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Olympic Robot

The Project

The idea behind this project was to create applications to simplify the development of robotic animations. To animate the robot, software needs to specify the angles of each joint for each animation step. The robot currently has 29 joints and 36 movements. The Olympic Robot application (app) reads a file containing the angle of each joint for each animation point. Each joint has a specific index and you can specify as many joints
as your animation requires.

The Package

The project was developed on a PC using Eclipse, Java and Java3D. The Olympic Robot app was then ported to Android using Eclipse with the ADT plug-in. Rather than try to port all my Java3D routines to Android OpenGL, I started work on a prototype Java3D for Android. I have only ported enough routines to get my Java3D library to work but the approach looks promising and I will put the work so far up on SourceForge soon.

The package for Android hardware was developed on a Samsung Galaxy. It has not been tested on any other Android hardware yet.
The package for a PC was developed on Windows XP but should run on most PCs with the Java 6 or 7 run time library (rte) and Java3D installed.


Windows Installation

Android Installation


To run the application on a PC (having installed Java and Java3D if not already installed) try selecting OlympicRobot.bat. You may need to edit this file to point to the correct Java installation. If the app does not even start, check the .bat file. If the app starts but does not complete, have a look at the RobotDiag.txt file. To repeat the action, press the space bar.

To run the program on an Android device just touch the icon. Like the pc version, a RobotDiag.txt file is produced each time the app runs. To repeat the action, touch the screen.

Having installed Olympic Robot and tested the example animation files, you are now ready to create your own animation.

The Animation File

The animation file is a .csv file. This enables it to be edited using a text editor and/or Excel.

Details of the Animation File


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