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Gillott cycle identification.
Mark, have been exploring your site for a few months now and think i own a mid 50s Gillott. Can you give me an email to send you a pic to if you are willing to help me confirm its heritage.

Thanks Craig Rial.
Posted by Craig Rial on 20 April 2013
I'm not often gobsmacked by modellers, but your Ma.K work is on a different level. I've been through the Flickr album twice and added favourites I will look at for inspiration.

Truly inspiring, amazing, wonderful work.
Posted by Chris Morse on 14 April 2011
my old gillott
Hi Mark

I hope i have found you at last.
about 25 years ago i brought an old gillot cycle.
As i have recently got it out again i was wondering if i could foind out any thing about it. I am not a regular cyclist only the odd bit of riding to the local shops. Hnce my lack of terminology.

having looked at many of you photoes i have not seen one with stays like mine. The stays from the rear wheel to the seat seem to bee made out of one tube. it is swagged down to a small diameter about a 6mm. and wrapped round the seat lug. hence one piece of tube from the dropout up to the seat and down to the other dropout. The frame number on the dropout is 60870 and the is a silver gillot bage on the front. Any idears as to its would be most welcome.
many thanks john
Posted by john wood on 29 May 2010
Fascinating Web site,Wish you all the best in your endeavors. We seem to share many interests hope to meet you some day.
Posted by John Crump on 28 August 2009
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