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                MULTIPLE FACES IN ORBS (2)

                     Latest entries 20th February 2017

I made the decision to add a further folder on the subject of Multiple Faces In Orbs, as number 1 version is now so extensive, it is beginning to take 'forever' to update. I hope you will continue to take a look at number 1, but all new entries will now be found in this folder. If you find this site of interest, I would suggest you visit www.orbpro.blogspot.com with Mark Mahin.

The orb pictured below is teeming with images I've cropped and enlarged three obvious ones in the following pics.

This strong partial image is located on the right as you look at it.

Although rather blurred, notice at least 3 images jostling for position in the enlargement below. 

This incredible face is located near centreat the top of the orb.


Two incredibly bright orbs in the pic below (dust particles?) I think not.  See following for enlargements.

This is the ort on the left as you look at it. A further enlargement of the dark round area follows.

images are quite clearly visible in that dark area once I had lightened it.

Now an enlargement of the other orb on the right.

once again I enlarged a portion taken from the orb above. This small image comes from the bottom edge of the orb. I've increased the contrast to hopefully make it easier to see, actually there are more than one image in this enlargement but as usually happens the images are layered one on top of another so it's best to take a short while looking ,for them to come into focus.

Lastly, the very small bright orb bottom right of the picture. Look to the bright area on the right.

The ghostly image in this magnification is unmissable.

This small image is at the very bottom centre of the orb.



Please look to the left I hope you can spot the image which is light in tone.

Here's a close up of that image. Actually there are more than one image if you look closely.

Notice the small pink image toward the bottom of this slightly fragmented orb below is the detail of the small face.


Although there are many images in the orb below I was most interested in the dark one on the left I've included a magnification of that area below.

Very odd indeed!

This rather hazy orb below contains an interesting image in the centre see below for magnification.



It's been a while since I photographed an orb which appears to have a chunk taken out of it. But from past experience, I know that in most cases the dark area (as in the pic below) usually contains images. In this orb, even without magnification and lightening, it is possible to see that the dark area does contain something.

and although blurred, it is possible to see that this is not just a blank hole in the orb, but a profusion of faces, some one superimposed over the other.  This is frustrating, but often happens.



The colours in the orb below are so subtle and really beautiful. Notice the two small dots of light on the right above centre. They took my attention and I decided to enlarge that particular area see below for close up.

There would appear to be an image in that small portion of the orb. I tried to get a better view of it.

This further enlargement, although blurred, to my mind shows more than one image, unfortunately as so often happens, one is superimposed over another. But if you take a short while to look at the picture, the images should become clear.

This enlargement is from the same orb, more or less in the centre 

At first glance this orb doesn't appear to be all that interesting, but taking a closer look I found an unusual image near the bottom of the orb.

Take a look at the left side where there appear to be two 'bumps' I magnified that area.

Very strange!




There are quite a number of images in this misty orb. I magnified just one which can be seen below.

Apart from the little face just left of centre, looking above it, to the right you will see a tubelike structure. We have photographed many of these over the years, and have always wondered what function they serve.

There are so many images in the orb below, it takes a little while to spot them all, as is so often the case, images appear one superimposed over another. I've said before that this makes me wonder if the appearance of images in the orbs are achieved through telepathy or something similar. If so, it could account for the haphazard way the images are presented. I took just one to magnify, though if you care to take a short while to study the pic you will find others.


The orb below is quite spooky, there are possibly two images in the enlargement which follows,  one which appears to be looking straight out towards the camera, and the other peeping over his/its shoulder.

The two small faces come from the right of the orb, one above the other. The top one is the clearest.


This from the right


The following can hardly be described as an 'orb' unless it's actually 3 stuck together. Apart from the bright area which I've magnified 2 images which follow, notice that the surrounding area outside the brightness, contains a load of images. This always fascinates me, and I've found that the outside and the outer rim of many orbs, are more interesting than what appears in the orb itself. There are many examples of this phenomenon throughout this website.

This shadowy image is from the left, and the one following it, from the right.


The whole picture from which the following orbs originate is included after the magnifications. Many times, blurred pictures turn up the most incredible images.  I have given my ideas of how the 'blurring' occurs on a number of occasions, so I won't go into it again at this time. But do notice the pink colour found in the images below. I was unable to obtain clear detail in the very obvious face in the centre of the orb below. But had better luck with the ones which follow.

Look toward the top of the orb in the blue area.


The image below comes from the bottom left hand side as you look at it. Although the image is in a dark area I did my best to bring it into focus by lightening it.

One image in particular stands out in the enlargement below.

