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The official newsletter of Cold Ashby Parish Council, Countrylife, was available here but, regrettably, appears to have ceased publication since the retirement of the previous chairman. At present (May 2018) you can still access some back issues at the above link.

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09 October 2022Events in Cold Ashby

Thanks to the diligence of Cold Ashby's Village Link Correspondent and the combined efforts of CAPFA and the Memorial Hall trustees we can now get detailed news of upcoming events in Cold Ashby delivered to our homes and also available on the publication's website.

Consequently, the Rambler's Events Page has been removed in favour of the Cold Ashby Village Link News page.

Please consult the above link for reports on recent events and notification of those to come.

04 June 2022Platinum Jubilee Celebration moved to Memorial Village Hall


Owing to the awful weather forecast for 5th June, the Village Jubilee Party will now be held in the Village Hall.

See  Coming Events Page.

02 January 2022Manor Farm Development Somehow Approved?


The construction of five houses on the site of the former bowling green was approved on 30th November 2021.

This is despite the clearly restricted and potentially dangerous access to the development from Stanford Road close to its junction with Main Street/West Haddon Road.

The Construction and Environment Management Plan which should be submitted prior to construction needs to address the protection of ‘nearby residential amenity, highway safety and visual amenity during construction works’.

The Rambler cannot see how highway safety can be protected unless Stanford Road is destined to be closed for the duration of the development, in which case residents of neighbouring properties will be inconvenienced (to say the least!) and agricultural and commercial vehicles will be diverted.

The unthinkable and unacceptable alternative would be the use of Bridle Lane for access: a proposition which residents of Main Street and Bridle Lane are very unlikely to accept.

The Rambler sees trouble ahead!

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