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Quiz 2019
You have me bafFLEd by Insect (3) I nearly ran away but that would be (4).
I still haven't solved Volumes yet.
Thanks for the Quiz.
All the Best in the New Year.
Posted by Charles Thompson on 31 December 2019
I'm baffled myself, Ted!
It should have been 4 of course.
Apologies to all!
Posted by Ashby Rambler on 31 December 2019
Great Maps
I ventured on another one of your walks. Really good map. I wanted to walk it before running it to see what the going was like. Also as I have a dog who has had Cruciate Surgery and can’t do long distance and jumping over styles.
We approached the church at Winwick to find a style that you have to climb over, with absolutely no provision for dogs . It’s not uncommon to see this, but I find it really annoying. People aren’t always on their own or in Rambling Groups, but with their best friend, and this makes it really awkward to follow any footpath. I guess, if you have a dog , you are best following Bridleways or Byways ?
I find it hard to believe in this day and age, where the Countryside is trying to promote itself, this practice is common place.
This comment is nothing to do with your great walks, but something that stops some from appreciating them.

Posted by Sarah Fawdrey on 18 March 2018
Thanks for this further comment,Sarah. You make a most valid and important point here.
The Ramblers' Association website has the following info:

"Despite the fact that a dog is a ‘natural accompaniment’ to users of rights of way, the law doesn’t require stiles to be ‘dog friendly’ as it’s the dog’s keeper who has the right of passage, not the dog. Stiles with ‘dog latches’ can however be provided and can often be seen in popular dog-walking areas."

I've actually come across 'dog latches' in other areas but, unfortunately, they don't seem much in evidence in these parts!
Posted by Ashby Rambler on 19 March 2018
Great Walks
I recently followed one of your walks from Cold Ashby. The maps you give are great, so are the photos. Plan to do more. I run them with my dog. Many thanks.
Posted by Sarah Fawdrey on 10 March 2018
Thanks for your appreciative and kind comments on my efforts, Sarah.
I hope you (and, of course, your dog!) continue to enjoy my routes.
Keep on running!
Posted by Ashby Rambler on 10 March 2018
Cold Ashby Web Site.
Awesome website! loved the pictures and the History!
Posted by Kerry Ashby on 02 February 2018
Thanks so much for this,Kerry.
It's the appreciation I get from people like you that keeps me 'rambling on'!
Posted by Ashby Rambler on 02 February 2018
What a useful site!
I've recently moved to the village and just wanted to say how useful this site has been. My wife and I have been browsing through the walks and will be doing as many as possible over the coming months. The dog won't know what's hit him!

Thanks for your hard work in putting together all of this information.
Posted by Ben Killeen on 01 July 2017
Thanks for your interest in 'The Rambler', Ben ... and also for making me feel useful!
Hope to see you, your wife (and of course, the unsuspecting dog) on one of my regular local walks.

Happy Rambling!
Posted by Ashby Rambler on 01 July 2017
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