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Olympic Robot

The Animation File

The robot currently has 29 joints and 36 movements.

Joint Rotations Table

The Olympic Robot application reads the animation file that containing the angle of each joint for each animation point. The file starts with a list of all the joints to animate followed by the angle of each specified joint (in radians). Each line is an animation point.
The following is a simple animation to turn the head left, back, down and back.


A line that starts with # is a comment.
The first line with a value is the number of Tics between animation steps. For smooth animation there need to be plenty of steps and tics should be about 25. To watch the animation in slow motion set tics to 500.
The next line with values is the index to joints to be animated. This line contains the index of each joint to move.
The lines following the joint indices are the angles of each joint. The angles are measured in Radians - 3.1415927 is 180 degrees.
If all angles are 0 the robot will stand up straight. To keep the robot in one position, repeat the same animation values several times.
There are no checks on movements so it is possible for limbs to pass right through the body. You can even fold the robot up into itself.


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