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Building On Green Fields
I went along to Ripley Town Hall Monday 18th November 2013 to show my support for SOS.

"It's In The Rules"
Each visitor was allowed just THREE MINUTES to speak on this very important new build, planning issue.

First speaker was interrupted by the Chairman to remind him he only had 30 seconds left to speak. Then stopped him from speaking, as according to the "RULES" he could not let him continue.

Next up was Sylvia Mason who managed to read out her prepared speech within the three minutes allowed.

Both speeches were well researched and far reaching.

Then it was my turn. I had not spent hours researching and condensing those hours into a three minute slot, to comply with the rules. I wanted the first speaker to be allowed to finish what he had started, and asked the Chairman if he could take my slot. After a short discussion this was allowed.

6 MINUTES only for two visitors to put forward their well researched, and far reaching implications for the residents of Waingroves and surrounding villages, should this new build be allowed.

In my opinion the councillors who nodded this through should feel very ashamed of themselves.

When the "Green Fields" have gone. They have gone forever!

Grenville Green

Posted by Grenville Green on 19 November 2013
I am part of a group who fought the green belt proposal in the last local plan and the site has been identifed again. I and a colleague were at the Cog meeting last Wednesday nigt. Sylvia was there and i did not get her contact details. How can I be of assistance and how should i contribute to your groups and sites? Kind regards Leonie George
Posted by leonie george on 25 September 2011
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