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Spanglefish Gold Status Expired 11/10/2010.


I fell off my first motorcycle when I was 12. I had been on it for fewer seconds. It put me off for years but when I did pluck up the courage I embraced them with my usual obsession. At one point in London I had a different bike taxed and tested for each day of the week. Some had up for 1st on either the left or the right and some were opposite. Old British mostly but German, Italian and American.  The passion stopped the day my daughter was born but there are still 3 in the shed. A 1935 250cc Stevens DS1, a 1939 Rudge Special -unrestored and staying that way - and a 1992 Yamaha XJ900. Since sold. 

I was invited to join the crack team of racers called Team DNF. Our first outing was the Moped Marathon at The Grampian Motorcycle Convention at Alford 2009. Riding a rusty Honda 90 in relays of 3 laps each we finished well up the field in 20th place(26 teams took part) . We were 21st but Team Bloggs were disqualified for fielding 2 identical bikes. The object of this event is for the team to complete as many laps as possible in the 20 minute 'marathon'. Co riders are Alisadair ''Pops'' Johnston and his son Sweyn, myself and Alistair ''Chanteuse'' Mitchell.

See the exciting video. Note Alistair giving me a  push start at 1.36. Blue helmet, Barbour jacket and beige slacks. None of your fancy carbon sliders. At 2.00 you may just catch me grabbing some 'air' on the far side of the track. Just as well my slacks are beige.

Not recommended for those of a nervous disposition. Cert 18.

Below is my 1939 Rudge Special. Still going strong in March 2011. I am TWAT this year. (The WCSAC Activty Tactician) We are going camping on Mull 27, 28,29th May

my 1939 rudge special

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