This is the picture from which the above enlargements were taken. The 'blurred' appearance doesn't show up as well as in other instances of the same phenomenon entered previously, you may notice how very small the orbs in the picture are, so I feel lucky that I was able to enlarge just a small proportion of what is actually there.



I make no apologies for entering the picture below, which is also featured in Multiple Faces 1 I came across this image again as I was looking through other images taken quite a long time ago, and was struck by its beauty. The image is quite dazzling, and so obvious! In the following picture I have taken some of the brightness out just for the sake of it! And it's still incredibly beautiful.



To see one further mysterious picture like the ones below, please scroll down a short way, as I've tried to keep them in the order in which I've studied them.

Here's something really strange. This is the actual multi-coloured orb as it was photographed. It was obvious to me that it contained images which would turn out to be of interest. I felt the only thing I could do to make whatever the orb contained recognisable would be to de-saturate it to remove all the colour. See below

Once the colour was removed images stood out clearly. I've enlarged the strongest in the following magnification.

I think this obviously masculine face is truly spectacular, all the features are so clear, eyes, nose, and smiling mouth. I'd love to know who he is, and what dimension he comes from. He definately looks human to my eyes.

And here's another orb taken from the same picture. Equally stunning (and incidentally, unaltered) colours, until that is, I de-saturated the pic, as done in the previous one.

Colour taken out, leaving what I can only describe as a 'ghostly' and truly riveting picture. If you are prepared to take a few moments to study this orb you'll find plenty of images for yourself. I've just magnified one which comes from the left side of the orb.

This is the picture added on 29th May 2016, which is related to the ones above, hope that makes sense! Once again I de-saturated the orb.

Images are now apparent. One magnification follows, although there are many present.

These images are layered one on top of another which very often happens. But if you study the pic for a moment you should be able to see various faces. I was amused to see the small image in the lightest area which appears to be looking upwards towards the large image above it.



As I have said a number of times before, sometimes it's not possible to get any detail out of very bright orbs. But so often it's what surrounds the orb that is so interesting. Take the orb below as an example. There are many identifiable images in the surrounding aura. See below for examples.

This from the top right hand side. So many images crowding in together. But notice in particular an image in the violet area. A further magnification follows.

I'm now moving downward on the same side of the orb. Although not as clear as the previous enlargement, if you take a few moments to look at this pic you should see a large number of images, once again crowding into this small space.

Once again below, the orb itself was to bright for me to get detail, but look how it is surrounded by images in the aura.

This enlargement comes from the left side. The images are strange to say the least, and the colours are really beautiful.

This time, the oddly textured orb below is filled with images. I've taken just one among many it comes from the right hand side in the lightest area.


It would be difficult to miss the main image seen in this orb.

He would appear to be a 'happy chap' Also, if you look to the left in the orb you should be able to see a lighter area which almost has the appearance of a mask. Magnification is below.

Not as clear as the image above but very unusual.



I could spend ages looking at this beautiful orb. The colours and texture strike me as being really soft and, if it were possible to touch it, I would expect it to be pliable and tactile. I've magnified just one portion taken from the left side which you can find below. But if you take a longer look at the main orb, you'll be surprised at the amount of images it contains.

A portion of the above enlargement. I hope you can see this small face which stands out quite well considering how much I've enlarged it. Very mysterious I think!



The beautiful orb above contains so many images I could spend 'forever' magnifying them all. I picked out the clearest to enter here but you should be able to spot many more in the main orb if you care to spend the time looking for them. I started off dead centre, where a dark spot can be seen.

Once lightened and magnified, the central image has now become quite clear.

This image is certainly very strange, if you look carefully you'll surely spot more than one image, some overlaying others.



This small below face is on the left of the orb and is rather blurred as it's so small.

From the right of the rim. A large face is visible, to my mind certainly not human.

Also from the right of the rim



The image in the photo below is really well defined, but I can't break the habit of enlarging images whether they need it or not!  I've ignored other obvious faces in this orb, purely because once I start looking I can't stop.

Now this is really strange. Take a look at the very top of the orb.

I don't think any amount of 'wishful thinking' could account for the existance of these very strange images. Notice the little face (one among many) in the brightest area of this magnification.

This is from the centre of the same orb


This enlargement is from more or less centre of the above orb. It seems to contain a shadow image of the prominent image on the right.


This impressive red orb contains a number of facial images, but the best one to my mind can be seen on the rim right hand side, see enlargement below.

This comical image is surely taking a peek out of the rim of the orb below. I wasn't able to reduce the brightness of the orb itself, but the little face is really plain to see.

it stands up well to being enlarged.

The masculine face in the pic below is also very easy to spot.

