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Aww there are so adorabke been looking for a bull puppy for months
Posted by Maxi on 10 March 2017
wrinkoolas payr o Sox
Hi there I am now Sox's owner and was having a look through your pics and wondering if u have any of Sox as a pup to show my daughter. Absolutely in love with so . Such a brilliant nature.
Posted by Catey steele on 22 September 2015
Wrinkles daughter
Hi, great website and photos of the beautiful Wrinkles, I own one of Wrinkles daughters who was born 2010 ,she' is almost the spitting image of Wrinkles, even has his build and spot! Even Her nature sounds the same as Wrinkles. I'm so pleased to see Lola's father as she is one of the best dog I've owned, I have a new 5 month old girl bullie joined our family who will be going to some shows. Again great site.
Posted by Melanie on 04 September 2013
Great to meet you
It was great to meet you today at the market. Very inspirational and I hope to make it to the bulldog walk one day also thanks Sarah.
Posted by Sarah on 02 September 2012
bitch bull dog pup looking to buy a girl bull u have any litters due soon or can you recommend any other breeders who stay in scotland name is christine.i stay in glasgow
Posted by christine robertson on 08 April 2012
Bulldog Pup
Posted on 01 January 2012
Posted on 10 October 2011
Posted on 04 October 2011
Posted on 01 September 2011
Posted on 15 August 2011
Pics and advice
Posted on 04 July 2011
pile of bullies
Posted on 20 June 2011
No Title
Posted on 06 April 2011
From Belgium
Posted on 18 March 2011
Posted on 28 January 2011
puppies now born
Posted on 22 January 2011
Posted on 04 January 2011
Web Site
Posted on 27 December 2010
Posted on 19 December 2010
Posted on 13 December 2010
Posted on 21 October 2010
Posted on 13 October 2010
Just noseying about
Posted on 15 June 2010
Love the site
Posted on 28 May 2010
Posted on 19 May 2010
No Title
Posted on 29 April 2010
Your site
Posted on 22 March 2010
Posted on 20 March 2010
was to leave you my email address
Posted on 09 March 2010
your family!!!
Posted on 23 February 2010
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