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13 December 2017Where's your bin

Potential Bin Problem - who is responsible for bins on pavements?

Is the council covered with liability insurance for THEIR property on pavements?

A reader writes:

"Neath Port Talbot council have as we all are aware issued the following to house holders, Wheelie bins,
1 Hessian Bag for Cardboard, Hessian Bag for plastic and metal, plastic box for glass, plastic box for paper an green box for food waste.

Many pavements in the area are only approximately three foot wide; Tonna is an area which comes to mind with me. therefore my question is this, when all these are placed out on the pavement in the evening ready for collection the following morning, if a person should fall over any of these in the dark and injury themselves, who is liable?? The householder or the Council who “instruct” us to place them out on the pavements, because it is inevitable someone is in the future going have an accident possibly resulting in a serious injury."

Maybe this is a case for 'No win -no fee'  lawyers.  Remember the TV adverts: 'When you have an accident and it is not your fault, contact us.'

ALSO.... Consideration must be given to the way council workers (the bin men) leave the bags and bins on pavements AFTER emptying them - usually they are just dumped in any old fashion.

Let's have your comments in READERS LETTERS.

08 December 2017Morriston Hospital A&E Overload

Morriston Hospital A&E cannot cope

A reader writes and says his wife was lying on the floor for over four hours waiting for an ambulance because there were eleven ambulances in a queue at Morriston Hospital A&E unit at 4:00am in the morning (8/12.17).
The same reader comments about the closure of the A&E unit at Baglan Moors Hospital - see Readers Letters.

08 December 2017`+ Parking charges increase

+ NPT Parking Charges to go up

Reader reports

"Readers might like to note that NPT are consulting on new car parking charges throughout the council's area. At Gnoll Country Park, you can currently park for a daily charge of £2. They now propose that you pay £2.50 for up to 4 hours and £4 for the day. The season ticket for the Gnoll would rise from £40 to £52 - that's an increase of a staggering 30%. Everything is going up - basic charging in the car parks around town, and permits for residents' parking. The Devil is all in the detail - see NPT's website. And just you wait until you see next year's council tax." bill.

+ Another reader writes:

"It would appear that this council are determine to grab as much money as possible out of the public of Neath and destroy the town, just look at what to me is a vindictive move when at a cost of thousands of pounds they painted double yellow lines on both sides of the “road to nowhere” approximately a half mile of road i.e. the Millands road leading down to the site of the now closed “Metal Box” to prevent the parking which has gone on for years without any problems, there can only be one reason for this which is an attempt to force drivers into the adjacent car park."


Remember that councillors who care for Neath read this website, so make your views known in READERS LETTERS.

07 December 2017+ NHS - the end is coming ?

A reader writes:

+ A insurance scheme to replace the NHS ?

A reader firmly believes that an insurance scheme will replace the NHS.

The pressure on the NHS cannot be sustained and the reader believes that this will result in an insurance scheme.   Do other readers share this view?

Our Twitter page gives readers the opportunity to give their views and to comment on what this reader thinks is coming to the UK in the future.

+ Comment....

Pehaps the medial profession may force an insurance scheme on us - they have the power to do so.   If terms and conditions do not suit them then it could certainly happen.   Remember what happened with the Dental Professsion, many dentists went private and worked with dental plans when revised charges were introduced - and that happened under a Labour Government!

Stan makes a point by saying that heath services appear to work well, if not better, in other European countries.   Do you agree?


04 December 2017Super Moon over Neath

Mike Davies captures Super Moon

It happens when a full moon approximately coincides with the moon's perigee, or a point in its orbit at which it is closest to Earth. This makes the moon appear up to 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than usual. The moon becomes totally full at 10:47 a.m. EST (1547 GMT) on Sunday (Dec. 3). It will officially reach perigee less than 24 hours later on Monday (Dec. 4) at 3:45 a.m. EST (0845 GMT), when it is 222,135 miles (357,492 kilometers) away from Earth.

