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The official newsletter of Cold Ashby Parish Council, Countrylife, was available here but, regrettably, appears to have ceased publication since the retirement of the previous chairman. At present (May 2018) you can still access some back issues at the above link.

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17 May 2019Tree Charter Available Now Online

They took all the trees and put 'em in a tree museum
And they charged the people a dollar and a half just to seem 'em.

The Rambler believes Joni Mitchell first recorded Big Yellow Taxi in 1970.

Almost 50 years later we clearly still need to heed her warning!

Below is from the Tree Charter website:

The Charter for Trees, Woods and People sets out the role trees and woods play in our lives, the rights we all have to the benefits trees and woodland provide, and our responsibilities towards maintaining and supporting them. Each of its 10 principles articulate the relationship between people and trees in the UK in the 21st Century.  

If, like me, you value our individual trees, woods and forests why not visit the site, read their ‘10 principles’ and then sign The Tree Charter?

28 March 2019Manor Farm Barn Conversion?

Yet another attempt to develop land at Manor Farm. 

See Cold Ashby Views and Comment Page for the story thus far.


27 March 2019Bus Service Saved Again!



The Rambler is indebted to Village Link (Issue 92 April/May 2019) for the welcome news that Cold Ashby's Service 60 Bus is to continue operating for another year from this April (2019).

Our bus service, like many in rural England, is continually under threat and underfunded - see Views and Comment Page for details.

At the next meeting of Cold Ashby Parish Council, members will vote on the following proposal:

The council resolves to contribute £400 from the 2019-20 budget to support the continuation of the No. 60 bus service.


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