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Where is Gairloch?

Excellent question! We are in the North West of Scotland, and about 75 miles from Inverness.


How large is it?

Gairloch is a small / medium sized village community with about 600+ residents.


Who all lives here?

A bit of a mixture, really. As well as those families who have lived here for generations, we have people from Leeds, Glasgow, USA, Argentina, New Zealand, Sweden, London, Germany, Bristol..... And it's no good asking for directions to "Mrs Mackenzies B&B" ....With Mackenzie - Macleod - and Maclean being the prominent local names, there might be 20 or so families in the area that a single name could apply to!


What do they do?

The man (or woman - this is a website that believes in equality!) walking towards you today might run a bed and breakfast six months of the year while working as a builder as the main source of income. His partner may work in a hotel in the morning, a shop in the afternoon, and they will BOTH most likely be involved in a variety of voluntary groups over the course of the year.

There are also many MANY voluntary groups here, most of them looking after a small but vital part of the local community. Childcare, Youth clubs, the local paper, Environmental groups, tourism, community car scheme, village hall, arts, music....the list goes on.......However, this is what makes a "community" spirit - we love them all!




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