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Spanglefish Gold Status Expired 11/10/2010.


I am available to assist or take on welding projects large or small. Artistic or engineering.  I weld on a regular basis using the techniques listed below. Currently coded 6G Fluxcore. July 26th 2013.

I learned to weld at Ardersier in 1976. I subsequently worked at Arnish Point and Kishorn building oil platforms and infrastructure. I was coded to ASME9 and worked in the pipeshop and with the UT boys doing repairs. I carried out procedures for Cunifer to Steel. I worked on the Ninian Central deck truss at Ardersier. When completed the Ninian Central was, at that time, the largest movable man made object weighing over 600,000 tons. I worked on the Phillips 'Maureen' at Kishorn and was one of the welders to weld the complete comissioned deck truss to the Hunterston built steel jacket. This was done in Loch Kishorn before being towed out to the North Sea.

 I have recently worked on local artists' projects namely Helen Denerleys' Giraffes in Edinburgh, Gerald Laings' Mercat Cross in Falcon Square Inverness and Sam Barlow's Sail sculpture in Munlochy. I continue to work with Helen whenever she has a large animal to build. Stags, hinds and several big cats.

Did a weeks work in 2010 helping Helen build a Wild Boar

Did a weeks work with Helen in Feb 2011 building 'Daisy the Coo'

Working with Sam Barlow on metal work designed by Matt Stevenson of Carbolite  for Laid Cottages ,Loch Eriboll.

September 2010 Metal fabricator at metalwork UK Tain until December.

January 2011 Plater at Isleburn Nigg. inc 3 weeks on Borgsten Dolphin rig  in dry dock and March 2013 Sedco 704 rig in dry dock

Feb 2014 Working with Leonie Gibbs at Belladrum on a st.steel Geese Sculpture comission. Plasma cutting sheet and tig welding.

 Manual Metal Arc Low Hydrogen electrodes on steel to 6GR ASME 9

MMA on Stainlees steel to ASME 9

MMA Cunifer to steel to ASME 9 (did the procedure for this technique at Kishorn c 1982)

Innershield to 6G ASME 9

Tig welding bronze, stainless steel and aluminium

Mig welding

Silver soldering and complex lead soldering on my own stained glass and metalwork.

July 26 2013 Coded Fluxcore /Mig root and FC fill 6G at Nigg Skills Academy.

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