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23 March 2018Who speaks for Neath?

Who speaks for Neath?

A reader has written in asking:  "Who speaks for Neath at Westminster and the Welsh Assembly?"

The reader states that Steven Kinnock MP often speaks about the works in Port Talbot.

Surely the empty Metal Box works at Neath should be qustioned about its future - especially as it is now owned by NPT Council?  Drawing attention to this large works may help to get things going.

20 March 2018The Beast from the East

The Beast from the East

It was too cold for many to venture out - but not for Mike Davies who has just put a photographic record on Youtube.   See the copy we have put on our home page. 

17 March 2018+ St Patricks Day

Exclusive by Mike Davies

St Patrick's Day - 2018

St. Patrick's stone at Banwen

See our front page to see who else was at Banwen to remember St. Patrick.

Exclusive images by Mike Davies 

+ Internet Search 

Information on the Banwen connection with St Patrick is mentioned on Wikipedia:

"The name Banwen clearly derives from the elements Ban and Wen meaning "height" or "summit" and "blessed" or "white" respectively. The name occurs frequently throughout the area. (as the name of a class of fields in Brynlloi, an open common Brynamman and a farm Cwmgrenig) suggesting an ancient continuity.

Saint Patrick

The village is notable for the local tradition that it was the birthplace of Saint Patrick. This is supported by the writings most widely attributed to him, The Confession of St, Patrick, in which the saint gives his birthplace as Banavem Taburniae or Banna Venta Berniae on the west coast of Britain. Both names are possible Latin cognates for the Celtic name Banwen."

Our comment:

Perhaps one of our local historians may have more information on this.

BBC Report:

Was St Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, a Welshman?

By Lucy BallingerBBC Wales News

As people across the world prepare to celebrate the life of one of the world's most famous Irishmen, was St Patrick actually Welsh?

For many, St Patrick's Day commemorations will centre around pub crawls and street parades, but in one small village in west Wales a more sedate celebration will be taking place.

Patrick, or Padrig in Welsh, was born around 387 AD and was known as Maewyn (Welsh for devoted friend) Succat (a Pagan term for warlike).

He is believed to have come from Bannavem Taburniae, which could be Banwen in Neath Port Talbot, where every year a service is held in his honour.

The annual event sees a small collection of residents, historians and school children congregate beside a plaque left in memory of the patron saint of Ireland, before they retire to a community centre for a cup of tea.

16 March 2018Fake or real news?

Reader comments on lack of local news

A reader reports on an alleged break in at the Waunceirch Tesco Express Store in the early hours of last Sunday morning and states he only knew about this from a comment on Facebook  Has any other reader information on this?

13 March 2018Rare sight

Passenger train on the Neath to Brecon line 10/03/2018

A rare sight 

We do not often see a passenger train on these lines today apart from a
little freight
This caught me by surprise as she came from London Paddington, Cardiff
Central,  after returning to the Neath & Brecon Junction and reversing
she commences a second long climb on a ten mile remnant of the former
Neath & Brecon Railway to Onllwyn, and the the remains of the  Seven Sisters station, which closed in 1962, by the time they reach the end of the line they would have gained considerable altitude and the scenery  become quite wild and remote.
  .............Mike Davies

As previously stated on this website, this line has great potential - it is simply waiting for someone to realise what a great attraction and money spinner it could be.

08 March 2018 Football vision report

When will the UK have mixed sex football  teams?

Football is one of the most popular female sports, with about 30 million girls and women playing it worldwide. But in several countries, girls are not allowed to play. In others, they are discriminated against. Even in football-crazy Brazil, women come up against a lot of challenges as Irene Caselli, Claudia Jardim and Mariangela Maturi found when they spoke to well-established and aspiring female footballers in Africa, Europe and Latin America.

"It was just me, a girl in the middle of a lot of boys," says Marta Vieira da Silva, the Brazilian football legend who is better known just as Marta. 

Not only does she hold the record for the most goals scored at the Women's World Cup, she is also the only woman to have been named the world's best female footballer five times.

Nevertheless, Marta says she did not have an easy time of it starting out in football.

It is bound to happen sooner than later - but when?

Let's have your comments on our Twitter Page.

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