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20 August 2017Breaking News - Janice Dudley dies

Breaking News

Shock News: Cllr Janice Dudley dies

Jason Reynolds of Neath Heritage Scene has just reported the sudden death of Cllr Janice Dudley, the Mayor of Neath Port Talbot.   Jason says he picked up the news from Facebook with Bethan Jenkins AM saying how shocked she is at the news, which has yet to filter through to the media form official sources.

Wales on Line Reports:

"The mayor of Neath Port Talbot has died suddenly after becoming ill at a public event.

Councillor Janice Dudley was guest of honour at the Round the Pier Swim, at Aberavon Beach on Saturday.

The local politician was in attendance to officially start the race.

But according to event organiser Bernard Donovan she was unable to carry out her role.

Mr Donovan said: “The mayor was taken ill, she suffers from asthma and had a very bad asthma attack and had to be taken into A&E but the race went ahead.”

On Sunday night it emerged that Mrs Dudley has subsequently passed away, leading to tributes from local politicians."

The Ediorial team of this website send their condolences her nearest and dearest.

19 August 2017Special Police

A flashback to the war when 'Special" Police' were in service

A reader writes about the use of 'Specials" - see Letter Page.

The photo below shows a 'special' police officer pictured with his car outside the Civic Centre in Swansea.   Note the dent on the side caused by flying debris during an air raid.



18 August 2017Where can i take the children?

Where to go during the holidays

There is more in a new website with suggestions of where to go during the school holidays.   It shows places in and around Neath where you can take your family - away from the TV and iPad.   Supporting local venues will hopefully encourage the organisers to do more.

Visit the website:


Editorial Note:   This is a brand new website and it will take a few weeks before Google picks it up.

17 August 2017Barcelona - a warning for Neath

Barcelona street attack - a warning for Neath's September Street Fair

The latest drive and kill incident has just taken place in Spain.  These copy-cat killings are a cause for concern and something that could happen anywhere, including Britain's biggest street fair due to take place in Neath in September.

The authorities must plan ahead with measures to stop vehicle access to street stalls.   Appropriate action will give visitors the confidence that their safety is assured for them to enjoy a great shopping experience.

Below we give a street plan for the stalls and the access points to them.

Image Source: NPT Council website.

17 August 2017Evening Post v METRO

A reader writes about the Evening Post and compares it with the METRO

The Metro is a free newspaper published in tabloid format in the United Kingdom by DMG Media (part of Daily Mail and General Trust). It is distributed from Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) on many public-transport services and stations in cities and towns across the United Kingdom. Distributors have also been employed to hand out copies to pedestrians.

The paper was launched in London on 16 March 1999, and can now be found in many towns and cities across the UK. It is part of the same media group as the Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday, although, in some areas, Metro operates as a franchise with a local newspaper publisher, rather than as a wholly owned concern. In 2017, it became the most-read newspaper in the UK, according to monthly NRS figures.

Source: Wikipedia.

The South Wales Evening Post costs 65p per copy.
Read more in Readers Letters.

16 August 2017Del Boy at the Gnoll

Del Boy at the Gnoll Classic Car Show

A classic shot by Mike Davies

Derek Edward Trotter, more commonly known as Del Boy (born 12 July 1945), is the fictional lead character in the popular BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses and one of the main characters of its prequel, Rock & Chips. He was played by David Jason in the original series and was portrayed as a teenager by James Buckley in the prequel. Del is known for his broken chineas quotes which are usually completely out of context and a variety of catchphrases, including: "He who dares – wins!", "This time next year we'll be millionaires", "Lovely Jubbly!", "You know it makes sense" (which he usually says to his customers after they've agreed on a deal) and "You plonker!" (which he usually says to Rodney).


15 August 2017Train fares

A reader writes in about train fare maddness

A reader makes a fair comment about rail fares increases next year.   Some of the rail franchises are owned by foreign companies who apparently get the benefit.   How many of our readers agree that it is time that this country controlled the trains that run on our tracks?

