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17 October 2017Homelessness

Reader says there is a Christian way of dealing with homelessness

A reader says (letters page) disused churches and chapels should be used to give shelter to homeless folk.    The Savation Army (always around at Christmas time) could be involved in the task together with others having a Christian spirit.

According to the media, there are 7 churches for sale in Wales.
It is a well known fact that the Church of England and the Church in Wales have assets that could be used to help the needy.

Someone is required to co-ordinate a plan to help those in need.
Councllors were elected to help those who need help - now is the time to prove that they are a valuable asset to the community.


15 October 2017Danger in rubbish

DANGER --- A reader warns of the possibility of needles in rubbish

Needles and syringes should be disposed of safely using a sharps box. If you find a syringe or needle in a public area then do not touch it but report it to the council as soon as possible. They will then have it removed safely.

14 October 2017Shock sight in Neath

Where is this in NEATH?

A reader has sent us this photograph - we are trying to find out where it is.    Has any reader seen anything similar in Neath?

Coming soon ..... a facility where you can send an E-note to your councillor.    This will enable residents to report situations like like this directly to the councillor covering the area.


We have followed this up and the arrow on the photo below reveals the area:

The cars are in Morrisons car park


12 October 2017+ Swan problem at Neath

+ No headroom for Neath Swans

at Bridge Street in Neath

A readers asks: "Is Neath the only town where swans have to get out of the canal, cross the road and re-join the canal the other side?
This has been ongoing since they took the hump back bridge away, as the canal was once used by barges."

Who owns the swans?

By prerogative right, the British Crown enjoys ownership of all unmarked mute swans in open water. Rights over swans may, however, be granted to a subject by the Crown (accordingly they may also be claimed by prescription.)[1] The ownership of swans in a given body of water was commonly granted to landowners up to the 16th century.

Source: Wikipedia

Comment......... We think that HM will not be amused by this news item.

+ A reader has suggested signs to warn motorists of swans crossing the road in Bridge Streer, Neath.    This is not so funny as it sounds as it has been done elsewhere.   Perhaps Neath Environmental Groups will take an interest and follow this up.

Here's the canal bridge with no swans in sight:

Google Photo

In the distance is the main rail line bridge over the road.

12 October 2017PETE NORTH BLOG

We go another mile further

Two readers have mentioned the political blog of PETER J NORTH - so we have put it in our menu to get reactions.

Who is Peter J North?

Pete North is Reader in Alternative Economies. He gained his BA in History and Politics in 1984. After a few years working for the Departments of Employment, Trade and Industry, and Environment, he gained his MA in Peace Studies from the University of Bradford (1993) and his PhD from the School for Advanced Urban Studies at the University of Bristol (1997). He was a post-doctoral Research Associate on a project on Local Business Representation in Local Economic Development at the University of Sheffield (1996-7). Between 1997 and 2002 he was Senior Research Fellow at the Local Economy Policy Unit at South Bank University. He joined the University of Liverpool in 2002. His research focuses on: (1) Low carbon transitions at the city and community level, especially processes of policy formation and partnership working between the public, private and community sectors around strategies for local economic development within an overall framework of resource constraint, climate change and economic crisis; (2) the politics of climate change and ecologically-focused social movements engaged in struggles about the implications of anthropogenic climate change and resource constraints for both humans and the wider ecosystems upon which we depend; and, (3) using micropolitical and ‘economic alterity’ frameworks, the social and solidarity economies as tools for constructing and rethinking alternative geographies of money, entrepreneurship, and livelihoods.

Source: His website:

Copy link and paste to your browser.


11 October 2017British Steel Pension

British Steel Pension Changes

A letter on our letter page reveals changes to the British Steel Pension Scheme.   

To help members of the scheme, we give below the British Steel websites, which give more details.    

Meetings are to be arranged in Port Talbot for questions and answers.



03 October 2017Where's our town?

Where is Neath Port Talbot on the Wales Weather Map?

Coming soon on the Neath Ferret- something to make up for this deficiency.   It will be our way of putting Neath on the BBC weather map.

Shown above is a screen shot of BBC weather forecaster, Derek Brockway, presenting a Welsh weather forecast.

Derek Brockway (born 29 October 1967) is a Welsh meteorologist. After 30 years employed by the Met Office he joined the BBC in October 2016. Brockway is based at BBC Wales in Cardiff, Wales and presents weather forecasts on radio, television and online as well as appearing in other programmes. He is a keen walker and Welsh language learner.

Source: Wikipedia

02 October 2017Russian in Cyprus

A NF mini investigation after a reader's comments about Russians in Cyprus

Videos on Youtube reveal a lot of what is happening in Cyprus.   A reader said she would never go there on holiday again.   We think this video explains why she said this:



01 October 2017Neath Food & Drink Festival

High level of security at Neath Food & Drink Festival

A high level of security was apparent at this year's event, but the biggest enemy was the weather.

Our front page includes a video of the event taken at a quiet period.  Between the showers a large crowd of visitors enjoyed browsing around the colourful stalls.







A great effort was made by the stall holders in spite of the weather.  Here's a photo that shows that Saturday was a day for umbrellas:

Cameraman - Mike Davies

As stated in our headline, there was a high level of security for this event, which Mike Davies avoided filming for security reasons   It is comforting to know that events like this are receiving special attention by our security services.

01 October 2017Eating Out in Neath

A brand new website: EATING OUT IN NEATH


A website that looks at hygiene standards.   There are some surprises waiting to be seen.

Information from official sources is used as a guide as to where to eat out in Neath

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