I know the following is very blurred, but I find the right side fascinating, it would appear to be showing one full on face in the centre, and at the side two other faces , and I wonder if it is in actual fact, just one face which has moved very quickly to give the impression that we're looking at more than one image. There are other examples similar further down this file. A close up follows.

Its amazing how the colours differ from orb to orb usually there are so many different colours in orbs taken from the same picture. I've enlarged just one image found in the following

The image below can be seen on the left rim of the orb

The orb below came as quite a surprise. I was fascinated to see such a dark interior, which obviously contains 'something' so I altered the lighting to try and find out what was in the dark area.

Now I could view the interior, not brilliant, but none the less interesting.

The centre magnified once more, and images are beginning to emerge.

this ghostly little face comes from the top of the orb.

and the following from the rim on the right.



Looking towards the left centre of the following, notice in the light area a rather pretty image. Enlargement of the area follows.

and the following enlargement comes from the bottom centre,  very strange little image.


The orb below is crammed full of images, but I was particularly drawn to the little face on the right edge of the orb. It's colour is quite 'human'  Enlargement follows.

Even after enlarging this image a good deal, it's definition is quite spectacular. The conundrum is, are we looking at the profile of an entity, as can be clearly seen by the little nose sticking out, or is this a face full on. From past experience, I think probably both. For as I have stated many times before, images seem to blend one into another, and overlap each other. So having focused on one image, another draws ones eye away, so that many images are seen at the same time. Just as an experiment I took all the colour out of the image below, to see how it looked.


The following orb is quite mystical, notice the small highlighted face at the top of the orb, this child was obviously meant to be spotted! Enlargement below.

I have already included the following photo a little way down this file, but decided to also enter it here also, to make a comparison between the smiling face above, with the one below. They show striking similarites, and I wonder if this can be the same entity making another appearance.



I would like to have been able to get a close look at the pinkish area bottom left of the orb below, but was unable to do so. However I was delighted with the very plain to be seen face on the right side. See enlargement below.

This image is fantastic. It's amazing how orbs vary in colour and texture. This one is quite dull in comparison to some, but maybe the lack of colour enables the images to stand out with more clarity.

The little smiling face in the orb below stands out very well. It's interesting to note that over what could be considered to be the entities mouth, there appears to be a small bubble of light. I've noticed this quite often in photographs, there are other examples of this in previous pics posted on this site, and I often wonder if there is some significance in its appearance. Also notice how much brighter and more colourful this image is, compared to the picture above.

If I spent time enlarging every image in every orb it would take forever as there are so many. But I've picked out the clearest in the rather sketchy orb below.

The image comes from dead centre at the bottom of the orb. Notice how there appears to be a greenish mist encircling the base of the image.

This is very strange. The greenish image seems to stand up from the orb, and has an almost 'cardboard cutout' appearance. Enlargement follows.

It really is very odd!



There's a reason for my entering the full picture below, as it contains nothing more than a very light bright orb. Only occasionally is it possibly to reduce the brightness in this kind of orb, and I was on the point of popping the pic into the 'refuse bin' but at the last moment I decided to see if I could get any detail at all out of it.  See below for the stages I went through to get the resulting image. Also notice that there is absolutely nothing else in this picture. No surrounding scenery, no other orb, just total blackness which is very unusual. And just to add, this is not the moon! As although it's very bright, it casts no rays which considering this amount of luminosity, rays would I think, be apparent if it was in fact the moon. This is the unaltered picture as it was photographed, on February 16th 2016

I played around for a while, reducing the brightness and the gamma and contrast without much success, I hadn't really  expected anything anyway! But then, I noticed on the right hand side on the edge of the orb, there was just a small sign of an indentation which appeared to be showing something which I felt might be worth investigating.

I cropped the area, enlarged it as far a possible, and noticed at the very bottom of the cropped area an image which I found particularly pleasing. If you look at the bottom 3rd of the following magnification, you should spot it. If not, then a further enlargement follows.

One thing I am certain of, this is not 'pixilation' as the image is quite clear. This entity to my mind portrays a loving and tolerant expression, and looks amused! So perhaps whoever it is was quite happy that I'd taken the trouble to search him out. Another pic of the same face follows, with a little more lighting, as I wanted to be sure to get the best result I could.

Hopefully you'll find this image as fascinating as I do. And it makes the point that it's always best to follow your instinct, otherwise you never know what might be missed!



The image on the left of this orb is quite startling. I really didn't need to enlarge it, but I did, see below.

This face is quite astounding.

And on the same evening a couple of shots later the following orb was captured. Looking top right a strange little face stands out as the only image to be seen in this otherwise blurred orb.

