  mini vortex.  As the definition is sub standard it's difficult to be certain. But on the whole I was delighted to have found so much more in a pic taken nearly 4 years ago.

Looking at the orb below, the large orb does contain images although hazy.  But I was more interested in the smaller orb on the right as you look at it. Following is an enlargement of that small orb.

There is a possibility that the small orb could be a part of the large one and is in the process of separating, possibly to form a completely individual identity.

Above is how it looks after enlarging and enhancing.

Orbs differ in their appearance.  The orb below has a fibreous quality. I wonder if the reason for the differences could be due to the fact that they come from different dimensions. Look below for one magnification from the bottom of this orb.

The way I see it, the being below is looking directly at the very small bright light on its righthand side. I see a definate look of amusement on its face.


The larger picture from which the following 3 images are taken follow them.

This is a magnification taken from the left hand side of the above.

This is a cropped version of the photo from which the two orbs above are taken.  They were the only objects in the sky. So  I haven't presented the  original picture in its entirety as it would only show what can be seen above. It was necessary to alter the contrast to bring out the detail in the orbs but this is usual.


This is the main picture from which the 7 following magnifications were taken.


Notice how the texture of the images appears different in each of the enlargements.

Below is a magnification of an image taken from the left hand side of the orb above.



Below a definate change of texture from the above.

The following image is taken from the left hand side of the preceding magnification. Although from the same source, the texture is entirely different.


Below is a magnification of part of the above orb.


The pic following has some really fascinating images in it. Once again I've cropped just one area to take a closer look.


This next pic hardly needs any cropping to make the image on the left hand side of the orb any clearer.  But I've done it anyway.

Following 3 images are from the same picture.


Below the following you can see a cropped and magnified area of just one of the strange images in this pic.




This strange orb looks as though it might be quite happy in a coral reef.  These feelers must have some purpose. Below I magnified that area to get a closer look.

All round the bright white light in the pic below if you look carefully you'll see a number of shadowy images.  I cropped and enlarged the one which interested me most.

This entity has an almost oriental look. He/she appears to be startled, with the mouth and eyes wide open as though in surprise.

The blurring in the main pic below is, as we have come to realize caused by a thinning of the veil between dimensions.  These pics are always full of very strange images. Look at the following 4 enlargements of various images within this pic.

See below magnification of the top righthand side of this orb.

The brilliant white looks to me like some sort of bird sitting on a strange hand which appears to have 3 blunt fingers.  But then again, below that area there seems to be a head out of which the blunt 'fingers' are protruding.

The next 2 images are quite different in texture and colour to the one above, yet all 3 come from the same picture.


The original pic from which the following enlargement is taken follows a further 2 closeups of these little orbs.

As you will see looking at the original pic, there's not a lot going on other than the 2 bright little orbs. One almost gets the impression that something is 'hatching' from the inside of the orbs. But I don't think it's chickens!

We often get strange lights in our photos. Below is an example, there are more further down this file. This one has an almost bubble like appearance, and there are images within and also around the outside.  See next for magnification of the clearest.

You'll find this entity at the top right hand side of the above light.

The following 3 pics were taken consecutively within moments of each other. Notice how this tubular light is  moving at high speed but at the same time seems to deliberately stay in approximately the same area in each picture.



Below is a magnification of the tube of light.


When the following was photographed I was aware that although I was unable to get any detail out of the large orb in the foreground I knew there were many small orbs in the background of this picture.  They were difficult to crop and magnify, but I was so intrigued by what I found I felt I must include 4  in this file, even although it's impossible to make any logical sense out of them.  But they are worth a look, and continue to fascinate me especially the 1st

All I do know about the following, is that the distortion of the images is not caused by pixilation.





The original from which the next 2 pics are taken is included below them.  Notice the trail  which is left behind by the small orb, as its momentum takes it across the larger orb.

The left hand side of a face is visible in this enlargement of the small orb which zoomed across the one above, and although not brilliant, it would appear that it has stopped dead to allow the image to be photographed. In my mind this indicates that there are beings of high intelligence controlling the images which appear in our photographs.  Below you will see the original from which the photos above were taken. I won't explain the 'fuzziness' of the original, as I talk about this phenomenon just a little further down the file.


I've included the image below to show how complex the markings inside some orbs can be. The patterns they contain are fascinating.

Below is a magnification of the area which appears to have a great chunk taken out of it. Although the image is not brilliant, you can see there appears to be a face with its 'mouth' wide open.  In the Faces in Orbs file there are more examples of orbs which although appearing to have holes in them, actually contain faces.

The original picture from which the following 5 images were taken can be found below the magnifications. I puzzled for a while over what some of these strange shapes reminded me of.  We've had nothing like them previously.  Then I realized that I was in some way they looked similar to a gyroscope or spinning tops, or possibly a vortex. The shiny thick plasma is unmistakable, but as I say this is something quite new.  Maybe from a dimension that has never come through to us before. It'll be interesting to see if we get any more in the future.

