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'World of Floral Creativity'

Tuesday 29 March 2011

Demonstration by Anila Hindocha & Pramila Ladha

This design below cleverly incorporates a straw mat (Chhabdi) which is one of the most versatile items found in every Indian home.  Chhabdi is attached to a stand.  Two strelitzias of different heights are inserted at the top and two further strelitzias are placed at the bottom giving a vertical line.  3 bunches of limonium are placed between the lines of strelitzias.  The colour of the limonium picks up the indigo colour of the strelitzia sepals.  The design is completed by placing orange roses on both the sides giving a slight curve in line with the shape of the Chhabdi.  No foliage is used in this design.


This design below involves conical hats and spheres.  A small conical hat is inserted at the bottom of a metal rod, followed by a sphere and a large conical hat facing upwards.  Floral foam is pushed through the metal rod.  Pink roses are arranged in a circle followed by loops of beaded sticks.  Another conical hat is placed upside down on top of the roses and the design is completed by placing a sphere on top.  Dried bougainvilleas are stuck randomly on both the conical hats with double sided tape.  Leaves are not used in this design.


A metal grid is used for this design below.  Two straw mates are tied to the grid diagonally at the top and the bottom.  Curved rosemary stems are used at the top and bottom placement.  Pink nuggets are stitched at random on the rosemary stems.  Dark pink cala lilies are then placed on top and bottom followed by pink tiger lilies at the left of the design moving from top to bottom, giving a beautiful rhythm.  The design is completed by dark pink roses on the right and money plant leaves on left and right.  This design gives a beautiful curve



A combination of driftwood and various branches were artistically wired to a combination of metal stands. Gilded dried ivy and Australian flame tree leaves were affixed at various places to give a pleasing effect. Dried seed strands from the Archontophoenix palm were used to achieve a canopy effect through which red Anthuriums were arranged. Fresh purple seed strands cascading downwards as well  as purple net provided an excellent backdrop for the suspended apples. Pramila stated that this design was inspired from the monthly title ‘Branch Out & Build it Up’ but it could be equally appropriate for a festive Christmas design.


 The demonstrators Anila (left) and Pramila (right) beside their finale:

The judges for the monthly competition were Aruna Shah and Pravina Shah who commended the high standards of the painstaking exhibitors.

NOTE: Please double-left-click on the images in the gallery below to view a larger version:

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