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Roet Matriline

This is a matrilineal descent, showing the daughters, and daughters of daughters etc, of the unknown wife of Paon de Roet, who lived in the 1300s. Paon and his wife had one son and three daughters. One of the daughters, Philippa, married the famous poet Geoffrey Chaucer, whilst another daughter, Katherine made two marriages, the second of which was to her long term lover, John, Duke of Gaunt, himself son of Edward III. Katherine and John had already had several children together prior to their marriage, and despite the fact they were both married to other people. The marriage of one of Katherine's granddaughter's, Cicely Neville, to the true heir to the English throne by primogeniture, Richard, Duke of York, eventually led to Katherine's matrilineal line sitting on the English throne.

1.Elizabeth/Isabel Roet
2.Philippa Roet (b c 1346 d c 1387) = Geoffrey Chauncer
2.1. Elizabeth Chaucer
2.2. Agnes Chaucer
3.Katherine Roet (b  c 1350 d 1403) 1= bf 1367 John Swynford
3.1. Blanche Swynford (b c 1370)
(3.) Katherine 2= 1396 John of Gaunt
3.2. Joan Beaufort (b c 1379 d 1440) 1= bf 1394 Robert Ferrers, Baron Ferrers of Weme
3.2.1. Elizabeth Ferrers (b c 1393/4 d 1434 or 1474?) = John de Greystoke, 4th Baron Greystoke [Issue?]
3.2.2. Mary (or Margery?) Ferrers (b c 1394 d 1457/8) = Ralph Neville of Westmoreland
(3.2.) Joan 2= bf 1396 Ralph Neville, 1st Earl Of Westmoreland
3.2.3. Katherine Neville (b c 1400 d aft 1483) 1= John Mowbray, 2nd Duke of Norfolk, 2= Thomas Strangeways Joan Strangeways = William Willoughby Cecily Willoughby = Edward Sutton, 2nd Baron Dudley Elizabeth Sutton = Thomas Butler (of Ormond) Margaret Butler 1= Rory O’Moore of Laois, 2= Sir Maurice Fitzgerald of Lackagh Alice Sutton Eleanor Sutton 1= Charles Somerset, 1st Earl of Worcester, 2= Leonard Grey, 1st Viscount Grane Joyce Sutton = Sir John Leighton, Knight of Wattlesborough Jane (or Joan or Johanna) Sutton = Sir Thomas Fiennes Margaret Sutton = John Grey, 2nd Baron Grey of Powis Catherine Sutton = Sir George Gresley of Drakelow Catherine Strangeways = Henry Grey, 4th (7th) Baron Grey of Codnor
(3.2.3.) Katherine 3= John Beaumont, 1st Viscount Beaumont,  4= John Woodvile
3.2.4. Joan Neville (a nun)
3.2.5. Anne Neville (b c 1411 d 1480) 1= Humphrey Stafford, 1st Duke of Buckingham Joan Stafford (b 1442 d 1484) 1= William Beaumont, 2nd Viscount Beaumont, 2= William Knyvett Anne Stafford (b 1446 d 1472) 1= Aubrey de Vere, 2= Thomas Cobham, 5th Baron Cobham Anne Cobham, 6th Baroness Cobham = Edward Burgh, 2nd Baron Burgh Margaret Stafford = Robert Dunham
(3.2.5.) Anne 2= William Blount, 1st Baron Mountjoy
3.2.6. Eleanor Neville (b c 1397 d 1472) 1= Richard le Despenser, Baron Burghersh, 2= Henry Percy, 2nd Earl of Northumberland Lady Katherine Percy (b 1423 d aft 1475) = Edmund Grey, 1st Earl of Kent Mary Grey (b 1440 d 1470) Elizabeth Grey (d 1472) = Sir Robert Greystoke Anne Grey (b 1450) = John Grey, 8th Baron Grey de Wilton Anne Percy (b 1436 d 1522) Joan Percy