How cute is this image. If I said it looks similar to a monkey of some kind, I hope I'm not being disrespectful! But I do think the eyes certainly look full of humour and intelligence


See following picture for an enlargement of the strange face on the left of this most unusual orb.

See below for 2 enlargements taken from the following picture.

This is from the bottom of the orb. Hopefully you can spot the round face which is dead centre. But also, taking a few moments to study this enlargement you should be able to see many more ghostly images

This from the same orb, and once again there are lots to see once your eyes focus in on them. The strongest is in the mauve area near the top. It shows a very strong face.

It would be hard to miss the small bluish image at the top of this orb.

It's a pity that other images in this orb aren't clearer, as I know there are quite a few in there.

The orb below has 'attached itself' to the weathervane on our garage roof. I've enlarged it below

This isn't the best magnification but I feel it does show at least 2 images peeking out of the orb near the bottom.

But this was a real surprise! I found the  two images below on the first downstroke of the 'W' nearest the orb on the weathervane. It's always been my belief that images will attach themselves to anything where there's a decent possibility that they'll be spotted!

Although this orb is very blurred, the image at the top stands out quite well.

Looking at the orb above, I was reminded of a picture which was taken back in February 2012. I've entered that image here to make a comparison between the 2, and have enlarged the image on the left, and I think the two images bear a striking resemblance.

You might also notice on the right side of the main orb, another image quite well defined. This little image seems to have his/her head tilted to one side.


See below for images found in this pretty orb photographed on 27th Jan

The two small images in this enlargement are taken from the top right hand side.

This is also from the right, and if you take a short while to study it, you should find that there are a number of different images in the enlargement, and as usually happens, they appear to overlap which makes it frustrating but unfortunately, that's the way it is !

The same thing with the enlargement below, so many images in this small portion.

This is very strange, hardly an orb, but contains an outstanding image top left.

This face is clear, especially the eyes obviously looking down. My husband says it looks like a monkey......I disagree!


The strange warping effect in the pic below has occurred in many recent pictures, and there are more examples of this phenomenon in the Unexplained Phenomena 2 file. It would appear that the orb is travelling at speed. But looking at the picture below two images are clearer than others. See below for magnifications.

This one makes me smile

This one is from the left hand side

The orb below although misty in appearance makes me think that it's more like a ball of plasma. On the right edge is a clear image see below from closeup.

There is a 'whole' face here, but I was unable to take the bright/misty quality out of the left side of the image to be able to view the whole with the same amount of definition.

Once again, the picture is hazy but the image on the righthand side is well defined.

Here, I'm looking at the 'hole' on the left, and as is usually the case, there's 'someone/something' inside.

It's almost as though some entity is peeping out of a porthole.



To see an enlargement of the very strange little image on the very edge lefthand side please scroll down.

the eyes seem to be looking sideways straight at one, and notice the very long nose.

This orb is rather blurred, but down on the right, the best image can be seen.

It looks like a childs face.


This enlargement comes from the right side of the above, and is very small.

I couldn't resist including the next orb, the little face in the pink area at the bottom is so sweet ( I think so )


During this month, December, we've photographed some very strange orbs, like the ones below.

This is an enlargement from the right hand side .

A cropped image once again taken from the right hand side follows.

The smiling face is unmissable in this enlargement.

I've enlarged the clearest image in the rather misty orb below.

It comes from near the top on the lefthand side. I like this little image. The eyes show up particularly well. It's almost as though whoever/whatever it is, is looking straight at you.

There's a lot going on in this next pic but it would be difficult to miss the very large and strong image dead centre of the orb.

This chap certainly seems to be wearing a friendly smile.

Recently we've had some very strange orbs appearing, and it's taking me some time to go through them all. Below are 3 examples plus magnifications.

below is an enlargement taken from the left as you view it.


This small orb would appear to be cutting adrift from the main orb.

The partial, but very strong image below is taken from the bottom of the main orb.


This orb has such a mysterious appearance there's quite a few faces in it if you care to spend a short while looking for them, I've enlarged one below.

The colours in the orb below are really beautiful

This image comes from top right and has a ghostly quality, but you might like to look for others.

The face in the pic above is really obvious but I enlarged it anyway. Who or whatever this entity is, it seems to portray an aura of authority. Also, just behind it you can hopefully spot another image.


The following picture is interesting. If you look to the right hand side, on the very edge, is a clear half face of a woman, and by it's side, is another image of a female face. The two seem to be joined is some way.

and both appear to be smiling. Give yourself a few moments to locate them and hopefully you'll see what I mean.


Is this an orb, or not an orb? Whatever it is it's something strange. Looking at the very top the image is very clear, and the colours are beautiful. Although in most of my pictures I use contrast to enhance the detail in each orb, if the colours aren't there in the first place they won't appear after applying contrast. If the orbs are black and white in the first place, then no amount of contrast will give them colour, but will bring out details. If you browse through my pictures you'll find many which have no colour at all.