As of the 17th Feb you can find a further 3 images added which were taken from the original pic which can be seen after the magnifications. The latest inclusions follow the 5 previously entered. Sorry to be a bother.


There is one  face in particular in the image below which stands out really clearly.




Below entered 17th Feb 2014

Look at the image above, in the centre top middle. A face is visible looking upwards. I realized I'd seen this particular image before, it's  featured further down this file, but I have pulled it up now, to show the similaritiy between the two. The one above looking upwards, and the one below with his eyes focused on the glowing light. I believe them to be the same entity, and think he may have been a 1st World War pilot.

I've entered the next, mainly because of the strange, almost machine like image on the right hand side of the pic at the bottom. I enlarged that area see 2nd image for a cropped portion.


The images above were taken from the following picture.  The unusual 'blurring' of the picture is discussed further down this file.  I believe it to be a thinning of the veil between dimensions. As the preceding pic and the one that follows it have perfectly normal clarity.


This is a strange one. The picture from which it is taken follows it. It really looks as though there's a hand cupping a rather startled looking face in its palm. I'm quite sure these images are deliberately given to make us stop and wonder  about the intelligence which creates them.



I wasn't able to reduce the brightness in this picture to see what was behind it. But notice at the top of the orb there's a very strong image of a partial face which appears to have eyes on 'stalks' See pic below for a closer look.


And here's a close up taken from the lefthand side of the same picture. Although hazy the images are quite visible.


When the following pic was photographed in late Dec 2012, although I knew there was a moderately clear image in the orb, I didn't think it was worth keeping.  Then after taking a closer look, I noticed 'something' close to where a mouth would be in the small face on the righthand side of the pic.  I cropped and enlarged that area. See next pic for the result.

The enlargement reminded me of a picture I have used before .  I've entered it below for anyone who is interested to make a comparison between the two.

To my eyes the two trumpet shapes are very similar.

A note on the following picture was entered below on 10th May 2013

A lady who I now call my email friend was interested in the above pic and as she is certainly more 'clued up' than I am, gave what she considered could be a possible explanation for the above.  I'm grateful for her input.  I asked if I could use her comments.


I believe a diagram from a sacred geometry source may shed light on the funnel shape and orb photo.  It evidently occurs in nature and space as the portal to passing, and relocating energy in the most efficient way. Hence, the orb may have travelled though it to reach this dimension. Although this form is depicted in physics as a spinning doughnut shape, and the energy passing through the gravitational centre as the funnel, perhaps we are just seeing a portion of this energy field.  Also, noted in Indian Vedic scriptures, that this same spinning vortex funnel denotes the movement of the spinning chakras.

End quote.

My thanks to my friend.  It would be interesting to know whether we were shown the above  happening, by 'accident' or by 'design'

The disc shaped image in the following is one of many that we photograph if you look closely you'll see a number of faces present. We feel these 'discs' may possibly be a form of communication between dimensions.  See next pic for an enlargement of part of the picture below.

The following magnification shows what could almost be described as fingers which cover a small face. Looking above the fingers look for the larger, blurred image of another face.


 The main image in the orb below seems to have something to smile about.


The image in the following picture was photographed on the 16th October 2012. The face on the left of the picture  is quite incredible, just like a black and white photo. The male has his eyes turned towards the sliver of bright white light above his right eye. In the original photograph this particular image was so small there seemed to be no point in including the whole thing. Because of the strange 'ripple effect' it almost feels as though the image is seen through water.

The following is part of a large picture. I cropped it and noticed that this image has visited many times before. If you care to see, scroll down this file to find similar.

Below an enlargement of the above light.

A further enlargement of the blue portion of the picture. I never fail to be amazed at the amount of images you can find in each picture. It just takes a little patience for our eyes to adjust to things we are not normally programmed to see.


Noticing a particularly strong image in the pic above, I cropped and magnified the face. See below for results.

The following picture was taken on the 29th August

We have tried to puzzle out what the weird object is - without success I'm afraid.  If anyone has any ideas they would be gratefully received.Unfortunately it wasn't possible to remove the brightness from this image so as to  get a better look at it, but a small 'something' seems to be popping out of the top. See next 2  for magnified sections.



The picture below is full of plasma on one side, and the other side is a dense black. I enlarged some of the orbs in this picture to see what I could find. I found some very weird images in the following 5 pictures.

The following are definately not 'of this world' But they obviously want to be seen. Take time to look at them. The central bluish, masculine face was the first to grab my attention. Then I followed on to find more images.



The next is a magnified portion of the above looking at the centre bottom part of the image.


There's not much to say about the following, other than Wow!

