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This website aims to entertain, surprise, inform and amuse viewers, with a facility that allows 
them to respond


Parrots are known for repeating and copying, and that is what this website does, gathering news from various sources and presenting it to viewers in a way that keeps them informed.

THE NEATH PARROT is a name that is easily remembered and is linked with NEATH ONLINE.

The NEATH PARROT intends to go that one mile further by gathering news from a variety of sources, including views from the residents of Neath and district.

Just like anything new of this nature, it will take time to get established, so follow us in our efforts to stand out from all other forms of news media.


Facebook       Unlike Facebook, we do NOT store any information about our users.    Our aim to is keep our presentation simple and straightforward.











The administrators of this website are not responsible for the advertisements that are put on by the hosting service and do not endorse them in any way whatsoever.

No responsibility is accepted for any errors, omissions or the content of any third party website linked with this one.

Every effort is made to disclose the source of news items in a format that promotes futher reading of the subject matter.

Format and design are copyright and all rights are reserved -  October 2016.

Updated January 2019

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The Neath Parrot

January 2019


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