14 August 2017Meteor Shower

Mike Davies captures a shot from the Perseid Meteor Shower

14 August 2017Classic Motor Show at Gnoll Park

Skewen Motor Club Classic Car Show Gnoll Park 13th Aug 2017

Filmed and presented by Mike Davies

14 August 2017Councillor Quiz 2

Neath Port Talbot Councillors - Get to know them

No. 2 - What is common to these councillors?

Answer in menu

Coming Soon:

'My Councillor' - a facility that enables to you to find your councillor and write directly to him/her.   Simple and innovative.

12 August 2017+ Wow! The cinema at Brynaman

Wow! Look at we found on Youtube - the Public Hall Cinema at Brynaman

This video is ideal for Welsh speakers - but remember, a video is better than a thousand words.

Running time: 5 minutes approx.

Includes an appearance by Roy Noble - BBC broadcaster.

+ The Community Spirit at Brynaman

Although its way outside the boundary of Neath, we highlight here the community spirit at the village of Brynaman.   It shows what can be done when residents get together for a common aim.    The community is something of a role model - an example of what can be done in the villages around Neath Port Talbot.

Look at this video to see what we mean:

11 August 2017+ + The cinema that time forgot

The cinema that time forgot at Resolven

A reader is feeling pretty sore over the fact that money is being spent on the Plaza cinema Port Talbot while another in mint condition is being forgotton - The Miners Welfare Hall at Resolven.

Mike Davies writes:

"If Port Talbot can get the “Plaza cinema” up and running what about the cinema that time forgot “The miners Welfare Hall Resolven” Built in the 1900s.
The cinema was once pre-dated with a sprung floor, the auditorium has for many years played host to “The Resolven Operatic Society”
It had a 340-seat auditorium which exists to this day, but alas the last film shown was in the early 1900’s
 The local miners paid one penny a week to help build this Iconic building
It would be a shame to see it never used again as we have no cinema in the whole vale of Neath.
I can well remember going there the programme would change mid-week and they always showed the top films.
And it was the first cinema in and around the Neath area to project film in wide screen--- Cinemascope.
Have any of our councillor’s ever been inside this cinema, if not they should, they would be truly amazed, let’s get this show on the road again--- or should I say back on the big screen in The Miners Welfare Hall Resolven."

Editorial Note

The cinema at Brynamman is very successful, just click on the link below to see for yourself:


+ A reader writes:

"Aren't councillors supposed to help the community?
If I were councillor for Resolven I would look into this and find out the possibilities.
I would go over to Brynaman and find out why the cinema there is so successful.
Councillors must take more interest in their patch and must be seen do so.
Let's have some more feedback on this."


Ed Note.   Councillor for Resolven shown on right,

Image source: NPT Council website.

Posted by Charlie  on 11 August 2017

++ Resolven art by Garfield Evans

Some time ago Mike Davies filmed the paintings of local atrtist, Garfield Evans, that was on show in the lounge bar of the cinema, which still is in use:

11 August 2017Menu trim

Trimmed MENU as a trial

We have trimmed our menu by turning off pages that are not active - bearing in mind we can restore them as and when required, or by request.

Any page, blogs in particular, that have not been updated for two weeks will be turned off until the author adds to it, either through our letters page or by direct means.

This is better than letting pages get old and stale and going into an archive mode.    There may be exceptions like the information pages, which we know are constantly looked at.

We believe that there are too many websites on the Internet that are not updated regularly as they should be, so we have done something to freshen up our image, at least, we have made a start.

07 August 2017+ NPT Councillors No. 1

Neath Port Talbot Councillors - Get to know them

No. 1 - Lady Councillors

To make this feature more interesting it is the form of a quiz.  Below are all the lady councillors except one.  Can you name the ones below and find out who is missing?

Who is who?

Who are the Plaid Cymru Councillors? 

Who are the two Independent Councilors?

Who are the Liberal Councillors?

