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Free Christmas Car Parking in Neath


Neath Port Talbot Council will be offering free parking in Neath, Port Talbot and Pontardawe pay and display car parks from Saturday, December 15, to Tuesday, January 1 (both days inclusive).

This is an improvement on last year's offer, including an extra weekend at the start of the free parking period.



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More local than the Evening Post


Neath Ferret to be buried at the end of the year



After nearly 11 years of activity, the Neath Ferret will be just a memory at the end of the year. Perhaps someone else will produce a similar website to highlight the needs of the community of Neath, at least we hope so.

We are proud of the fact that over 11,600 posts have been received on our Readers Letters page and that we have given the opportunity for so many readers to express their views on a wide variety of topics.

We are sure that there are some who will rejoice at the news, mainly those  in office who have been criticised by readers.  We would, however, like to think that all this has be done in good faith and has been accepted as such.

We thank all those who have helped to make the Neath Ferret a lively controversial website.






Mike Davies is a Neath Weather Watcher and is certainly trying to put Neath on the weather map.   Above is a recent picture shown on a BBC weather forecast. To see others that have appeared on television, click on the link below:




rivate Eye

Read by those who care for Neath
Ignored by those who don't


The website that upholds

FREEDOM within the law


Let's take pride in our castle

Remember that Neath was named after its castle (Castell-nedd)

Beacause we live with it we tend to take it for granted.   The Americans would love have this in the USA - if they did just imagine how they would treat it and promote it.

Is this listed Grade ii structure being looked after the way it should be?
Readers give their views in READERS LETTERS.


 Neath's multi story car park - known by residents as the cheese grater because of its unusual design.   Photo by Google. 

FREE parking on the third floor after 3:00pm






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Terms and Conditions 

 Briefly these are as follows:

The Neath Ferret looks out for problems in the community with the aim of bringing them to the attention of those in authority.

Readers are invited to express themselves on the understanding that they are responsible for what they write.  They are requested to be respectful to others - who will be given the right to reply.

The Neath Ferret editor accepts no responsibility for readers letters and does not necessarily agree with their content - or the views expressed or implied as with any other item that appears on this website.

It should be understood the Neath Ferret editor adopts a neutral policy on all material submitted and does not enter into any correspondence with any reader or third party.

Incorrect or inaccurate information may be corrected by any informed source.  The website works on the principle that there is a right to reply, and where appropriate, to present an opposing point of view.

Offensive remarks may be removed after a compliant has been received - a reason will given for doing so.

Items are published in good faith to uphold the freedom of expression that is based on the principle of free speech that we are so proud of in Britain.


We reserve the right to reject letters that are  racist, sexist, homophobic, sexually explicit, abusive or otherwise objectionable, contain swear words or other language likely to offend, break the law, condone or encourage unlawful activity. This includes breach of copyright, defamation and contempt of court.  Allowances will be made, however, when the subject matter is already in the public domain.

We must request that writers of letters give their name in case we want to contact them for further details.    When there is more than one letter on the same subject,  priority will be given to those allowing their name to be printed.

Expressing a grievance   Readers should write to us directly by using the CONTACT US form (see Menu).
They also have the right to reply on our READERS LETTER page and express their own views or make any correction that they think appropriate.  This website encourages healthy discussions in a democratic society.

In conflicting matters, and repetitive situations, the editorial team reserves the right to terminate a subject, especially when it is likely to confuse the majority of readers after editorial space has been used to clarify the case in point.

As stated above, Items are published in good faith to uphold the freedom of expression that is based on the princple of free speech that we are so proud of in Britain.


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The Neath Ferret became a GOLD standard website in 2012














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