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At the time of writing (15th September), we are still allowed to travel any distance in England for exercise and leisure provided we observe the so-called 'Rule of Six' outdoors and indoors. However, in Cold Ashby and most of the other villages featured on this site there is very little parking available during this crisis.

Consequently, The Rambler respectfully asks you to consider carefully whether you need to travel by car to walk and, if you do, to park with consideration for local residents. Obviously the social distancing rules must be followed and face coverings, now legally required in shops, could be used in residential areas.

Thank you so much for your continued interest.

Happy Rambling and 'Stay Alert'!

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Cold Ashby

The village of Cold Ashby occupies a healthy situation on a tract of elevated ground stretching along the North Western verges of the County ( Northants).

(Wright’s Directory 1874)

rambler : a person who rambles or goes rambling.

ramble : a walk (formerly any journey) without definite route or other aim but pleasure.


And here's to you my ramblin' boy

May all your ramblin' bring you joy !

(Tom Paxton)


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