Following enlargements of orbs are taken from the picture below

The enlargement below comes from the righthand side.


The enlargement below also comes from the righthand side of another orb in the same picture. Very strange!

All of the orbs taken from the main pic above have many images in them, but I've concentrated on the ones that 'jumped out' at me. It would be too time consuming to enlarge all that each orb contains.

Below is a 'jumbled' enlargement from the top of the above orb. Very often whatever intelligences are involved in producing these pics, seem to vie with each other to produce the best quality image, it's very frustrating!

An enlargement from the orb below is taken from the left side and is the most obvious in this rather fuzzy orb.

This is the last image taken from the full pic above.

An enlargement from the pic below follows

There's more than one image in this enlargement. But the large image is most interesting, notice the eyes in particular.


It's difficult to describe the pic below as an orb because of the less than usual well defined shape which is normally associated with pictures of orbs. But this phenomena of 'less than perfect' images are now becoming more frequent in our pics. Nevertheless, there are two very distinct images in this 'orb' which I have magnified, see below.  I often wonder if the quality of the orbs is associated with the 'turmoil' present in our world at the present time, and that maybe in someway what's happening 'here' affects 'them' in their reality.

This moderately clear image is from the left side of the main pic. Notice the well defined features. When I notice that 'pink' appearance in an image, I can't but think of a human origin. Maybe I'm wrong but that's the way I view it.

The image below comes from the opposite side.

The colours in this orb are so beautiful, but more interesting is the strange face. See below for an enlargement.

Certainly not of this world!


I know the orb in the pic below is of very poor quality, but there is at least one image which jumps out immediately. See below for a magnification.

This little face wears an expression of utter astonishment!

The image in the centre of the following orb is easy to see. Notice how the nose (if it is a nose) seems to be 'outside' the  orb.


I couldn't pass this orb by, without taking a close look at the small image poking out of the top right as you look at it.

Not one face but two, one behind the main image to its right. I decided to see how much further I could enlarge the main image.

Not too bad considering how small the initial image was. But, if you look carefully, there are even more smaller faces within the main one. Really mind blowing. Goodness only knows how it's achieved, and by whom? 

I have taken areas from the beautiful orb below and enlarged them.

This hazy image is taken from the light area on the left.

Notice how well defined the eyes and nose are in the image below.

This image is from above mid-centre and hazy. The outline of a head  two eyes and a nose are apparent, but, take a look at the eye to your left, and hopefully you'll spot 'another face' inside the eye socket......and even more images if you stay with the picture for a short while, very confusing!

This is a nice orb with plenty of detail, but my attention was caught by the small image poking out of the righthand side of the orb.

And here's another

Also, there are obviously more images in the picture but to see them properly, I had to reduce the brightness of the orb, which meant I would lose the little face in the pic above.

Here more images are made visible by using contrast to reduce the brightness. I feel sure in my own mind that we're encouraged to seek out the images contained within orbs captured in photos. Otherwise why would whatever controlling force is behind these manifestations bother to make them accessible?  Hope that makes some sort of sense!! 

When looking at the orb below I was sure that in this case I would be able to dim its brightness, it's not always possible. But I could see a vague image at the centre of the orb. Following pics show the results I obtained.

After adjusting the contrast and brightness this was the resulting picture. It was obvious that there were many images contained within the orb. Just a few magnifications follow.

A little green man/woman?

The images are hazy, as though seen through a semi-transparent screen. It has to be remembered that originally there was nothing other than a bright white light. So I feel these images are of a reasonable quality under the circumstances.

These enlargements are full of separate images, and the more time spent looking at the pics, the more it's possible to find.

The clear little image below came from the colourful orb following it. Notice how there appears to be another vague face on the forehead

The face above is near the top left of the orb.


Looking just left of centre in the orb below is a rather unusual image it has the appearance of a mask. See below for enlargement.

Odd to say the least!


I magnified the largest orb seen in the following picture


Although the texture of this orb is rather 'loose' and the colours patchy, the partial image of a face peeping out of the  centre is very clear.

This greenish profile is on the left outside edge of the orb

Looking back at the main pic, a very small very bright light can be seen. As usual, I wanted to try and get a glimpse of the dark area in the centre. I had 2 attempts

This magnification was desaturated. I could see there was definitely something in the centre.

This time I cropped the centre again, this time leaving the colour in, and although the image is pixilated I feel it shows at least 2 images in the dark centre.

This orb is so beautiful in colour and there are many images to be seen in it. I've enlarged just one. See below.