3.2.7. Cecily Neville (b 1415 d 1495) = Richard of York
3.2.7.a. EDWARD IV
3.2.7.b. RICHARD III Joan of York (b & d 1438) Anne of York (b 1439 d 1476) 1= Henry Holland, 4th Duke of Exeter Anne Holland (b c 1455 d by 1475) = Thomas Grey, 1st Marquess of Dorset
( Anne 2= Thomas St Leger Anne St Leger (b 1476 d 1526) = George Manners, 12th Lord Ros (d 1513) Anne Manners = Sir Henry Capel [Margaret?] Capel = Robert Ward Eleanor Manners (d abt 1448) = John Bourchier, 2nd Earl of Bath (b c 1499 d 1561) Mary Bourchier = Hugh Wyot Cecilia Bourchier = Thomas Peyton Elizabeth Manners = Thomas Sandys, 2nd Baron Sandys (d c 1560) [6 daughters? – Leland, iv, p.10] Katherine Manners = Sir Robert Constable (d 1558) Margaret Constable =c1547/1548 Thomas Saltmarshe (b1533 d 1605) Frances Saltmarshe =1605 Ralph Leadon Barbara Constable = William Babthorpe (d1581) Katherine Babthorpe 1= George Vavasour (liv 15_41), 2= John Ingleby (d1627) Anne Ingleby = Thomas Dalton (b1583 d 1639) Margaret Babthorpe = Sir Henry Cholmley (d1616) Barbara Cholmley (d1618) =c1600 Thomas, 1st Viscount Fauconberg Barbara Belasyse (b1609 d1641) =1631 Sir Henry Slingsby Barbara Slingsby = Sir John Talbot Ann Talbot (b1665 d 1720) =1683 Sir John Ivory Barbara Ivory (d1748) =1715 Henry Davenport Barbara Talbot (bc1665 d1763) =1689 Henry, 1st Viscount Longueville Barbara Yelverton = Reynolds Calthorpe Barbara Calthorpe (b1716 d1782) =1741 Sir Henry Gough Barbara Gough (b1746 d 1826) =1770 Isaac Spooner (b1736 d 1816) Barbara Ann Spooner (d c 1847) = William Wilberforce (b1759 d 1833) Anne Spooner (b 1780  d 1873) = Rev. Edward Vansittart-Neale (bap 1769 d1850) Laura Vansittart-Neale (b1816 d 15th July (Sep Q) 1888 Hemel Hempstead) = Jun Q 1844 Eton,  Rev. Alfred Baker Strettell (d 11th Oct 1904 Italy) Alice Strettell (b 1st Jan (Mar Q) 1850 Eton) = 15th Dec 1873 Dresden, Joseph William Comyns Carr Dorothy Catherine Comyns Carr (b 1878 d Jun Q 1918 Bedford) Alma Gertrude V Strettell (b 13th Aug 1854 Savignone, Italy d Sep Q 1939 Christchurch) = Dec Q 1890 Hemel Hempstead, Lawrence Alexander Harrison Margaret Anna Laura Harrison (b Jun Q 1893 Marylebone  d Anderson, TX 1979) = Mar Q 1916 Chelsea, Amos Nowell Lawrence Nowell (b 28th April 1917 Boston, MA, USA d 30th Jul 1997 Denver, Jefferson, CO, USA) Leonard Nowell (b1919  MA, USA) Sylvia Harrison (b abt 1895 Paris) Charlotte Vansittart-Neale (b 1817 d Mar Q 1881 Christchurch) = Dec Q 1841 Eton, Charles Frere (d Mar Q 1858 Westminster) Merion (Marian?) Vansittart-Frere (b Jun Q 1846 Westminster d Jun Q 1852 Croydon) Charlotte Vansittart-Frere (b Jun Q 1846 d 1916) = Dec Q 1882 Wokingham,  Allen  Gardiner Folliott-Stokes Muriel Charlotte Folliot Stokes (b Jun Q 1884 d1961) = Jun Q 1919 Newton Abbot, Orlando Moray Brown Joyce