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Its a twin thing...     

Siobhan's identical twins missed each other after they were born, especially twin two,so we placed something soft near his head which made him feel more secure. He still likes his blanket or a soft toy at the top of his head!

Hide and seek in opposite curtains is a favourite game

At snack time they always like something in both hands and like to share

My twin boys communicate and chat to each other all the time and have the same sense of humour when you hear them both laugh out loud and have no idea what they found so funny

'My Turn' - is a favourite saying

My twins call each other 'mumma' as well as their own names

They often ask to sit on 'two knees' - both for themself !

It is so funny watching them explore and play together walking and chatting side by side without a care in the world.Sometimes they do this holding hands too !

Starting nursery was hard for Ewan , so Finlay reassured him by telling him it was okay and not to cry while holding his hand.


Karen and Richard's twin son and daughter are very close. If one gets a drink or snack, they make sure that the other one gets the same.

They seem to have their own language that we don't understand but they know exactly what the other is saying.

If one twin has to be somewhere on their own they start to get upset after a while when they realise their twin isn't there.

Although they argue with each other, they stick up for one another if another child gets involved!

They love copying each other, singing nursery rhymes together, sitting beside one another reading books and very often we find them sleeping beside each other in one bed.







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