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Memories of The Neath Ferret


An active memory

The memory pages on this website
serve as a constant reminder to those
in authority about outstanding issues in
the community. 



Look out for clickable images.

Clicking on them will give you more information and an in-depth look that often goes back in time to bring back more memories. 


About the Neath Ferret - a social media website that ran from 2008 to 2018 to express the views and feelings of the residents of Neath, it dealt with matters often ignored by newspapers.

The format was to allow readers to be the news reporters and for the editorial team to follow up as and when necessary.

The topics raised were often a source of information for councilors who cared for Neath, providing them with valuable feedback on various issues.

Often readers presented ideas and suggestions to improve social amenities.

The Readers Letter page (the twitter page) allowed readers to express their personal views with a means to reply to the writer, often leading to long discussions as other readers joined in with their views.

The use of pseudonyms was allowed, and even encouraged, to avoid family and friends falling out over the views expressed, sometimes just a  first name was sufficient to protect the identity of the writer.

On the subject of security, The Neath Ferret was more secure than Facebook and other social media websites because absolutely NO  information was gathered or stored on users

Now after over ten years, and in excess of 11,700 posts to the reader's letters page, the Neath Ferret is just a memory and this is reflected in our menu with an archive of posts. Letters were published after being checked by a moderator, who must be forgiven for the odd slip-up and over-sight, proving that he/she is only human.

There are also ten memory pages, covering the lifetime on what has often been a controversial social media website. 

The contributors to the Neath Ferret have presented their views and opinions in good faith and trust that they have accepted in the same way.

The LINKS page, however, still provides an active connection to established sources for the time being.     As for the other pages, they contain memories, some of which will last a lifetime.  They are pages that viewers can return to time and time again.  Many images will hopefully remind councillors, and full-time council officers. of what needs to be done in the community.

Our NEWS ARCHIVE page in the menu goes back to 2010 and serves as a record of what this website covered - just click on a headline to get the complete story.

Finally, we must thank all those who have contributed to this website in one way or another and in particular Mike Davies who has produced some breath-taking photographs and videos over the lifetime of the Neath Ferret.



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