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Sadly, due to health reasons, will not be carrying out repairs or supplying any spares. Will leave the website online for information. Do still email me if you have any questions and I'll try to help


Bolt-in heating elements for Pavoni, Zacconi, Elektra and Silvia back in stock

XP110 pressure stats in stock


Hello my name is Peter, Have a look round, If you have La Pavoni Espresso coffee machines -Europiccola, Professional, Stradivari, Domus, Espresso Plus, Cellini and any other make for that matter, I will try to help. given one that is not working? Ebay? drop me an email via the "Contact Me" page

Vintage La Pavoni promotional video - click on image

There is plenty on the web but not so much practical "how do I get that o ring?" or "what size is it?" "what is it made of?". "What is the thread on the end of the steam wand?" etc. You have seen the forums "Oh yes you can get that nut from El Bandito Espresso in Los Angeles for $50", but after all it's just a nut! You know they are simple machines but you have to keep them in good condition and understand their quirks. I look for cost effective methods rather than just "buying another one". I don't know everything and I don't have access to a full equipped machine shop but it never stopped me before. Any questions just ask, I may have the answer. There are many things to catch you out and in the end cost a lot to put right. . Contact me if you have an question, glad to help!


Why Avicenna's Solution? Avicenna (latinised) was an Arab Polymath, whose work involved a huge range of areas, the main one he is remembered for is that of medicine and his work "Canon of Medicine" which was still referenced in European Universities some 600 years (yes 600) after his death around 1000AD. I read of this fantastic man in an article on a flight, I can't remember where and later started reading more about this genius. Being of a Chemistry background I noted that he was the first to make written reference to coffee, hence the name of the website, poor celebration as it is. Click on his Mausoleum. A new and large mausoleum was built over Avicenna's tomb in 1952, together with a library (which contains approximately 8,000 volumes) and a small museum devoted to his works, in the central Bu Ali Square, ii Hamadan Iran. The mausoleum is surmounted by a tower inspired to spindle-shaped structure of Mongol towers and contains, besides the actual gravestone of the famous physician, the sarcophagus which originally contained the body of Avicenna


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