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09. Currell, Miss Pat. J.

33 Penine Way, Biddulph, Staffs.
1st Branhall Guides, Cheshire
1st Essex Lones
1st Kuypersley, Staffs
SRS Maori, Bramhall

In 1946 I was a First Class Guide in a Guard of Honour outside Stockport Town Hall when the Chief Guide came to visit us.  Some years later I met her at Stafford where she was guest speaker at the County AGM. She missed the luncheon owing to the train being very late, but she insisted on only having a snack and then shaking everyone by the hand before we moved to the meeting hall.  After the general business had been dealt with she was introduced by Lady Harrowby the County President, but before embarking on her talkLady B-P removed everyone from the platform (Commissioners, President, etc.) and made them sit in the body of the hall with the rest of us!  Her talk, as always, was enthralling – and much of the time, hilarious.

I next met Lady B-P at a gathering of Staffordshire Guiders at the Blessed William Howard Schoo in Stafford.  She entertained us with many tales of her travels abroad and again found time to shake us all by the hand and talk to everyone.  I was amazed when she said she had met me before and wanted to know when and where!

I last saw her at Southwark Cathedral a few years later.

I have never ceased to admire her for setting us all such a shining example.  If there were more “Guiding Lights” in the world today, like her, we should have a very peaceful world.  She was truly a very great Lady.


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