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An Ice-cream for the Chief
In 1958, Australian Guides came up with an idea which apparently gave Olave much pleasure for many years.
Any member of Guiding who wished to give the Chief a gift was encouraged to deny herself an ice-cream, about five cents, and instead send the few cents saved to a central fund.
It was meant as a once-off gift from Australian Guiding to their Chief. The first such gift was made to her at a small function at Olave House in London. She was delighted and touched, and wrote, "Never, never have I had a more wonderful surprise."
Over the years thousands of dollars found their way into the Chief's bank account to be spent any way she wished. Her first such wish resulted in special translations of Guide manuals to Spanish-speaking countries in South America. Later servings of 'ice-cream' were special doors and windows for Guide buildings all over the world, made by Olave in the name of Australian Guiding, particularly to those places where she laid a foundation stone or performed the official opening.

A credit to them
In 1968 the Boy Scouts of America generously gave Olave a credit card for unlimited travel by air, train, or car. This enabled her to make many short tours that she would not otherwise have been able to afford. In 1970 she stopped travelling, but the BSA graciously allowed to her keep using the card for 'keeping in touch'. Olave's Christmas card list was over 2000 names long - and that only of people she knew personally! the BSAs card financed this.

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