This image comes from just above centre on the righthand side of the orb.


Here is an enlargement of the main image. Below it is another, taken from the lefthand side of the orb.


Although the orb below is misty the main image is quite easy to spot just below centre.

This little face seems to have a sad expression.

The orb below would appear to be travelling at great speed. I was interested in the small bump on the outer rim so I enlarged that area. 

It's strange how this small image stands out so well in an otherwise blurred orb.

There is no colour in the pic below. I have no idea why some orbs are full of beautiful colours and others are basically black and white. In any event in the magnification below it a really cheerful presence can be seen.

The look of amusement in the eyes of the character below bring a smile to my face. I would love to know if the three bumps on the forehead are part of the image, or just part of the whole. But they do seem to be strategically, not randomly placed.


This 'orb' has such a strange construction and is just black and white except for a small pink area at the top. 2 magnifications of that area can be found below.

The enlargement isn't brilliant as the main pic is fuzzy, but I wanted to see if I could 'bring up' the pink area to get a closer look, the result is below.

I fancy 'someone/thing' out there must be playing tricks. For although the image is starting to become pixilated by enlarging it, I think a face with a large grin is apparent.

I was taking a closer look at an image (one of many from a single picture) which appears in the Strange Phenomena File (1) I suddenly noticed a little face lying in a horizontal position just below the face I was studying. So I cropped the small image, and rotated it 90 degrees to the right.

Voila! A perfect little image.


There are at least 4 images visible in the orb below which I felt were worth taking a closer look at cropped enlargements follow.

This image is taken from the centre of the orb, I slightly reduced the colour to make it easier to see.

This is from the top left of the orb

This little image comes from the right of the orb. It's confusing, as looking at it for a second or two, there are at least 4 hazy but fully formed faces, all overlapping and merging with each other. I'm reminded of 'ghost' photos.

It's hard to ignore the pipelike structure on the right of this picture but I hope you are able to see the image to the side and above it.

Magnifications of orbs found in this picture follow.


Below is a close up taken from the left hand side as you look at it. It always amuses me when so many of the faces we find, bear a look of surprise, I wonder if that's because the entities are surprised that they can 'see us' or maybe are astonished that we 'can see' them?

Notice the difference in texture and colour of the orb above and the one below.  Both taken from the same picture.

Another startled expression.

The little face below also comes from the  above orb and although both images are hazy it's not difficult to spot them. The one below has a nice smile.

Hazy once again, this enlargement has a good few faces if you look for them. I've concentrated on the face at the very bottom as it's the clearest. But its worth taking the time to find the others.

Every one of these faces has 'character'


On first appearances the picture below contains nothing other than 2 very bright orbs and a couple of extremely tiny ones. Out of curiosity I tried to lower the brightness of the main orbs, without success. Then it suddenly occured to me that the bright orbs were illuminating the tiny ones. Was this to make them visible I wondered, and yes it was, as you will see in the following magnifications of the tiny orbs. If I hadn't taken a closer look they would have passed me by without a second glance.

I don't think it's stretching the imagination too far to think that you might actually be looking straight into another 'world'. There's a scene going on here I think, and this wonderful picture comes from a tiny orb!!

Magnified again concentrating on the possible silhouette of a man?

This comes from the right of the orb.

And this from the left.

This is the other small orb illuminated by one of the bright ones. I'll enter magnifications shortly. But at present I'm really fascinated by a 'miniscule' orb I found in the same picture. See below.

This orb is incredible. I was so lucky to spot it and also to get a halfway decent image considering its size. It's mind blowing to consider what might be 'floating around 'out there waiting to be discovered.


The misty little orb below has an etherial quality about it, especially the image on the left of the orb. A magnification follows.


An image picked up from the right side poses something of a puzzle.  Is it the face of a smiling entity with one large tooth in the middle of his/its mouth,(which would seem highly unlikely, but then again who knows) or is the lower half of the image a small face with 2 large eyes? I really can't say. But looking to the left just above what might be the right eye, is another misty image. It becomes more confusing the longer you look, but I have made an attempt to give the misty image some clarity, see below.

I'll admit it's not good but hopefully you can spot at least one image (although actually there are more)

I could have spent a long time enlarging the incredible images contained within the orb below, but decided to stick with just a couple.

Those large eyes, and nose peeking out of the orb were a must!

and this little face taken from bottom right of the orb, although pale and misty is quite easy to see.  Also, these images have what I would call character, and a distinct personality of their own.


An interesting thing I discovered when looking closely at orbs, is that sometimes an image will jump out at me immediately, as in the picture below. I'm seeing a young childs face near the top and slightly to the right hand side of the orb. Also there appears to be an 'adult' image behind and to the left of the childs face. Magnification of the area follows.

