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The Issues group is a small sub group which meets six times a year on Friday evenings at a member's home for an informal debate on a chosen topic followed by light refreshment provided by the hostess and members. £1 to be given to the hostess by those attending.

The group will limit the number of members to eight so that everyone can take part and we can meet in smaller homes, we will have a waiting list if there is the demand.

The addresses of the private venues will be indicated by initials and available to members.

Meetings start at 7.30 pm.

The first post-lockdown meeting took place on 26th August, we  discussed "How we deal with our Ugly [National] Past" with five members present.

Provisionally meetings have been arranged as follows.

Next meeting will be at B.F.'s House on 14th Oct. to discuss Personal Responsibility versus Government Interference [It was thought that “interference” is already loaded, we can tweak this.]

Meeting on 9th Dec at A.S.'s house to discuss the Abortion Law in the UK

Meeting on 10th Feb at G.C.'s house to discuss Gender Issues such as transgender and alternative pronouns.



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