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Rules and Constitution

Louth International Women’s Association 

Louth IWA is an unregistered and unincorporated voluntary community group.


As a non-profit, non-religious and non-political group Louth IWA’s aim is to enjoy a relaxed opportunity for international friendship, networking, exchange of information and support for women.  It holds no affiliations with other groups.

It is a place where each member can relax without any other member/s imposing their views or encouraging her to act in ways she may not feel comfortable with.  IWA members are encouraged to practice choice, tolerance and respect for other IWA members. Louth IWA stands for support for and learning from women with different needs and beliefs, without any prejudice.


Any woman, over the age of 16, with international background, connections or interest can apply to become a member.  An applicant can attend one monthly meeting before deciding she wants to join Louth IWA, at which moment she has to pay the Membership fee for that membership year, and any annual fees for subgroups she wants to join.  The fees will be calculated pro rata if the membership starts during the year.

After the year of becoming a member, the membership will be automatically continued, unless the member hasn’t paid the necessary fee by the end of April, in which case she is considered to have cancelled her membership.

No woman shall be excluded from membership on the grounds of race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, disability or political affiliation. 

A member will supply name, address, telephone number and/or mobile number, email address and nationality details which will be given to all other members and used for communications about Louth IWA activities.  No details are mentioned on Louth IWA’s website: Membership is from March to March.

The member will sign a form to acknowledge use of her details as described and she will also indicate whether she agrees that her details can be used for non-IWA communications by another member and which subgroups she would like to join.


The management of Louth IWA shall be conducted by the Committee.

The Committee consists of at least 4 members of the Louth IWA.  The members will be appointed every year at the AGM.

The Committee will appoint at least a Treasurer and a Secretary from their midst in order to keep a record of IWA transactions and of Committee meetings.  They can be assisted by other members of the Committee. 

Considering the informal setup of Louth IWA there is no need to appoint a Chair but the Committee can appoint any member who is willing to act as Chair.

Other tasks, like managing the website and reporting of monthly meetings will be given to a member of the Committee as and when necessary.

Funds of Louth IWA, including fees, donations and bequests shall be paid into a  bank account in the name of Louth IWA.  Cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer or a by her appointed other member of the Committee.

The Committee can reject an application of membership but only after having given the applicant the opportunity to be heard before a final decision is made.

The Committee shall recommend the fees for membership of Louth IWA and its subgroups to the AGM.  The membership fees shall be used to pay speakers at the monthly meetings, to pay the hostesses of meetings a contribution towards their costs, for light refreshments at certain events, and for other costs deemed fit by the Committee.  The Committee shall also make a suggestion for the amount a member pays towards the costs, when using another member’s transport to attend IWA meetings.

The Committee shall recommend to the AGM the contribution in the costs made by members in whose houses meetings are being held and how they will be paid. A hostess is free to donate this contribution to Louth IWA.

The Committee shall present to the AGM a programme of monthly and other member meetings.  In view of this the Committee shall ask the members for suggestions at the previous December meeting.  At that meeting members will also be asked whether anyone wants to join the Committee.

The Committee shall decide the fees for the speakers at the monthly meetings and on exceptions that can be made.

There will also be at least one annual charity event. Monies received at these events and other donations received, can be donated to charities which have been agreed on by the Committee, usually with a goal of benefitting women’s well-being.  Any member can make suggestions in this respect.

The Committee shall meet at least 3 times a year.


Every year in the month of March an AGM will be held.  At this meeting:

·         The members of the Committee shall be appointed;

·         The Treasurer shall present a financial account of the                past year;

·         The yearly fees shall be decided;

·         The contribution to the costs of hostesses shall be                    decided;

·         The presented list of dates, places and subjects of the              meetings for the coming year (including the AGM) shall            be discussed;

·         Changes to the Rules and Constitution will be approved.

Proposals by members to change the Rules and Constitution must be sent (by letter/email) to the Secretary at least 28 days before any General Meeting and need to be approved by two-thirds majority of the members present and voting.

At least two weeks before the date of the AGM the necessary paperwork shall be distributed to the members.

A Special General Meeting can be convened at any time by the Committee and a notice explaining place, date, time and subject will be distributed to the members at least two weeks beforehand.

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