Which ones represent NEATH and district wards?

Which one was once a singer entertainer on a cruise ship?*

You can find out on the NPT Council's website.  Simply copy and paste the link below into your browser:


The missing lady councillor will appear on this website later this week.

+ See MENU for answers.

06 August 2017Who is who at NPT admim

Revealed - Those in control at NPT

Here's a screen shot from the Neath Port Talbot Council website - it reveals those in charge of the day to day running of the council:

The elected councillors have to pass what takes place - BUT the big question is it a case of rubber stamping the decisions already made?   Attendances at council meetings are often open to question.

How the Council works:


06 August 2017Port Talbot gets the cash

SWEP reports that Port Talbot gets the cash

06 August 2017The wonder of steam trains

Steam train enthusiasts will love this video  - filmed in Neath and Baglan


05 August 2017Train at Lidl

A train for thought.    This image may inspire someone for the future

No notes were sent in with this photograph of a passenger train near the Lidl food store at Neath.   It is on the track from the Dulais valley and is thought to be a tour excursion.   It does, however, show the closeness of the railway line to a shopping area and how easily a boarding platform could be built there for a METRO TRAIN service, which would reduce road congestion and pollution.   Above all, it shows that the line can handle passenger traffic.

At Neath Abbey the rail track is just as close to the Tesco Extra store and the remains of the Abbey heritage site, now under the care of Cadw.

04 August 2017+ Facial hair attraction

+ A reader writes about facial hair on men and the reason for it

A reader suggests that some men are being influenced by Muslims and also to show their manliness.   Another reason is vanity and the desire to stand out in a crowd.  Maybe the real reason is to attract the opposite sex.

Can you spot the Neath Port Talbot Councillor in the image below who has decided to grow facial hair?   The reason is not known.

To show we are not biased in anyway, we picture below other councillors with facial hair.    Are there any we missed?

To see photographs of all the other councillors and the wards they represent, copy and paste the link below into your browser:


+ Follow up - a reader has a bright idea

"Well, it's one way of getting to know your councillors, that is, putting their photo on this website. What great mug-shots!
It has made me, and possibly many other readers, aware of who our councillors are. To many, they have just been names on ballot papers, so is it possible to have more photos on this website?  
It would certainly be interesting to see our lady councillors, and this would be of particular interest to 'ordinary' women.
In my opinion it is time we got to know more more about our councillors and for them to take more interest in this website."

The editorial team like this idea and think it is time we highlighted our councillors in a positive way.   Starting next week we will publish a series on our councillors.   It will be ladies first as we publish photos of all the lady councillors to see if you can name them.


04 August 2017Reader's concern about plastic

A reader has expressed concern about plastic.  Read about the dangers

There is now abundant research that links BPA and phthalate exposure to such human health concerns as deformities of the male and female genitals; premature puberty in females; decreased sperm quality; and increases in breast and prostate cancers,miscarriages, obesity, type 2 diabetes, allergies

As these chemicals are ingested by animals in the ocean, this is not good for humans. We as humans ingest contaminated fish and mammals. Other types of toxic plastics are BPA or health-bisphenol-A, along with phthalates,  Both of these are of great concern to human health..

More info: (copy and paste to your browser)


03 August 2017The Revlon Girl

Did you miss it?    Here's the reaction of the audience - see if there is anyone you know >>>

The production is now off to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and its 70th Anniversary.

The Fringe story dates back to 1947, when eight theatre groups turned up uninvited to perform at the (then newly formed) Edinburgh International Festival, an initiative created to celebrate and enrich European cultural life in the wake of the Second World War.

Not being part of the official programme of the International Festival didn’t stop these performers, they just went ahead and staged their shows on the fringe of the Festival anyway, coining the phrase and the name – the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Since the dawn of this spontaneous artistic movement, millions have flocked to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to produce, and to enjoy art of every genre. 

If you want to know more about the play and the story line just watch the trailers at end of the above video.

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