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The aims of the Pennants Project are: 

To build relationships appropriate for the 21st Century, between the communities and organisations around Bangor and the Ogwen Valley in North Wales, and the community in the Pennants District and others in Clarendon, Jamaica

 (1) through developing understanding of the shared history between the Pennant family from Wales and the Pennants community in Jamaica

 (2) and to identify the current needs in the Pennants District and explore ways to address the priorities and challenges faced by the Pennants community 

 (3)  and find ways of funding community need priorities, ie refurbishment of the school facilities and supporting the development of vocational training options 

To support the development of links between school students and community members
and to build bridges of communication

(4)  through literacy projects using writing, poetry and music, as well as using community research approaches to explore and tell the story of the shared history 

How are we working together to meet these needs?

(1)  The Pennants Community Research Team are creating a website resource to share the shared history: www.spanglefish.com/pennantshistory

(2) The following people have supported the Pennants Project:  Rev Barrington Hood, the Chair of JAAAS Board of Governors and PPC Chair; Ainsworth Williams, Principal JAAAS; rep of JAAAS teaching staff; local community reps, including Rasheeda Harken, Pennants Community Research Volunteer; Glossim Jones, rep of May Pen Rotary Club; Liz Millman, Learning Links International (JWA Co-ordinator / Secretary); reps from Bangor Rotary Club; Natalie Fagan Brown and Cllr Derek Hainge, reps from North Wales Jamaica Society and Bangor City Council.

(3)  Work goes on to try to identify and find appropriate ways to help address school and community needs eg the perimeter fencing is now securing the school campus - with support from DPFF; funds have been sent on behalf of the North Wales Jamaica Society and Learning Links International to the Pennants Welfare Programme organised by John Austin Baptist Church to provide much needed food and essential products to those in need locally at this difficult time. 

(4) The 'Building Bridges' poetry project has been on hold between schools in the Ogwen Valley and Pennants, but it is now getting back on track. 

The Pennants Project is part of the Jamaica Wales Alliance
- piloting ideas for communities and organisations to work together.

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