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Olave B-P used to live in a "Grace and Favour" apartment at Hampton Court Palace, so called as they were granted (rent free) by the Grace and Favour of the Monarch. She moved there when she returned to England during the war, after her husband had died.
During Coronation Year, 1953, she converted the rooms in her "annexe" into sparsely furnished "dormitories" where she put up about 400 guides (not all at once, you understand !) from all over the world. The rooms she named after the countries - there was New Zealand, Canada, Australia, etc...
So somewhere in - erm - New Zealand, Canada, Australia there will be perhaps a dozen elderly women (well, they were probably about twenty- something in 1953, so would now be in their nineties !) who may remember having stayed there, and who just may have photographs of those rooms.

I visited the palace a year or so ago, and happened to ask if they had any photographs  of Olave B-P's apartment or annexe - but they said that they hadn't, and wished they did !

So if perhaps your Granny was among those visitors, and might just happen to have any such photographs / memoirs, etc. please would you get in touch.

Randy Scofield from the USA says:
As a 14 year old scout I remember meeting her briefly at the 1967 World Jamboree in Idaho. Is my memory correct was she there? As I recall she gave a speech and I was just lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time. My memory is that is was pretty sharp for her age at the time.
My sources don't mention Olave attending this event, but my sources are by no means complete.

If someone can add this detail to the timeline, please contact us.



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