Muriel Brown (b Jun Q 1926 Paddington d 2008) [Mother of Michael Ibsen] [Sister of Michael Ibsen] Michael Ibsen Caroline Emily Vansittart-Frere (b Dec Q 1847 Croydon d Jun Q 1930 Newton Abbot)  = Jun Q 1887 Hartisemere, Samuel John Harrison [natural daughter of Caroline’s] Helen Isabel Mary Sawyer (b Sep Q 1867 Colchester d Mar Q 1939 Wayland) Catherine Vansittart-Frere (b Mar Q 1852 Croydon d Jun Q 1923 Newton Abbot)  = Dec Q 1886 Hemel Hempstead, Joseph Arthur Reeve Laura Vansittart-Frere (b Dec Q 1858 Croydon d 27th Nov 1938 Italy) =1890, F. de Fabeck Charlotte Gough (b1747 d1783)= 1768 Sir John Palmer (d1817) Frances Belasyse (b1617) = Sir Thomas Ingram Mary Ingram Dorothy Cholmley (b1587) =1611 Nicholas Bushell Hilda Cholmley = Hugh Wright Margaret Cholmley  1= Thomas Menill, 2= Timothy Comyn Mary Cholmley =1687or9 Hon. Henry Fairfax Susanna Cholmley =1615 Robert Theakston Anabella Cholmley (d1635) = Rt Rev. Henry Wickham, Archbishop of York (d1641) Antonina Wickham (b 1623 d 1701) =1639 Tobias Jenkins Ellinor Constable Elizabeth Constable = Edward Ellerker Everilda Constable = Thomas Crathorne ? Katherine Crathorne (d1605) = Ralph Creyke (d1608) Everilda Creyke 1= 1599 Christopher Maltby Catherine Maltby (b 1599) = Michael Warton Catherine Warton (b1624 d 1710) = Eldred Curwen [Issue extinct 1725] Elizabeth Warton (b1626) = Salwyn Carlyle Jane Warton (b 1632) =1657 Frances Trappes-Byrnand Mary Warton (d1674) = Simon Scrope (b1615 d1691) Frances Warton (b1630) Everilda Maltby (b 1605) = Sir George Wentworth (b1599 d 1660) Everilda Wentworth =1650 John Thornhill (d1669) Everilda Thornhill (b1651) =1680 Thomas Horton Frances Wentworth =1657 Thomas Grantham Anne Wentworth (d1718) = William Osbaldeston Anne Osbaldeston (b1656) 1= 1676 Sir Matthew Wentworth, 2=1680 Sir William Hustler Anne Hustler =1700 Thomas Peirse Frances Maltby (d1655) = Sir Thomas Tancred ??????  Tancred = Marmaduke Witham Priscilla Creyke Anne Creyke Ursula Creyke Catherine Creyke Mary Crathorne = John Constable Jane Constable = Sir Ralph Ellerker  [Issue?] Cecily Manners [Not in the Plantagenet Roll of the Blood Royal] Margaret Manners (liv 1554) 1= 1526 Sir Henry Strangways (d1544) Elizabeth Strangways = ?, Knight of Winchester Eleanor Strangways = William Meaux Anne Meaux = Edward White Eleanor Meaux = William Okeden
(  Margaret 2= Robert Heneage Elizabeth of York (b 1444 d c 1503) = John de la Pole, Duke of Suffolk Elizabeth de la Pole (b 1468 d 1489) = Henry Lovel, 8th Baron Morley Dorothy de la Pole (b 1472 d young) Anne de la Pole (b 1476 d 1495) (a nun) Catherine de la Pole (b c 1477 d 1513) = William Stourton, 5th Baron Stourton Margaret of York (b 1446 d 1503) = Charles the Bold, 3rd Duke of Burgundy Ursula of York (b 1455 d young) Katherine of York (?- mentioned in Cecily Neville’s will, may refer to Katherine de la Pole?)      

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