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Constructing the Robot


The robot is constructed from basic 3D shapes.
The initial shapes used were cylinder and cuboid.
These were extended so that you could create part shapes.

The cylinders were used for the arms and legs.
The cuboids were used for the head, body and feet.
This left all the joints used to joint the parts.
Again, cylinders and cuboids were used.


Building the parts of the robot was fairly easy.
The basic shapes all allow 3D positioning and rotation.
The hardest part was getting the positions and rotation
of the basic shapes correct.

If the parts of the animation are fairly simple, building
them from first principles is fairly easy.
For more complex objects, a 3D design program can be a
great help. Blender 3D Designer is excellent and free.

See Using a 3D Designer.

The next task was Joining the Joints  




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