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23 September 2018Jeremy Corbin speaks out

Over recent weeks we have featured Lib Dems and the Tory party, so we now feel we should balance views by presenting something from the Labour party who have their annual conference this weekend.


23 September 2018Jeramey

22 September 2018A letter beyond the limit?

Reader condones homosexuals

A reader criticises the editorial team and the comments sent in on homosexuality arising from the visit of Franklin Graham (son of Billy Graham) to the UK.

Going a step further, the reader criticises other posts, including the recent one about Donald Trump, even although the content appeared word for word with what was printed in the Guardian newspaper, as well as others.

Comments on the burka made by Boris Johnson, widely mentioned in the media, was also mentioned by the reader.

You can read more and the reactions of others in Readers Letters.   But please don't react by shooting the messinger.

21 September 2018Treat Britain with respect - Theresa May

Theresa May: Treat Britain with Respect

21 September 2018Brand New - the latest on Brexit

Brand New - the latest from Nigel Farage

21 September 2018Reader speaks out on homosexuality and so does Franklin Graham

Reader supports Franklin Graham on Homosexuality

See readers letters.


21 September 2018Jeff’s Post reveals shock report

Jeff"s Post: More revealing news found tucked away on Internet

Nearly half of sick and disabled people who were in receipt of the highest mobility rate of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) were denied the equivalent level of support when moved to Personal Independence Payment (PIP), a Freedom of Information (FOI) request has revealed.

Read more on Jeff's Post (menu) out every Saturday.

19 September 2018Unveiling of Plaque of Allan Leonard Lewis

Memorial Plaque unveiling at Neath Rail Station

Allan Leonard Lewis VC (28 February 1895 – 21 September 1918) was an English recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded British and Commonwea forces.

Lewis was 23 years old, and a Lance-Corporal in the 6th Battalion, The Northamptonshire Regiment, British Army during the First World War when the following deed took place for which he was awarded the VC.

On 18 September 1918 at Rossnoy, near Lempire, France, Lance-Corporal Lewis was in command of a section on the right of the attacking line, held up by intense machine-gun fire. He saw that two guns were enfilading the line and crawled forward alone, successfully bombed the guns and by rifle fire made the whole team surrender. On 21 September he rushed his company through the enemy barrage, but was killed while getting his men under cover from heavy machine-gun fire.


It should be mentioned that Allan Leonard Lewis live here in Neath and worked for the GWR, hence the plaque at the railway station.

18 September 2018Liberal Party Conference

Reader writes about the Liberal Party Conference 

A reader says the speech by Sir Vince Cable is worth listening to.  Judge it yourself.


Listen to what he says about the Tidal Lagoon in Swansea.

17 September 2018Neath Bus Station to move?

Victoria Gardens Bus Station to move to Train Station Forecourt?

A reader with his ear to the ground writes about the bus station at Victoria Gardens moving to the train station forecourt where Western Welsh buses were based in the past.

If true, it makes sense for buses to meet trains and also for passengers to be taken to the rail station.

An intergrated transport system in Neath would benefit the town.

The bus station at Victoria Gardens could be made into an ideal site for short term parking for visitors to the Gwyn Hall and events in the Gardens.

As mentioned by many readers, the future of Neath depends on parking facilities, especially for the increasing number of disabled drivers.

16 September 2018Trago Mills for Neath?

Reader suggests a Trago Mills type of development for Neath

A Trago Mills type of development would be ideal for Neath and suit the character of the town, says a reader on our letters page.

The nearest development of this type is at Merthyr Tydfil.
Swansea Road, - Merthyr Tydfil, CF48 1HT  Tel: 01685 707500

Trago Merthyr Tydfil is located just off the A470 (Swansea Road) and opposite Cyfarthfa Retail Park in Merthyr Tydfil.  Inside you will find 200,000 square feet of retail therapy, with thousands of bargains at unbeatable everyday lowest prices!

Hungry shoppers can refuel between bargain hunting at The Brickworks Café & Coffee Bar, which offers a tasty selection of light snacks and hearty meals or you can simply tuck into a slice of cake with a refreshing cuppa.  Alternatively, fish and chips, burgers and other fast food options are available from our take away – For Cod’s Sake. 

On the Piazza outside the main entrance are some small independent retailers, who offer products and food to complement what we have in store.  These include Warrens Bakery (one of the oldest bakeries in the UK and the World’s oldest commercial producer of Cornish Pasties); Bradleys Coffee Ltd (hot & cold drinks, cakes, toasties and panini); Take Thai (Thai food);  (unisex hairdresser); Feed Me Fitt (health & fitness food)…and more.

Source: Trago Mills

The reader adds that this would be more cost effective to develop than a run of the mill shopping centre.

15 September 2018Neath Fair Pics

Evening Post Excel with Fair Pictures

It was a refreashing change to see exceptionally good pictures of Neath Fair on the Evening Post - as discovered on our NEWS OGGLE website (menu).   Check out on the direct link:


Did you go to Neath Fair?   Give us your comments on READERS LETTERS.


See our home page for the fantastic videos produced by our local film maker, Mike Davies.

12 September 2018Compare the news

Compare the news

Which newspaper website do you like best?   We would rather like to know the website you like best on our NEWS OGGLE website.

Fifty news sources, including the BBC and CNN, are listed so that you can instantly jump from one to another with just a click of a button.

