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Twin Book

I’m contacting you because I’m a mum of twins and used to run Cambridge Twins Club. I’ve just published on Kindle a booklet of the advice shared during my time there, which I hope will be helpful to your members. It’s called ‘Having Twins: Your Questions Answered’ (type in to Amazon with no punctuation) because it answers those questions that members were asking again and again – about feeding, sleeping, general practicalities, travelling, etc. and only deals with the ‘relevant stuff’ rather than expectant/new parents having to sift through baby books to find what is relevant to multiple births/babies.

It would be wonderful if you could pass this message on to your members. I know we had a policy of not passing on marketing when I ran our Twins Club, but I think that this will be genuinely helpful! Also, part of the £2.56 price goes to the Maternity Unit at Addenbrookes hospital, where my girls were in SCBU.

Thanks for your time and in hope that you will pass this on.

Very best wishes,
Clare Hardy (mum of Emily and Isabel and ex-coordinator of Cambridge Twins Club)
Posted by Clare Hardy on 01 December 2013
I am a family homeopath with three children of my own(all single births). I am wondering if your group would like to know more about homeopathy and how it may help in pregnancy, childbirth and the early years.

If you would like more information please contact me.

Many thanks for you time.

Posted by Angela MacLeod on 04 October 2011
Twins Club in Inverness?
Your club looks fantastic and I wondered if any of your members knew whether there is a twins club in Inverness or surrounding area?
Posted by Donna Guthrie on 05 August 2011
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