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The Issues group is a small sub group which meets six times a year on Friday evenings at a member's home for an informal debate on a chosen topic followed by light refreshment provided by the members.

The group is limited to ten members.

The addresses of the private venues are indicated by initials and available to members.

Meetings start at 7.30 pm.

Covid 19 Disruptions.

We had to suspend the face to face meetings however several members continued a weekly debating online Zoom meetings thoughout the winter and spring, however the debates were ad hoc and didn't exhaust all the pre arranged topics.

We will let members know when we agree to resume the face to face meetings.


 Our intolerance of uncertainty; SB [discussed]

: Individualism versus community; GC

: Our relationship with technology; PM

 How should a country deal with its (ugly) past?; JH

 Is free will an illusion?; PE

 What is your favourite nation and why?; MB


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