I can't comment on things I don't understand.  All I would say, is that we're definately not alone, and for some reason these entities choose to appear in our photos.  So don't shoot the messenger, but do keep an open mind.

The strange cluster of objects in the picture below were rather small and at first I thought it would be difficult to get a decent image of them. See 2nd picture.

I attempted to enlarge them all individually, the picture below had the best definition. It's the one at the top of the group in the above pic.

I had intended to include the full picture from which the light in the following pic was found. But because it was so small in the original it wouldn't have added any sense of proportion to the following. After enlarging and altering the contrast in the bright light area it is possible to see other 'beings' across the the top of the photo, and the suggestion of a face in the central misty area. A little further down this file are 2 pics of  'corkscrew' lights similar to the one on the left of the image below.


The following was photographed on July 4th. Once again there was no purpose in including the whole picture as the image below was so small. After magnification the top half resembles a bird with its wings covering the 'corkscrew' lights beneath.  At the risk of being a bore, I would suggest you look for faces in the image.

The same evening July 4th the light pictured below appeared.  To my eyes it looks like an upside down version of the pic above.


The following picture was taken on 14th June As you can see there are a number of 'lights' and orbs present in this photo. Scroll down to see enlargements.

I have lightened the background in the following pics.  If you study them carefully it is possible to see shadowy beings in the background.

The picture below was also photographed on 14th June

The lights in the sky were photographed on 7th June just before it became dark. Look to 2nd picture for a magnification.


Below is an enlargement of the main light in the above picture.

The following 2 images were photographed on 14th June. Note the similarity in the 1st pic below to the one above.  This time it was nearer. Faces are visible if you look carefully.


The lights in the pic below appear to be moving in formation. To find similar lights scroll further down of this file. Look at the following to see magnification of the 3 lights.

The following image came from the same picture.

Now I concentrated on the green area on the left as you look at it. See following image.

I had hoped for a better result but even so if you take time it is possible to see faces in the green area.

There are more examples of lights and similar phenomena further down this file.

Theres not much I can say about this next image other than 'I wish I knew what it is!' Go to next picture for an enlargement of the strange 'snout' at the front and you will see a definate face.


When I first looked at the orb in photo below I was curious about not only the face in profile on the right as you look at it, but also the black shape on the left of the picture.  As it is very 'blue' I decided to take the colour out of it, in an attempt to get a better view of the shape.  See pic 2.

Not brilliant, but to my eyes the black silhouette looks like someone running from the outside toward the middle of the orb. Very Strange. Also, taking the colour down has revealed other faces which had not been so obvious previously.


I was just about to delete the following pic as there seemed to be nothing of interest in it, when in the bottom left hand corner I spotted what you can see below.  I magnified the area and this is what it contained. The strange shape seemed to be balancing on the top of the wall.  On closer inspection you will see that the whole thing seems to be made up of faces. How it's done and why is probably something we'll never know.  Go to the faces file to see something very similar.

The two following pictures have a strange almost 'Star Trek' feel  about  them. I would appreciate your comments .



Looking to the bottom left of the picture below it is possible to see a jelly like substance that appears to be climbing out of the orb. It has the appearance of the head and torso of a man. There are other faces in this orb.

 If I hadn't read the Orb Project by
Miceal Ledworth and Klaus Heinemann I would have been convinced that I either had serious camera shake, or something dreadful was wrong with my camera.  But in the Orb Project Miceal Ledworth suggests that when what you will see in the following picture happens, it has something to do with a thinning of the veil between dimensions. I don't have the book with me now, but am pretty sure this is what he concluded after having had similar experiences.


 There are lots of orbs in the next  picture.  But I was interested in the small one near the bottom left hand side which appears to have a tail.  I enlarged that portion.  Look at the second picture to see what I found. Any ideas however wild would be gratefully received!

 When the picture below was taken I noticed the shadow of something very large in the background.  So I copied and lightened the picture to give the object more visibility. See following picture.

Notice the enormous orb.  I then magnified the area where there appeared to be an opening.  See next pic.

Any ideas as to what this could be would be much appreciated!


 The following pictures were experiments to see if anything would appear in daylight.

 Picture below taken once again in daylight but at a different time of year.  But you can see how alike the lights are.

 Similar lights appear at night

 When the next picture was taken I noticed two bright objects. One in the sky and one in the shrubbery.  They were lights rather than orbs.  See pic below.

Firstly I cropped and enlarged the one in the sky

 Then did the same with the other one.

 Noticing that just below the lights I could see a face.  So, once again I cropped the image and enlarged  that portion. The results can be seen in the pic below.

  The next three pics were taken on different nights a couple of days between each session. They were very distant, and until I magnified them they only appeared as very small bright streaks of light  a long way off. I remember hearing that astronauts have recorded seeing 'wormlike' images during their time in space.

In the following 2 pics these objects seem to have wedge shaped heads, rather like the heads of snakes.






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