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my original 1955 gillott fleur delisGillott Cycles         1955 Fleur de Lis


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A comprehensive collection of these fine London built cycles begun in 1996 by accident. I needed a bike to go to work on and bought the 1950 L'Atlantique. It turned out to be the only completely original and unrestored example then known and it still is as far as I am aware. I have since concentrated on acquiring good examples in original or old resprayed condition. The collection is a tribute to the craftsmen who took their time to build these beautiful bicycles. It is a window into the past when for a brief period after the Second World War the bicycle ruled the road. The old gentleman who sold me the L'Atlantique was a racing cyclist and he recalled overtaking cars running on pool petrol as they struggled uphill.  That just gives me the goosebumps.

 If you go to flickr you will find other fine cycles on my photostream.

6th Nov 09  A few more have arrived this year including a 1951 Spear with roller brazeon on the left of the bracket for a Campag front mech. Also a very nice original 1960 Fleur de Lis road Path and a yet to be confirmed 1964 Nervex lugged tourer with Mafac brazeons. This is purportedly in orig yellow but I am not so sure. There is number 19 on the bracket which could be a sprayers mark. It hasnt arrived yet.

Dec 2010. Bought a 1947 Spear with chrome lugs and Chater Lea dropouts. A 1955 racing Tandem from Pitlochry that had been ridden over the Alps to Greece in the 1960's.

March 2011. Waiting to collect 2 more fine steeds. First is a 1952 Fleur deLis Road/Path in complete original condition with a racing history.  Second is a complete Mark Joynt built (or Ron Cooper!) bike from 1989 with a complete Campagnolo Croce D'Aune groupset on it.  Also selling a few off to raise more funds for a 1952 Fleur deLis track Iron also in orig paint. Frame and forks only.

Best score ever was in December 2013, a 1952 Spear road in superb original condition. Yellow with red panel and double box lining. All original parts too in very good order. It sports the only Gillott underslung stem Ive ever seen. Sold a few, bought a few more. Sold one to the Editor of Japanese Cycle mag, Mr Nishiyama.

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