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iSCSI Windows

Windows iSCSI Initiator

To access the VTL on windows you will need Microsoft's iSCSI Initiator.
Sometime the install of this software does not run smoothly. The suggestions from Microsoft usually work.

Windows Setup

With the iSCSI Target software running, run the Windows iSCSI Initiator.
On the Discovery tab you need to enter the ip address of the Linux system.
The Targets tab should show the Target name.
Select Log On.
Now select Details.
In the Target window select Devices tab.
You should see the two tape drives and the changer.

These are marked not available as there are no device drivers for them.
Select Start, Control Panel, System, Hardware, Device Manager.
Find the Tape drives and open the properties.
Select Driver tab and Update Driver.
Select Install from a list and select Don't search.
Select SCSI mini cartridge drive (any will do)
Do the same for the Medium Changer.
Sometimes, the Unknown Medium Changer does not work.
Un-tic the Show compatable hardware and select any Auto Changer.

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