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 Bringing A Piece Of History Back To Swansea, 

Breathing Life Back Into The Heart Of The City.



The beautiful and glorious Albert Hall on Craddock Street, designed by Swansea’s William Richards, has been a major city centre landmark since it first opened on 18th May 1864.


The Albert Hall has sat there through war, economic crisis, the major rebuilding of Swansea after the destruction left by Hitler's aircraft and it is still standing there today!  


                      But only just!



Ever since public transport became popular into the city, ‘‘single to the Albert Hall please’’ has been uttered by the people of Swansea for many a decade. These words are still used to this very day, even thought the building has been closed for almost 5 years now!


Since the Albert Hall became a Top Rank (and later Mecca), Bingo Hall in March 1978, it’s very doubtful if many of those thousands of bus-passengers who travel to its doors everyday, have any idea as to what lies behind those crumbling white walls and hideous metal cladding.


What is behind that cladding is a wonder to behold, right in the heart of Swansea. 





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