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U.S.A. Address Book

Olave's visits to the United States of America :-
1919             1935               1953 - 1954           1961
1923             1946               1955                      1962
1926             1948               1956                      1965
1930             1952               1959                      1967

In 1935 it was a flying visit with her husband and daughters from Canada to the White House in Washington D.C. to take lunch with FDR, the President. 

But those earlier trips in that list were with her husband.  THIS WebSite deals with the trips she made alone, after her husband died in 1941, they are shown bold.  Details of the earlier ones can be found here.

It should be born in mind that Olave generally left Britain towards the end of the year, and returned in the spring, so "consecutive years" in that List may refer to just one long visit.

e.g. in the List above occur

It has not yet been established what actual visits this represents - possibly five tours, one every year, or possibly just three tours,with a year's gap between :-

      Autumn 1952             Autimn 1954                 Summer 1956
      to Spring 1953           to Spring 1955 

Olave had a particularly good friend on that side of the Pond - one Carl Peppler, whom she had first met in 1919.  Olave toured North America quite often, and usually spent some time with Carl, often touring together in Carl's car.  Read all about that here.

But THIS page simply leads to lists of names and addresses of (and sometimes notes about) people in the U.S.A. whom Olave met.  These Lists can be accessed through the Index that Olave compiled, of places and the dates (often just the year) when she visited them.


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