To view more on the Neath Sky at Night see:


04 December 2017Scouts do a Christmas Service for OAP

Scouts do what the Post Office won't

As they have done in previous years, the Scouts will be delivering Christmas mail to households.   Collection points will include Tesco convenience stores, including the one at Waunceirch where the Royal Mail have refused to install a mail collection box.

The Scouts charge less than the Royal Mail - and its for a good cause.  Supporting the Scouts means you will be supporting youngsters whose aim is to do a good deed.

02 December 2017Royal Mail slowly going down the pan

Less Christmas Cards will be posted this year.   Less mail posted as Post Offices close and with areas with no collection boxes

Source: Daily Telegraph

Apart from the Internet, the Royal Mail is largely to blame for their demise.   Closing Post Offices and not providing letter collection boxes in residential areas is largely to blame.    As their service decreases so will their profits.

02 December 2017No post box to post Christmas cards

Folk in Bryncoch South - Rhiwlas - Fernlea Park etc - etc -etc CANNOT post their Christmas Cards

This is because the Royal Mail could not care less.  Dispite four housing developments, two by Barratt and one by Wimpey and Redrow, no mail collection boxes have been added to the area since building started in the 1990s.  Also the Royal Mail have refused to install one in their Waunceirch Express store because of its size compared to their larger supermarkets.

All this means that elderly folk and those with no cars cannot post their Christmas cards themselves.   Their one time bus service has been taken away.

Bryncoch South Councillors have been aware of the situation and have been asked to pursue the matter.

A website was made sometime ago to highlight the problem of living on top of a hill where the housing sites were built.

Many people moved to the area because of the bus service that was once available.

Read more about this problem:


01 December 2017Salvation Army - where is it?

Reader asks:

+ Where is the Salvation Army?

In a tweet about the homeless in Neath, a reader asks where is the Salvation Army, who are currently asking for funds in an ITV advert.

On GOOGLE they are advertising jobs.   The reader suggests that maybe they can help the beggars and homeless people blighting Neath.

Why can't our councillers co-ordinate with the Salvation Army?+ In Readers Letters, a reader states how he believes the Salvation Army Works.   He alleges that they get funds from the Government.   If this is the case then why do we see so many beggars around our town?


28 November 2017Bryncoch South Website Updated

With a new councillor elected the Bryncoch South website has been updatedhttp://www.spanglefish.com/bryncochsouth

Included are a list of outstanding issues - it's a handy reference website for councillors and residents.

28 November 2017+ Reader digs up the past and asks a question

A reader asks what would be the attitude of the establishment if Prince Harry was next in line for the throne

A reader compares Prince Harry with Edward VIII - the Duke of Windsor even to the point of how the Prince dressed at a fancy dress ball in 2005.

It shows that Prince Harry is something of a rebel and likes to do his own thing.   The brakeaway from royal tradition is not totally a bad thing.

We welcome balanced views on this in our effort to look at the matter in a different way to the media.   Perhaps our reader expresses a view that many think but are reluctant to speak about.   What do you think?

Another reader responds and says that he can't get over the resemblance to James Hewitt.   Again many think think this but are reluctant to comment.   Look at the photo on the left and you can see what the reader means.   Everyone is entitled to their opinion - what's yours?

Have made the above comments, we feel sure that the readers wish Prince Harry every happiness for the future and that the engaged couple will be great ambassadors for this county.    It's said that actions speak louder than words.

EXTRA...... Who is James Hewett?

James Lifford Hewitt (born 30 April 1958) is an English former cavalry officer in the British Army. He rose to public prominence in the mid-1990s after he disclosed a romantic affair that he had engaged in with Diana, Princess of Wales, while she was still the wife of the heir to the throne of the United Kingdom.
Source: Wikipedia

+ An indepth look at the Royal Family from an outside perspective:


Includes the first interview of Prince Harry with Meghan Markle

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