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USA - Index of Towns & Cities visited




Alphabetical by State - to follow. 

The names underlined in the list below are Links to pages from her address book.
She did not visit every State; it seems there were 13 she missed:-

Alaska            Colorado          Connecticut          Delaware       Hawaii
Maine             Maryland         Nebraska              Nevada         New Hampshire
Oklahoma       Utah               Vermont

But - even though she may not have toured a State, she may still have had friends there.

[work in progress]

 Alabama             Louisiana               Ohio
 Alaska              Maine                   Oklahoma
 Arizona             Maryland                Oregon  
 Arkansas            Massachusetts           Pennsylvania
 California          Michigan                Rhode Island
 Colorado            Minnesota               South Carolina
 Connecticut         Mississippi             South Dakota  
 Delaware            Missouri                Tennessee     
 Florida             Montana                 Texas         
 Georgia             Nebraska                Utah          
 Hawaii              Nevada                  Vermont       
 Idaho               New Hampshire           Virginia      
 Illinois            New Jersey              Washington    
 Indiana             New Mexico              Washington, D.C.
 Iowa                New York + HQ           West Virginia   
 Kansas              North Carolina          Wisconsin       
 Kentucky            North Dakota            Wyoming        


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