Hopefully you'll spot the child.  But, stay studying the image for a little while longer, and you may suddenly find that other images jump forward and jostle for your attention. I find that my eyes begin to dart about as more and more images become visible. Mostly they tend to overlap each other, quite spooky and confusing really, but equally fascinating!

The following is from the same orb, and once again you should find that more and more images become apparent the longer you look at the picture. These two images head to head could almost be having a conversation.

Here's another view. Below it I took the colour out of that part of the orb, to make the images easier to identify.



If you look immediately above the bright light in the following pic the image it obvious. But I've enlarged it to give a close up view.

Once I'd started looking at the orb in more detail the more images I found.

This little trio of heads below appear to have shiny bald heads. They come from the very top of the orb.

This profile of a strange entity is taken from the left side as you look at it. I had to lighten that area to get the resulting image. 

This tiny little face was found top left side and is so small the image isn't good but still recognizable as a 'face' I took some of the colour out to give it a little more clarity.

The colours in the orb below are really fantastic, also the detail. I've enlarged just 2 images which you will find below. But it's worthwhile taking a short while to find others for yourself.

See how clear the laughing face of a young boy is. I tried to get a closer look at the dark hole beside his mouth but I was unsuccessful.

Whereas the image of the child looks 'human' the image below doesn't. It's puzzling. I wonder how entities from different dimensions seem able to share the 'same space' within a single orb.

It's difficult to find anything to say about this picture. A (sort of) orb, which is more or less entirely taken up by the strong image in the middle. The actual orb was very small in the original picture, and I nearly missed it, thinking it wasn't worth enlarging.

Considering how small the image was I'm delighted to have obtained such a good result. Human or non-human who can say, but he/she definitely meant to be noticed!

Taking time to study some of the beautiful colours and content of orbs I sometimes feel that I'm peering into other dimensions, as there's so much to see if you look long enough. I enlarged the righthand side which has a brownish tinge to get a closer look.

Personally I don't think the images in this orb are of human origin.

The large face in this orb is incredibly clear. A close up of it follows.

Another magnification taken from the top of the orb. Not as clear but still interesting.

I think I might have been pushing my luck to the limits with the next close up of the small pink area which seems to be popping out of the top of the image that seems to have two large eyes. It's turned out better than I expected, to my mind the image looks like a guy with a bald head! Also, below and to the left in the green area you may be able to spot another faint image.


The following is taken from a much more extensive study of  enlargements  in a picture which can be found in the Strange Phenomena file 1 These featured below are ones I discovered recently whilst looking back at some pictures knowing that I'd find 'overlooked' images, I'm glad I did take the time to find them. 


This is from the right edge of the pic.

Here's another. I enlarged the pink area.

Two faces are apparent. I enlarged that area again

I have often wondered if, when an image shows up with a pinkish tinge, it denotes that it's of 'human origin. Who knows!

Below I've included the pic in which the above images were found, so that if you would like to see more from the same picture you can scroll down the Strange Phenomena 1 file to locate them using the picture below as a reference point.

There's a lot going on in the orb below. Magnifications taken from it can be seen in the following. Look especially at the 1st enlargement, which is taken from the top righthand side as you look at it.

This small face is plainly visible popping out of the top of the orb. There is another next to it, but I was unable to get a clear enough image to include.

Below pic comes from the bottom lefthand side on the rim, I took most of the blue out of it to make the image easier to see. This entity in semi profile appears to be looking down to the outside of the orb.

If you return to the main orb above you'll spot the tiny image below underneath the 'bump' Once again, I took the colour out to make it easier to see. There are many more worthwhile areas to find in the initial pic if you care to return to it hopefully you'll see them.

I hoped to see 'what' was in side the dark area in the middle of the following orb, so I only concentrated on that particular area, even though there's plenty more to see. The problem is knowing when to stop concentrating on one orb, as the files become so large they're unmanageable. So I have reluctantly to turn away and move on to another orb. 

I don't think there can be any doubt that the image below shows a partial face peeping out from the centre of the orb.


Finding this image was quite a surprise as the picture was taken sometime ago, and had been overlooked. I tried to see what was in the dark area, but was unsuccessful. Scroll down to see enlargements of the 'main' image in this fantastic orb and some,not so clear but nevertheless interesting.            

Hopefully you will be able to make out another rather spooky image at the bottom of the enlargement above. I cropped and enlarged it in the following pic. Personally I don't think either of these two images look 'human'


When you look at this beautiful orb below, it feels to me as though I were looking straight into another dimension. It's full of interesting images I could have spent ages finding them all and resizing them. Underneath I'm showing just a few of those I felt would show up to the greatest advantage.

