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Tuesday 26 October 2010



Vibha Dodhia (pictured above) and Naina Anju Shah were the convenors for today’s impose class ‘On The Spur Of The Moment’.

Both ladies had worked extremely hard in arranging for an excellent selection of flowers, foliage, dried plant material, as well as a superb stand. Unfortunately Naina was injured so could not join us for the meeting.

We had only 12 exhibitors who were judged by Aruna Shah & Bindya Shah.

One hour was allowed for staging after which Pritesh Shah conducted an interesting and informative slide presentation of the winning exhibits from the NAFAS National Show Harrogate 2010, as well as our own Show ‘Elements’ May 2010, and our newly designed website.


Below is the list of components which were supplied:



5 Midori Anthuriums

10 pink carnations

10 peach-white roses

10  Zantedeschias



10 small variegated Aspidistra leaves

5 Phormium (both variegated & plain)

10 Brachychiton (Australian Flame Tree) leaves

5 trails of ivy

5 stems of Ruscus


Dried material

1 bunch of curled ting ting, red

5 black woven spheres

Handful of natural sisal


1 block of foam

1 piece of copper mesh

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