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The background to the Pennants Project

In 2010 Liz Millman organised an event at Moelyci Environmental Centre in Tregarth, near Bangor, bringing together two poets - Yasus Afari, who is a well known Jamaican poet and entrepreneur, and Richard Douglas Pennant of the Penrhyn family, supported by Martin Dawes.  The event was arranged for the poets to work together on an event called Building Bridges and they did a performance to 120 people.

"They did this wonderful walk around the environmental centre and used the bridges there to talk about how they've got very different histories, but we need to recognise our shared histories, responsibilities and future in a creative and restorative way. It's not about blame."  To read the full BBC article 12 10 2010  CLICK HERE 

In 2012 Liz Millman arranaged for Jonathan Smart, Head Teacher from Brookvale Primary School in Birmingham, who was on a British Council funded school exchange team to visit Pennants. They met Hirfa Kirsley Anderson and Leornora Headly, and they were introduced to Miss Rob, Chair of the Governors of John Austin All Age School. 

Even though it was at the weekend Miss Rob kindly showed the team around the school.  It was clear that the classroom furniture was very old and the buildings needed refurbishment. 

Miss Rob asked if there was any way that the visitors could help and Liz promised she would explore possibilities. 


Pennants Square.

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