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28 November 2017
+ Reader digs up the past and asks a question

A reader asks what would be the attitude of the establishment if Prince Harry was next in line for the throne

A reader compares Prince Harry with Edward VIII - the Duke of Windsor even to the point of how the Prince dressed at a fancy dress ball in 2005.

It shows that Prince Harry is something of a rebel and likes to do his own thing.   The brakeaway from royal tradition is not totally a bad thing.

We welcome balanced views on this in our effort to look at the matter in a different way to the media.   Perhaps our reader expresses a view that many think but are reluctant to speak about.   What do you think?

Another reader responds and says that he can't get over the resemblance to James Hewitt.   Again many think think this but are reluctant to comment.   Look at the photo on the left and you can see what the reader means.   Everyone is entitled to their opinion - what's yours?

Have made the above comments, we feel sure that the readers wish Prince Harry every happiness for the future and that the engaged couple will be great ambassadors for this county.    It's said that actions speak louder than words.

EXTRA...... Who is James Hewett?

James Lifford Hewitt (born 30 April 1958) is an English former cavalry officer in the British Army. He rose to public prominence in the mid-1990s after he disclosed a romantic affair that he had engaged in with Diana, Princess of Wales, while she was still the wife of the heir to the throne of the United Kingdom.
Source: Wikipedia

+ An indepth look at the Royal Family from an outside perspective:


Includes the first interview of Prince Harry with Meghan Markle

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