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Nothing at all to do with Neath but an humourous newspaper cutting found marking a page in one of the archive documents.  The date and source remain unknown at present.




One of the lesser known local victims of the Titanic sinking.

A Train Incident


  Mr Evan Roberts, the revivalist, was in South Wales on Saturday, and was a traveller in the train which left Neath for Cardiff about noon.

  Mr Wm. Griffiths, of 8, The Parade, Neath, who knows the revivalist very well, was a passenger in the same compartment and relates the following incident:-

  Just as the train was leaving Neath Station a party of young men rushed in, crowding our coach, which was a corridor.  Many of them invaded our carriage, a non-smoker, and among the number was a young fellow who had a pipe in his mouth.  As he persisted in smoking, an elderly man requested him to desist, and in return was subjected to filthy abuse.

  In the corner sat a gentleman busily reading.  He remonstrated with the smoker, and proceeding, read him a severe lecture on the evils of drinking and fast living.

  By this time passengers from other compartments began to crowd around the door of our coach, and some of them, amused at the stranger's earnestness, began to laugh.

  Then it was that the stranger indignantly turned upon them with the remark, "You may laugh and scoff as much as you like, but I am determined to stand for what is right, come what may."

  The smoker, the cause of all the trouble, sneeringly remarked, "Get away man - you and your preaching! Only the other day that fellow Evan Roberts was preaching and kicking up a fuss all over the country; but what has come of him now, eh?"

  A lady who had hitherto sat silent turned to the smoker with the admonition: "Take care what you say! Think of all the good that Evan Roberts did to many thousands of the likes of you."

  As she spoke the stranger rose to his full height and, looking the smoker straight in the face, said: "I would like to know what you have to say about Evan Roberts: here is he standing before you."

  The shame faced smoker made no attempt to reply.

  Surely the incident should serve to bring home to railway companies the annoyance and indignity to which non-smoking passengers are now too often subjected.

December 1906

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