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Neath Valley Future Flood
Floods, like in Yorkshire, could at sometime in the future, happen in the Neath Valley and the town of Neath flooded
So far we been lucky, but our luck won’t last forever with the changing weather pattern due to climate change.
The leads me to ask: is maintenance carried out on the River Neath? When was it last dredged? Are the river banks in Neath being checked and maintained?
We should check all water courses, especially the inlets and outlets and clear all debris.
Let’s take the Yorkshire floods as a warning and take action NOW.
Posted by Bert - Aberdulais on 10 November 2019
The Neath Ferret Memory
I am writing to say that I am grateful for this memory website as it is beneficial for my father who has Alzheimer's.
It brings back memories for him and it is refreshing to see the effect it has on him.
My sincere thanks to those concerned.
Posted by Jean - Cimla on 14 September 2019
Neath v Swansea Eye Sores
Neath is not alone when it comes to eye-sores. The Palace Theatre in High Street Swansea is a disgrace to the city.
It is buildings like this that attract vandals and the recent fire at the theatre is a typical example.
In Neath the Peacocks eye is certainly a vandal attraction and anything happening there would not surprise me.
I agree it is time that someone took action.
Posted by Charlie Llanwit on 13 September 2019
Cop shop now chip shop
Yes, I do feel less safe knowing that there is no Police Station near me, for the simple reason that I am living alone and am aware that crooks take advantage of the elderly - like me.
It seems to me that we are no longer living in a caring society.
Posted by John - Briton Ferry on 26 August 2019
TV Licence for over 75s
I had to laugh. Boris Johnson is on about the BBC allowing the over 75s to have a free TV Licence, when it was his government that dropped it and passed it to BBC.
Apart from that, nearly all theatres and shows have concessions for OAPs so why can’t the BBC do the same, rather than charge the full wack?
Alternatively, they could give a free TV Licence to the OAP’s who live alone. This is easily done because any OAP living alone gets a reduction on Council Tax payments - so the information is readily available.
After all, why should the whole family benefit from a free TV Licence if they living with grandpa?
Posted by Jill J on 26 August 2019
Beware of Trump
Posted on 19 August 2019
Does anyone know?
Posted on 15 August 2019
Nigel Farage
Posted on 13 August 2019
Royalty v Democracy
Posted on 10 August 2019
Donald Trump
Posted on 07 August 2019
Food Waste Bags
Posted on 07 August 2019
Music an help DEMENTIA
Posted on 03 August 2019
is it fair hmm
Posted on 02 May 2019
law court
Posted on 10 March 2019
Mayors Awards - nominations
Posted on 06 March 2019
Royal Mail
Posted on 01 March 2019
Andrew Jenkins
Posted on 28 February 2019
Fly Tipping
Posted on 26 February 2019
£52 to park car at Gnoll
Posted on 23 February 2019
Homeless Folk
Posted on 21 February 2019
Posted on 15 February 2019
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