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John Austin Primary School, Pennants District, Clarendon, Jamaica

The John Austin Primary School's Board of Management, led by Rev Barrington Hood, is giving full support to new Principal, Mr Ainsworth Williams, who has now identified the schools priorities and he has already begun to make a difference.

Yasus Afari, meets with Miss Rob and Mr Ainsworth Williams.      
September 2019      

The priorities for school improvement are:

Priority since Covid 19 struck: the Principal and school staff are working to make the school environment as safe as possible to enable the safe return of pupils 

1 Improving school security - completion of periimeter fencing, with a secure gate at the back of the site that will enable access of vehicles to service facilities. This will also ensure that no adults enter the school grounds (with the exception of parents of the youngest children) 

2 Undertake essential reurbishment of the classrooms and facilities to address safety issues, electical issues, security and improve facilities for the children and teachers. (Making facilities Covid safe) 

3 The creation of an IT Centre to bring teaching up to date.

4 The provision of safe outside play and sports areas, with a netball court and other essential facilities

5 Building an Infant Depatment -  a challenge has been issued to schools by the Ministry of Education, to raise funds to create an 'Infant Department'. Funds to enable this have been offered by the DPFF. 

6  added Jan 2021  Old wooden classroom furniture must be replaced with cleanable plastic coated furniture

The following community needs have also been identified:

1 the need to improve availablity of piped water to the community and on the schools site - this is important as the school has had to buy water since the piping infrastructure was cut many years ago. The need for increased hand washing and sanitisation when the children return to school in Setember adds pressure on this.

2 Lack of accessible vocational and literacy training opportunities for parents and the local community 

3 Support needed to develop entretrpreneurial skills in the community and to develop work oportunities 


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