In addition to this, there is a means of looking at any local newspaper in the UK.   WOW! can anyone beat that?

We believe this to be the best composite news website ever made - if you find a better one we would certainly like to know about it.

  CLICK HERE TO VIEW  or go to our menu.

What is more, you don't have to log-in or give your email address.  It's so simple and effective you are sure to put it your favouries so that you can view it every day.   There is no better way to keep up with news.

Many Internet viewers don't know what they are missing - don't be one of them.

11 September 2018Go compare

What has the NEATH FERRET and LBC RADIO have in common?

A  Both allow listeners and readers to have their say in an unbiased way

LBC radio is listed on our menu where you can listen to the views of listeners as one can on our Readers Letter page.

Programmes are conducted by various presenters, including Nigel Farage.
Often similar subjects crop up as discussed on this website with the thought provoking hosts.   Check it out and let us know what you think.

10 September 2018Four working week?

Talk of a four day working week

Already it is difficult to contact some firms on a Friday afternoon when they finish early for the weekend.

A four-day working week could become a reality this century, according to the Trade Union Congress.

In a key speech to the TUC’s annual congress on Monday, general secretary Frances O’Grady will call for ever-evolving technology and communications methods to be used to improve the lives of workers and cut the number of hours spent in the office.


The question of productivity arises as the UK is below some European countries.   To balance output it is likely that 12 hour shifts will be introduced.   Workers at Port Talbot steelworks have been working 12 hour shifts for quite some time resulting in more days off.

Let's have your views in Readers Letters.

09 September 2018Telephone Nuisance Calls

Telephone Nuisance Calls - action at last

Following our report on 23rd August on telephone nuisance calls, we are pleased to report Government action to make these calls illegal with fines of £500,000 for offenders.

Press Report:

TOUGH measures designed to protect millions householders from the misery of nuisance calls about legal claims come into force today. Under the Government legislation, phone customers will be given the choice to opt-in to be contacted by businesses offering to settle claims for compensation for personal injury or mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI).


And firms which flout the new rules could face crippling fines of up to £500,000 by the Information Commissioner's Office.

The move follows growing concern about the level of unwanted communications bombarding households across the country.

Figures from the Financial Conduct Authority show that around 2.7billion unsolicited calls, texts and emails offering help with personal claims were made to telephone customers in the UK over the last year.

Minister for Digital Margot James said: “Today we are one step closer to ending the menace of nuisance calls. Our new laws mean people will now have to give consent to receive calls and have the power to choose where they seek compensation for personal injury claims or mis sold payment protection insurance.

Note....  Calls from abroad are not covered by the new laws and this is where many of the junk calls come from.   

08 September 2018What MPs have to say for themselves

An innovative way of finding out what MPs have to say for themselves

Have you ever wondered what Members of Parliament have to say outside the House of Commons?

Most MPs have their own website where they express their own views, so what we done is put together some members of the cabinet and shadow cabinet, together with some other MPs, all on one website called MP OGGLE.

You can go from MP to MP with one simple click.   It's a one stop website to find out what makes MPs tick.   No need to search for names, they are on the menu.


You will find big differences in the websites, some are more informative than others.   Many reflect the character of the MP, some are indifferent while others are warm and caring, some are not even kept up to date.

Our readers can make MP OGGLE more interesting by giving their views on  our READERS LETTERS.


08 September 2018SEWAGE is dumped in the River Neath

River Neath is an open sewer

A disgrace to the NPT Council and Welsh Water

Readers again bring up the subject of sewage being dumped in the River Neath - and worse its going to get as more houses are built in the Neath area.

It's really facical, we take pride in our homes and disinfect our toilets only to to polute our river.   No-one seems to care that the river is an open sewer.   The proof is shown below with a photograph sent in by a reader.


07 September 2018Neath September Fair

Neath September Fair

12th -15th September

A nice little earner for the council - so it seems

The Town Centre is divided into nine charging zones (you can download a plan from the council's website). Stalls are charged on a linear foot (linear metre) basis and in addition to the stall charge, a service charge payment is levied as follows, to cover the electricity supply to each stall:-

Catering units @ £36.08 per metre / £11 per linear foot

Non Catering traders @ £19.68 per metre / £6 per linear foot

For example, a Zone 1 pitch with a 3 metre / 10ft linear frontage would be charged at £300 inclusive of service charge (non catering) for the four day event.

Source: NPT website.

06 September 2018Frank Little looks at Neath Shops

Frank Little looks at some empty shops in Neath

Frank looks at some of the empty shops in Neath - see Frank Little's blog in our menu.


At least someone is speaking out.   Give your views on shopping in Neath in READERS LETTERS

04 September 2018+ Burka banter

+ Should readers take the micky with the burka?

Or is it a case of harmless banter?

Have some of our readers letters gone over the top with comments on the burka, which is now banned in eight countries but not here in the UK.

We are sure that our readers do not intend to offend anyone but just look at the head dress from a humorous angle.

The British have always had the ability to laugh at themselves but often those in other counties have failed to understand their humour.   Join readers on our Readers Letters page and add your comment.

+ An offical in Neath's Lloyds Bank was asked if anyone wearing a burka visits the branch.

The reply was that at the Cardiff branch it was a regular occurance.

Has any reader seen what happens when a burka wearer visits a bank?

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