This is an enlargement of the dark spot in the centre of the orb. I was suprised how well the face stands out. If you can accept that this is a face, notice the bright ball of light covering what would be the mouth. There are other instances of this showing up in the same area in Multiple Faces 1 if you care to look through for them.

This comes from the lefthand side, you should be able to spot  more than one image.

Once again there's more than one image but to my mine the most striking is the semi profile of an entity on the rim of the orb.

Although the images in the following, are quite blurred, it's well worth taking a short while to look for them.


This bright streaking light appeared on the 7th of April I was unable to get any detail from the bright part of the picture, but noticed something of interest at the very top of the object, see enlargement below, also full picture from which it was taken.

I feel it would be difficult to deny the clear image of a girls face. She appears to be enjoying whatever it is that's going on!


The orb below was also desaturated to make images clearer I am looking at the very top of this orb, half in, and half out. See following for the image.

The face of a girl is quite clear other images are there, but not so easily seen. I did want to get a close up of the image right in the centre but although it's there, it wasn't possible to make a good enough image to include

This partial face of a child comes from the bottom of the orb towards the left as you look at it.


Something interesting I've noticed about many of the faces found inside orbs, is that where the 'nose' is located, the tip nearly always has a lighter hue than the rest of the face. If you observe, say, people being interviewed on TV, the tip of their nose also appears lighter. Obviously this is because the nose stands out further than any other feature. You might well say so what! Now I'm sorry I mentioned it, but will let it stand as I really find it interesting, as to my mind it points to the probability that there is real 'substance' in an earthly sense to these images.  Are they actually 'in' our dimension at the time of photographing, or using telepathy from heaven knows where to form the image.  Who knows !

I took a good deal of colour out of the following orb and cropped it to see what was in the middle.

There's a group of images in this enlargement, quite misty but nevertheless visible with a little attention.

The following pic plus enlargements taken from it I find rather 'spooky'  The face more or less in the middle of the 'orb' is clearly defined.  Where you can see a brightish bulbous spot above what I can only describe and an eye, is interesting. Enlargements of that area follow.

A very obvious face appears looking out from 'inside' that area. Also there are other images if you look for them.

Magnified once more with most of the colour taken out to give better definition.

This from just under the 'opening' The ghostly face just above the brightish light is easily spotted. In the pic below it, I took some of the greenness out to get a better view.

This is the best 'speck of dust' I've seen in a long while!!


I felt that I wouldn't be able to get any definition from the very bright orb pictured below, but was surprised and delighted by the result I achieved.  See following magnifications.

This was the 1st attempt at reducing the brightness, and an obvious face is apparent in the centre of the orb. So I reduced the brightness further.

Now the 'main' image begins to stand out really well.

I adjusted to contrast further and enlarged the pic slightly and now more images become apparent.

Once again, in the orb below, even without magnification one image in particular stands out the enlargement follows


The image below is from the same orb, but I reduced the colour to make it easier to view. Although these images have a ghostly 'see through' appearance I can see at least three distinct faces.

With the impressive green orb below I searched for the best image to enlarge. 

This is from the right side of the orb as you look at it. Very green. So I desaturated the image.

Now I feel the image or images I should say, are clearer. There are so many 'pictures' inside most orbs that it would be well nigh impossible to present, or look for them all, so unfortunately one has to move on reluctantly and press on to another picture. Otherwise this already massive Faces in Orbs folder would be totally unmanageable!


The extremely fuzzy orb below initially only caught my attention as there was an 'obvious' face on the left hand side as you look at it. I cropped and magnified that area to take a closer look. 


I've magnified this portion much more than I would normally do, because it was obvious to me that there were so many more bonafide faces in just this one small portion of the magnification. It would be possible to spend goodness knows how long enlarging each one individually.  That isn't possible so, below you'll find a few taken from the 'white face' area.

The face in the centre is obvious.  But I've found sometimes the images act like an 'optical illusion' because as soon as you focus on one image, others 'pop up' in the surrounding area which can be very distracting, but could also be seen as  a lesson in observation

I can count at least 6 images in this enlargement. Very often one superimposed upon another but given a few moments to study the pic each one comes into focus, and stands out in its own right.


The image below is from the right hand side. Half green, half violet. That was the image I spotted first, but my eyes keep straying and picking up more faces. They all have a definate ghostly appearance. Though I personally wouldn't use the term ghost in instances like these.

This is the last enlargement, and it  comes from the small dark area in the main orb. I lightened it, and brought up the partial face peeping out. Look slightly above it and you should be able to see another fainter image. 



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