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'How to Exhibit'

Tuesday 27 April 2010



Pritesh Shah & Priya Shah, both with a wealth of experience in competitive work, and the Show Secretary & Show Chairman respectively for the 2010 Show Elements were the demonstrators for this morning.Guidance for exhibitors: Their presentation was filled with helpful hints on entering the forthcoming Show.Priya demonstrated a design for which the mechanics had been pre-done, the foliage pre-manipulated, plant material well conditioned. The aim was to emphasize the importance of good planning and preparation when entering shows.Pritesh demonstrated a design suitable for a class in which foliage is to predominate but which deliberately exceeded the space allocated. He also illustrated 'judged from the front but viewed all round'. Festival of Foliage was his title and he explained how he had interpreted this.Both Pritesh & Priya then tackled the semi-impose class for which the container has to be supplied by the exhibitor. The rules for an impose or semi-impose class were explained in great depth.Priya then showed a floor-standing design which many novice & intermediate arrangers are sceptical of attempting. Pritesh concluded with a design in which dried yucca leaves had been used to outstanding effect.The Novice Class for today was 'But You Are Lovely, Leaves' (foliage to predominate, whilst Intermediate & Advance Level arrangers were to depict Alternative Colour Therapy avoiding the visible use of black metal stands. Bindya Shah & Meena Jatish Shah were the Judges.






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