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Anne Blount Matriline

This is a matrilineal descent, showing the daughters, and daughters of daughters etc, of Anne Blount, who lived ca1600s, was the daughter of Robert Blount of Eckington, and who’s great-granddaughter, Anne Hyde, was the first wife of the future King James II.

1. Anne Blount 1= Nicholas Towers 2= Rev. Francis Denman, Rector of West Retford
1.1. Anne Denman (bur 13th November 1661) 1= William Darell 2= 3rd October 1611, Sir Thomas Aylesbury
1.1.1. Frances Aylesbury (chr 25th August 1617 bur 17th August 1667) = 10th July 1634, Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon Anne Hyde (b 12th or 22nd March 1637 or 1638 d 31st March 1671) = in 1659 and on 3rd September 1660, James, Duke of York (AKA James II) MARY II (b 30th April 1662 d 28th December 1694) = 4th November 1677, William of Orange (later William III) Queen ANNE (b 6th February 1665 d 1st August 1714) = 28th July 1683, George of Denmark Mary/Marie (b 2nd June 1685 d 8th February 1687) Anne Sophia (b 12th May 1686 d 2nd February 1687) Mary of Cumberland (b and d 14th October 1690) Henriette/Henrietta of York (b 13th January 1669 d 15th November 1669) Catherine/Katherine of York (b 9th February 1671 d 5th December 1671) Frances Hyde = 9th July 1675, Sir Thomas Keightley/Knightley Catherine Keightley/Knightley = 1701, Lucius O’Brien [they had 1 son only]
1.1.2. (Given name unrecorded?) Aylesbury (b abt 1620) = Charles Norcote/Norcott [they had 1 son only]

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