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the flaktraktor built in1996--8 for sale at 6,000. buy it now!Modelmaking                 Flaktraktor

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As a freelance designer I have been building large scale -1/20th scale- Science fiction models to my own designs since 1978. I was initially inspired by Star Wars and whilst living in Australia built several spacecraft which were exhibited in the South Australian Institute of Contemporary Art. On my return to the UK  I had spaceships shown in the Covent Garden Gallery then later I was employed as stage designer/set dresser on the 1980 production of the Hitch Hikers Guide to The Galaxy at the Rainbow Theatre. Recent inspiration comes from Japanese anime series and the Maschinen Krieger designs of Kow Yokoyama. The primary inspiration in my work is my abilty to see the fantastic in the humdrum. ''Hoovers into Hovertanks'' could be my motto. I recycle everyday objects and turn them into fantasy vehicles and warmachines. I am exploring the aesthetics of military functionalty but with a sense of humour and I hope, wit and Irony. The work falls somwhere between art. craft and modelmaking. They are certainly artistic in that many sculptural criteria are applied to the design to achieve a satisfactory piece.

My work has inspired Steve Wheeler of New Zealand to begin the 'Beyond the Sphere'' trilogy. A Science Fiction story incorporating vehicles based on my designs. We aim to have a design/story package completed in under a years time.

 I been approached this week (24 Aug 09) by a Director in the gaming Industry in California to build promotional models for his Sci-Fi project 12 years in gestation. Also to head the team of model builders.

 I will be showing the models at the Dornoch Model Show on 3rd October 2009.   That has now passed and I won the Fraser Cup for best model building. I was puzzled at first then realised it was for best modelbuilding.

The ''Franken-Traktor'' is in primer with some electrics and paintjob to do.   The Hexen is back from Futch's and I expect him to have the garage kit ready soon....!!??

6th Nov 09 Frankentraktor is painted decalled/transfers and is matt lacquered. I need some clay to do the mud. When that is done I need to model an interior - which I should have done already but I find it a real chore.

11 Dec 09 Frankentraktor delayed by enthusiasm for the Mantis. Images on flickr.

3 December 2010  Working on the Jabberwock. Drawings for this were done in Jan 09 after a 3rd toy wheel loader came my way. In May 10 I found a Black and Decker strimmer in a layby and work began in July. By August the design of the legs were finalised.

March 2011 The Jabberwock was finished by Christmas. I cant say I am completely happy with the legs. They also came into some criticism from the Maschinen Krieger website. ''Not 'sexy' enough'' Dampened my enthusiasm somewhat.  MaK tends to be cyclical with bikes and Luft 46 aircraft taking over this time of year. Chris Hassell of Lucas arts has asked me to collaborate on an IP of his. Plus Steve Wheeler has a publishing deal for 'A Fury of Aces'. Fingers crossed.

Feb 2014. Last winter, 2013, completed the Panzertroll and Tanko Volante. Nothing has come of any of the hoped for ''big breaks'' This winter has seen me building Luft46 aircraft in 1/72 scale. some kits and some kit bashes and a scratchbuild, namely the Hutter Fernzerstorer.  Tried to summon up enthusiasm to finish the Jammer spacecraft and the Cicada six leg walker which I began in the summer of 2013. Again, the MaK mojo has left me. 

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