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I2C Examples


The Project

To describe a series of Java I2C examples that show how to use the supplied Software.
These examples should run unchanged on all the platforms.
Some experience is required to build these circuits. A real beginner should start with one of the excellent online tutorials on basic electronics.
I2C circuits are best developed first on a breadboard. Start with two or three breadboads and a collection of connecting wires of different lengths and colours. You will also need some components - resistors and leds. Lastly you need some I2C chips. I find the MCP23017 very useful - get several. Download the data sheet for the MCP23017 to get the pin connections. Everything you need is available on the Internet very cheaply.

Example 1

This is an introduction to I2C and uses the extremely versatile MCP23017 driving a row of LEDs.

Example 1

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