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10. Fay, Mrs. Sylvia

19 Barley Croft, Foxes Hey, Boughton Heath, Cheshire, CH3 5SP. March, 1990
Died 2006

When my daughter Judith had just been enrolled as a Brownie she was taken to a large gathering at The Oval, Bebington,  Lady Baden-Powell was the chief guest. There were several children there in wheelchairs and the Chief went over to talk to them. Judith suddenly started to cry, and when asked why, said that she wanted to have "poorly legs" and be in a wheelchair. When asked the reason for this she said that those children were "being touched by that lady and I do SO want her to touch me". Even at that age she had felt the magic of our beloved Lady B-P.

I was at the Glenbrook Opening when Lady B-P came along through the guard of honour. She turned her head, recognised the lady next to me and came over. Saying "hello" she called her by name and shook her hand saying how lovely it was to see her again. After she had gone on the lady next to me gasped and said "I don't believe it!” She then went on to tell me that she had met Lady B-P TEN YEARS earlier and then only briefly. It was astounding that she had remembered her name after all this time, amid the hundreds of people worldwide that she had met meanwhile.


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