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Tuesday 29 June 2010

'Spice Of Your Life' was the title of this morning's demonstration presented by, left to right, Rashida Hajee, Pritesh Hasmukh Shah, Aruna Sudhir Shah & Anila Naresh Hindocha.

Pritesh commenced with a pre-done design in which a 2-brick foam tray had been wrapped in designer lead, which he had bought from a UK DIY store.  This lead is very malleable and flexible and can be reshaped continuously. Papyrus stems were inserted followed by an arching spray of ivy which was pinned to the papyrus using large beaded pins. The papyrus was then trimmed to fit the arch. Carnations were arranged in a linear manner. The base was completed with syngonium & coprosma foliage.

Pritesh's second design used mini-bouquets of 2 strelitzias with 1 piece each their own foliage. The leaves had been sprayed copper with a hint of violet. Skeletonized cacti logs, copper angelina, seedheads from Barringtonia & small spathes from the Phoenix palm completed this imposing exhibit.

Pritesh's third design: 

Slim mesh cages had a hook welded to one end and a sharp-ended rod to the other. Rolled rubber plant leaves were inserted through the sharp end facing different directions whilst pink carnations were blocked. These 2 assemblages were then hooked onto 2 ends of a log supported ona  metal rod. Wood veneer strip painted in bright pink completed the design.

Anila's design:

Aruna design:

Anila had pre-done a sample of the monthly exhibit for September 'Bedazzled' which is to feature a glass container:


Rashida's design:


In her demonstration design above, Rashida depicted a silver wedding anniversary celebrated ina  lodge using a stand fashioned out of logs. White lilies, roses and gyp were her flowers whilst leather fern was her foliage. Silver accessories and fabric completed the design.

'Party Piece' was the title for the monthly exhibit by novices, whilst the intermediate and advance level members had to create an exhibit depicting 'Wild & Windswept'. Nimita Shah was the Judge.

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