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16 November 2018Neath development plans

2018 - The year of development in Neath Port Talbot 

NPT Council reveal their development plans:


Leave your comments on our READERS LETTERS page.


16 November 2018Theresa May on LBC

Theresa May answers listeners questions on LBC earlier today


And Nigel Farage reflects on the previous day:

15 November 2018Memories 3

More Neath Ferret memories added to the menu

As we run up to the end of the year and the end of the Neath Ferret as we know it, we present MEMORIES 3 in our menu.

Every image reflects on something we have covered over the last 10 years.

More memories will appear next week.   It gets more exciting every week.

Have you a memory that you would like us to try and find in our NEWS archives?   If so, drop us a line in READERS LETTERS.   We won't say who made the request -  unless you ask us to.

11 November 2018Remembrance day



A memory of 11/11 a hundred years ago.

May the memories of the past be a guide for our future.

11 November 2018Reader reports on a refuse collection.

Secret video recordings are being planned to record refuse collections

Following a shocking report by a Neath resident in Readers Letters, it is alleged that several residents have got together to video refuse collections in various areas in Neath with the aim of putting it on Youtube.

The residents claim that some of the 'bin men' have no pride in their job and have no respect for residents who pay their wages through council tax.

The refuse collectors will not know when or where they are being filmed.
It has been said the only way to tackle the problem is to film and shame with the hope that video evidence will help the authorities to take appropriate action.

09 November 2018Prediction: Fly tripping to rise sharply

New system of collecting garden waste is going to increase FLY TIPPING

A flyer delivered to every household in NPT gives information on collecting waste from next year.   The GREEN sacks for garden waste can be used straight away.   Households will receive ONLY 2 FREE SACKS, but more can be bought at £1 per sack from the Council's website.

It is predicted that the new system will see an increase in fly tipping and in the end will cost the Council more money to clear it, as the present clear sacks will no-longer be collected.

30 October 2018 + Former Neath MP speaks out

+ Former Neath MP opens a can of worms in House of Lords


This video has been deleted from YOUTUBE.  We allege that there is another story behind this.  The can of worms could be bigger than first thought.

As an interim measure, we publish the following BBC report:

Background story

The Daily Telegraph printed an allegation about a businessman, but was prevented from naming him by a court injunction.    There have since been allegations that Peter Hain is in some way connected with the law firm who represents the newspaper.

It must be said that Philip Green refutes the allegations.    Readers discuss the matter on our Letters Page.

29 October 2018New video as remembrance day approaches

New Youtube video from Neath Wizard

A video that reminds us of the past has just been uploaded to the Wizard 327 Youtube Channel.

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