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New York + HQ

The HeadQuarters - HQ - of the Girl Scouts of the USA are at what was once called "Camp Edith Macy", but is now (2022) called "The Edith Macy Conference Centre", which is in New York State.

HQ - Girl Scout personnel - 0139 .jpg

Mrs Maurice Wertheim
43 West 70th Street
New York, 10028

(On perm list)

" Cecile". NATIONAL Board. On Chalet Committee & came to Hampers briefly 1961. Met here again 1967.Dutch born. In Finland 1969. Came to lunch at Hampers April 1971.

Mrs George Dunham
925 Charlotte lid
New Jersey

(On perm list)

" Dorothy " and George

Stayed with them 1961. & met at OUR CABANA 1966. Dear people. Drove me down to Camp Belmont,Sept 1961. Dear people

Mrs Stanlee Bates

Head of "TOFS",At Woudschoen. 1954 World Conf, and at Cuba. in 1946 (when "Our Cabara" dream was first mooted.) Met at H.Q. again 1959. etc


Mrs Edward Johnson

" Kathryn". ON WORLD ASSOC. representings us at UNITED Nations. Met often & at Peg K's lunch party July 1969. Very like Blanche to look at.



Does COUNCIL FIRE. Known vaguely for years. Knew her here in 1955 and met at Peg's lunch July 16th 1969


HO - Girl Scout personnel - 0140.jpg

Mrs Howard Phipps
Pres. of Greater New York
Knew here long ago & met again at Peg's party July 1969
Her family gave her former house as N.Y. Girl Scout H.Q.

Miss Muriel Reynolds
New-ish, banker, member of National Board and Hon TREASURER. Met at Peg's party July 1969

Miss Julie Hammerer
Daughter of former NATIONAL BOARD member, whom I had known.
Met, and drove me to airport July 1969 ;
R.C. & very worth while.
In Helsinki for World Conf.

Miss Louise Kjellstrom
Girl Scout HQ,
Took Isobel Crowe's place at H.Q. "International Dept"
Knew her before too, and met quite a lot July 1969.

Mrs Erik T.Kjellstrom
138 East 36th Str
New York 10016

Miss Bernice Hess
Old hand, and does Public Relations
lives near Pleasantville

Mrs William Wilson
940 Wellington Rd
Winston Salem
North Carolina

Nee Diana Dyer
Met at CUBA CONF 1946 & again here 1959.
On National Board then.






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